Intranet Review Toolkit

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Conducting the review

It is expected that the intranet review toolkit will be completed electronically, in the Word version. This allows the figures to be automatically calculated, as well as making it easy to fill in the notes section beside each heuristic.

If you have a printed copy (or other version), you can obtain the latest electronic version from the Intranet Review Toolkit website (

Start by filling in the name of the intranet on the titlepage of this document, along with the name of the person conducting the review and the date of the review.

After gaining a good overview of the intranet, work through each section of the template, assessing the intranet against each heuristic. For some heuristics, you may need to attempt additional tasks or check a number of pages.

Make notes against each point as you work through them (write these in the “Your Notes” column), then fill in the “Your score” column of the template. Note that the areas to be filled in by the reviewer are marked in yellow.

Once your figures have been entered, use Ctrl-A, F9 to then make the intranet review toolkit calculate a total for each category, as well as a percentage score. Note that no overall percentage score is provided for the intranet as a whole, as it is only meaningful to assess the site against each individual category.

Once the main Intranet Review Toolkit document has been completed, the summary version (provided in Excel) can be filled in. This provides an at-a-glance summary suitable for providing to others, and it can be downloaded from the Intranet Review Toolkit website (

Download 332 Kb.
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Download 332 Kb.