South America. Chile. Santiago city, +56 9 8 628 30 95

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Juan Carlos Fuentes Urra

developer of software

South America. Chile. Santiago city, +56 9 8 628 30 95

Starting my university education in applied sciences have successfully worked as an analyst programmer and project manager in the area of information technology in local business leaders in their categories, with over 10 years experience in software development including quality assurance analyst.
My mayor abilities are a clear orientation on objectives, formation and motivation of working groups in order to reach these objectives, and an excellent grade of creativity for to focus and resolve complex situations in the area of software development, product marketing and commercialization.
On the other hand I have participated in software development projects on different levels, by implementing DNA architecture of Microsoft, and J2EE of SUN.

Expert development experience with:
MS Visual Studio 2003 – 2005 – 2008 – 2010 – 2012 - 2013. VB.Net and C#.

Microsoft Frameworks 2.0 – 3.0 – 3.5 – 4.0 – 4.5

MS Visual Basic 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0

Crystal Report 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 11.0

Javascript – Jquery, Bootstrap, HTML5

Visual Basic script
Oracle 8i, 9i, 10i (Packages, Stored procedures, Cursors, Views, triggers, Others)

MS Sql Server 6.5, 7.0, 2000, 2005, 2008 – 2012 (Stored procedures, Cursors, Views, triggers, Others)

MS Access 2.0, 97, 2000, 2003
TOAD, Sql Navigator

Transact SQL

Html - Dhtml

Building of stylesheets, css files

Internet, Email
FTP Tools

Windows 3.11, 95, 98, 2000, XP, NT, Vista

MS Office 98, 2000, XP

MS FrontPage 98, XP

Advanced development experience with:
ADO.NET – Webservices

ADO.NET framework entity

ASP.NET MVC 3 (studing by myself)

ASP.NET 2003 – 2005 – 2008 – 2010 from Visual and C Sharp.


MS Visual Interdev 6.0


Handling include files on asp, Inc files

Windows CE 6.0

Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC

Sql Server Compact Edition 3.5
COM Objects - dll
MS Olap Services 2.0

MS Visual Sourcesafe

MS Visual Modeller
ISM Internet Service Manager
Basic development experience with:
Applets Java



Java beans

E java beans




Detail Nº


Software design and development


Web site design and development


Software implementation


Web site implementation




SQA Testing Analyst

Design of manuals, documentation and realization of testing





Support and development of solutions



Design, planning, documentation


Project Manager

Project planning



2016 Jan – Oct

Nº 50


Analista Programador

During the period I have been as hardware and software supporting to Letelier, Vergara, Chateau y Cía. Lawyers, Rafael Parot Lawyers and Daniel Chauriye Lawyers where I have been advising to buy new notebooks and pc, net setting, buying software as Microsoft Office, antivirus, hosting supporting and internet and other matters about computation.

2015 Mar – Oct

Nº 49


Analist programmer

Developing web site to local entrepreneurship and other web site to Letelier, Vergara y Chateau Lawyers, both cases using Visual Studio 2013; static html, animated gif, javascript, jquery and css stylesheets.

2014 Dec – 2015 Feb

Nº 48


Analist programmer

Developing and building the new application of clients factoring on Resiter enterprise as outsoursing resource with Datamatica. The developing arquitecture is two layers and half using Visual Studio 2013, MVC 4.0, C#, Html 5, entity framework 5.0, jquery, javascript, bootstrap (tables, calendars, datetime picker and others), Sql Server 2008 with stored procedures.

2014 August - September

Nº 47

BTG Pactual

Analist programmer

Design and building risks report of investments to BTG Pactual clients since Visual Studio 2008, using, Html, JavaScript and Oracle 11g. Work was done as an external developer by Stefanini. Also It was made migration of RVI software since Visual Studio 2008 to 2012 with C# and Sql Server to Oracle.

2014 July

Nº 46


Analist programmer

Design and building web site since Visual Studio 2010 using technologies of developing Html, Dhtml JavaScript and Html 5.

2014 January - June

Nº 45


Analist programmer

Developing of software to joined enterprises BOC and SI-SAP and The target of building was to develop .Net applications since Visual Studio 2010 to Windows forms and web interacting with Sap Business One responding requirements of several clients.

In the other hand, there was lot developing of Crystal Reports to clients as Salazar Israel car enterprise being that SAP Crystal official tool. It was used Sql Server 2008 R2 and Sql Server 2012.

2013 October - November

Nº 44

Formación Digital


During the both months giving several workshop about developing of software with technologies using C# to Kibernum training hired by Formación Digital THe workshop classes were aimed to Kibernum developers of software during workshop were shown two applications one of them built with ADO.NET and the other with ADO.NET Framework Identity using patterns of design, both with strored procedures focus is building code at design time.

2013 Agosto

Nº 43


Analist programmer

Working as developer of software and consulting to real state Enterprise built on Visual Studio 2010 and Sql Server 2005

2013 April – May

Nº 42

Spacewise Depósitos y contenedores SA

Analist programmer

It is hired by MC2g enterprise to rebuild and to develop new functionalities on software for D&C enterprise

the software manages containers on outdoor place. Software must be installed in two mobile devices; PDA and CV41 both sold by Intermec first of them uses Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC as OS and the other uses Windows CE 6.0 two different versions are built It was used Visual Studio 2008. The communication with database was posible using a webservice. In the case of CV41 was created a local database to implementing wifi disconnected functionalities on Sql Server Compact Edition 3.5.

2013 March

Nº 41


Analist programmer

Involved in the Project of building customer clients for Ciberdeportes designing and basic development of user module It was used Visual Studio 2010 C Sharp ADO.NET framework entity 4.1, Spring, log4net and Postgres 1.16.1 It used the following design pattern; DTO, Facade, Webhelper, BO, Helper, Mgr and DAO over 3-layer architecture contemplated Presentation, Business and Data and OOP.

2013 Feb

Nº 40

Crawford Affinity

Analist programmer

Building the corporate cascading style sheets of Zurich enterprise using an handbook sent by Mexican subsidary the css file Will be use for projects of development of software on 2010 at IT área of Crawford Affinity. Two days.

2012 Dec

Nº 39



It was given a course on advanced SQL Server 2008 in the company Casino Express across Procase Capacitación. The curse include the subjects; Views and indexes, introduction to Transact Sql, stored procedures and triggers, maintenance of database, datawarehouse-datamarts, reporting services and integration with .NET 2010.

2012 Sept – Oct

Nº 38

rr hh Chile


Consulting done on rrhh Chile consistent to prepare a plan of development of software of management all enterprise in web mode It as presented and It as implemented a initial development of web application called RRHH GO built in Visual Studio 2010 using and Sql Server 2005, layers and OOP.

2012 July

Nº 37



Consulting focused to identify errors at execution time detected by team of development on web application built on Visual Studio 2010 in mode and Sql Server 2008 related to Purchase Orders. It was determinated clearly the source failures and It was elaborated a document with technical recommendations and good practices to solve also It was proposed a type of architecture to implement at development of software to using layers and OOP.

2012 April

Nº 36


Analist programmer

Consultancy focused on performance aspects on the implementation of Cost and Production Ingomar application developed in VB 6.0 and SQL Server 2000.

2012 Feb

Nº 35


Analist programmer

Consultancy in software development for a control application runs on bus lines associated to Transantiago, the tools used are VB.NET 2008 for Windows Forms and SQL Server 2008 using 3-tier architecture. He leads the design group of the data model of the application.

2011 September - December

Nº 34


Analist programmer

a.- Replaces for 15 days Project Supervisor in the Customer Care Center of Bank Ripley, performing multiple functions.

b.- Joining a software development group for a project in VTR, through DTS / ATCOM where the main function is to define the technical solution. Solution is created through the construction of tables, indexes, views, cursors, stored procedures and packages in pl sql Oracle, 3 months.

2011 April – June

Nº 33


Analist programmer

Participating on Development of Software Project to enterprise Docirs, called MAC, It was developed using ASP.NET with Visual Studio 2005 – Visual y Sql Server 2005 and Client server arquitecture of 2 and half layers and stored procedures.

2010 October – 2011 March

Nº 32

Analist programmer

Join a software development project for PLASTYVERG, in form of fees, where Ot developed modules, and process control for software OTPremium Office, Windows forms. The development architecture is used client-server, dual-layer media, including the construction of stored procedures. The software tools are: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (Visual and Sql Server 2008 enterprise edition.

On the other hand, is building the application of Quote, using the same architecture and software tools that interact with Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 given the weaknesses that this has to meet requirements in the area PLASTYVERG quote, both tools use the same repository database.

2010 August - May

Nº 31

Analist programmer

Responsible for software migration Consumer Credit Sql Server 2005 for the company Prosystem and other programming, which is hired, the application in question is developed in VB 6.0 . It also administers the CFC Capital network and supports users

2010 March - January

Nº 30

Analist programmer

Built software using VB 6.0 and Oracle plsq with package/stored procedures for Petrobras.

2009 October

Nº 29

Analist programmer

Design and built the website using html, dhtml, javascript y flash.

2009 – September - August

Nº 28

Analista programador

Join project of migration website The new version was built using these technologies Visual Studio 2005/Visual objects/Sql Server/Oracle.

May 2009

Nº 27


Relater in charge of course Oracle pl sql programming on ICP

October 2008 - Mach 2007

Nº 26

Analist programmer

Built software using VBA / VB 6.0 / VB.NET 2003 and plsq with package/stored procedures en California Chile,

2007 July

Nº 25

Analist programmer

Design and built the website, using html, dhtml, javascript y flash.

Noviembre 2006

Nº 24

Analist programmer

Design and built the website Using html, dhtml, javascript y flash.

2006 Oct

new horizons s.a.

Nº 23


Relater in charge of course Microsoft 2389, Programing with ADO.NET. On New Horizons, SONDA.

2006 Oct – 2005 Nov

coresa s.a.

Nº 22

Analist programmer

On Coresa Chile,, developing reports on crystal report 8.0 for wordclass Meta4. Built software of human resources using VB 6.0/ADO/Oracle on Meta4, implementing DNA model.

2005 Oct

new horizons s.a.

Nº 21


On New Horizons is a teacher, courses of basic and medium html.

2005 August - july

DISC s.a.

Nº 20

Analist programmer

Taking part in a re-engineering project for BancoEstado, for legal collection system, built on DNA architecture. Build software elements for the presentation layer, business and data.

2005 Abril - June

gta s.a.

Nº 19


Again analist programmer on GTA S.A., modifying a managment software of pymes, using visual basic application and Ms Access 2004.

2004 May - Nov

Casio California S.A.

Nº 18


Like analist programmer in Casio California S.A., built two macros on MS Excell 2000, using Visual Basic Aplication and Oracle 9i, one of them shows the selling history and other is a forescast tool of selling.

2003 Dec – 2004 April


Nº 17


Design and construction of the site oriented in the implementation of an informatics’ study center. The site was entirely developed with Microsoft FrontPage 2000, using Html and JavaScript. Additionally assistant and support functions in software tools and configuration of the proxy server.

2003 Sep - Nov


Nº 16


Participation in the Sixbell’s SQL group, integrating the America-XXI-staff, for the testing of a pre-paid application developed in J2EE multi-layer for Mexico, under the UML’s developing standards for object oriented programming. The system was developed using Struts, Servlets, JSPs, EJBs. The motor of data base used was Oracle 9i.

The work included the design, application and creation of parts of the testing plans, in the frame of the proofs that need to be realized for the approval of the software’s version, according to the IEEE 1012-1986 norm, and consist in modular proofs, integration proofs, system proofs and acceptation proofs.

2003 August


Nº 15


Creation and design of a strategy for the implementation of a testing laboratory and quality control in an eventual fabric of software development, by implementing the multi-layer-model J2EE of SUN.

2003 July - Dec

new horizons

Nº 14


Substitute relater charged with the courses of Crystal Report 8.0, level 2, MS Access 2000, medium level, and PowerPoint XP. Consulter of General Manager Carlos Varela S. of Administradora de Centros Comerciales S.A.

2003 June


Nº 13

Analyst Programmer

Analyst Programmer in charge of the modifications of the program of inventory for construction enterprises and the posterior quality control. Using VB 6.0, MS Access 97 and Crystal Report 6.0.

2003 May


Nº 12

Analyst Programmer

Design and construction of the web site using Microsoft FrontPage 2002 for Windows XP.

2003 March - Sep

electronic design

Nº 11

Analyst Programmer

Development of two systems for an enterprise of interurban buses, as well as for ticket sale as for freight, including testing and quality control.

2001 Feb - July

Nextstep s.a.

Nº 10

Analyst Programmer

Outsourced analyst programmer. For Ripley realization of the modifications in the system of exterior commerce COMEX. For the A. Edwards Bank working on the investment system.

2000 April - Dec

alnitak ltda.

Nº 9

Analyst Programmer

Outsourced analyst programmer. For the BANCO DEL DESARROLLO participation in the project of migration from the basic client systems (Unisys) to a 3-layer-system, with Visual Interdev 6.0 and SQL Server 7.0. Creation of trans-actions using the motor TES constructed upon Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS). Design of a part of the plan of certification proofs (edge proof) in order to realize a software quality control.

2000 Jan - March

Merco Informatica Productiva

Nº 8

Project Manager and Analyst Programmer

Leading the activities of implementation of the Digital Dashboard of Microsoft in medium enterprises, like Fedex, Ambrosoli and McDonald’s Chile. Responsible of the connection with the enterprise’s Data mart and the installation of a local cube. Collaboration in the web programming in html. Presentations of Microsoft Office 2000 and Microsoft Olap Services for Ernst & Young and for the Sudameris Bank.

1999 Dec

netwave ltda.

Nº 7

Analyst Programmer

Course on design and implementation of data base with Microsoft SQL server 7.0. Curriculum professional de Microsoft examen 70-029.

1999 Feb - Sep

Nextstep s.a.

Nº 6

Analyst Programmer

Charged with the transference of the programs of the foreign trade platform of the A. Edwards Bank, using the data motor SQL Server 6.5, in client server architecture with Visual Basic 3.0. The project included quality control and system optimization resolving historical errors, and the Year – 2000 –Certification.

1999 Jan - Aug

cas chile s.a.

Nº 5

Analyst Programmer

Construction of the card system CAS for a multi-user surrounding, using client-server architecture, for a software the determines social benefits for the Chilean municipalities. Installation of the system in the municipalities of Coyhaique, Puerto Montt and Castro in Windows NT 4.0 y Windows 95 platforms. Installation of the remote data base in Windows NT server. Creation of the versions for SQL Server 6.5 and MS Access 97. Creation of parts of the system documentation and capacitating in the site.


amauta i.e.c.

Nº 4

Analyst Programmer

Functions of quality control for the development of software and documentation for the study of the software Xnear WorkFlow (platform Visual Basic 5 in Web development), and the construction of web sites for the same enterprise, using Microsoft FrontPage 98.


catholic university of valparaiso

Nº 3

Laboratory of Environmental Impact, School of Sciences of the Ocean

Informatics Assessor

Data processor in charge of the delivery of data from environmental impact studies realized in Los Vilos, Carelmapu, ENAMI Ventanas, and from the cyanogens monitoring realized by investigators of the School of Sciences of the Ocean and associated investigators, destined to the Hydrographic and Oceanographic Services of the Chilean Navy, creating a mono-user system in Visual Basic 4.0.

1995 - 1996

national oceanographic data CENTER

Nº 2

Hydrographic and Oceanographic Services of the Chilean Navy

Data Processor

Development of two mono-user systems in Visual Basic 4.0 y 3.0 oriented at quality control of oceanographic data for the determination of out layers, by realizing works of Analyst programmer and documentation, like the user manual, the procedure manual and the thereto implementation for the platforms Windows 95 and Windows 3.11. Creation of multiple programs for the handling of sequential documents with different objectives.


catholic university of valparaiso

Nº 1

Laboratory of Environmental Impact, School of Sciences of the Ocean

Laboratory Assistant

Participation in environmental impact studies on different technical levels.

1987 – 1997 Oceanography, School of Sciences of the Ocean, Catholic University of Valparaíso, Chile. Include a three years period with stopped studies. Three years and half without studing between 1987 and 1997.
2004 Universidad Mayor and Soluciones Globales S.A.: Programming applications in J2EE

2003 America XXI: Management of software projects

1999 TechNet de Microsoft: Active Implementation directory of Windows 2000 in your organization / How to construct a Digital Dashboard using Outlook 2000 / How to use the tools of analysis of performance of the SQL Server 7.0

1999: Installation and configuration of Windows 2000, documents y services of impression. Code 1594A.

Spanish (mother tongue)

English (good verbal skills, excellent writing skills)

French (basic verbal and writing skills)
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Download 60.59 Kb.

Bosh sahifa

    Bosh sahifa

South America. Chile. Santiago city, +56 9 8 628 30 95

Download 60.59 Kb.