• Whether and how to delete software
  • How do I get rid of adverts
  • There are no ads in Microsoft Live Mail
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    General questions

    • Whether and how to delete software

    If you are sure what a program does best to leave it loaded as it may be used by the system software.

    If there are other items you don’t recognise the name of and you know it has been recently downloaded without you requesting it (ie via a possible virus link to the internet) then you should uninstall.

    Other programs that you know all about and also know you will not need to use them again, again you can uninstall.
    Win.7 Vista

    Start/Control panel/Programs/Program and Features then Select a program/ Click Uninstall

    Win.8, 8.1

    Tap app icon/right-click/select Uninstall


    Search, enter Control Panel and select Control Panel.

    Programs/Programs and Features, then Select a program/ Click Uninstall
    I-O BIT Uninstaller

    A major improvement over Windows' built-in uninstaller, free IObit Uninstaller not only removes programs, one by one or in batches, but also finds and deletes leftover folders and files. “



    How do I get rid of adverts (Win 7 on mail and …)

    Microsoft statement

    By design you cannot disable the advertisement at the right side of Outlook screen.
    But if you use Windows Live Mail, this does not have the ads.
    Remove Pop-up Ads from Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome


    Check for presence of Malware

    Any program whose purpose is harmful is a malware program, pure and simple
    Download Malware checker eg IOBit Malware Fighter


    See also original problem posted to us and Graham’s response, on the final page of this document.

    Getting rid of Adware – one solution which has worked!

    Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) is the leading self-regulatory association comprised exclusively of third-party digital advertising companies.
    You can go to its website and choose to “opt-out” of ads that pop up partic. when using Internet Explorer.
    Have a read of the FAQs


    Windows 10

    • Where are downloaded items?

    For attachments to emails, right-click on item and use Save As to browse for the folder in which you wish to store the item.

    • How to get photos off camera


    • After windows 10 upgrade from 8.1 on a newish laptop, I repeatedly get a box with the message “Close programs to prevent information loss. Your computer is low on memory. Save your files and close these programs.     Host Process for Setting Synchronization.”  I am not sure what this program does and why it is running.

    See link


    • When I have replied to emails in Outlook, they are not always marked to say that I have replied.

    • Try widening the left panel on the outlook screen as the icon showing reply or forward may be hidden.

    There are several replies on Google along lines of


    • Can I merge all address books in Outlook so that whenever, I search for a contact all address books will be searched or better still, one address book can be made the default?

    Does this help?


    • On a PC upgraded from W7 to W10, the right hand number keys no longer work regardless of whether Number Lock is on or off. Any ideas? I shall try another keyboard when I can borrow one but it seems too much of a coincidence that all of these keys should fail at once.

    Here the Google suggestion is to go to


    Graham also described the problem of a member whose hard disk/hard drive had failed. While a professional shop can replace the actual disc with a new one, the information you will have held on the original failed one will need to be restored from a back-up that you should take on a regular basis.

    The back-up needs to be a 2-stage business:

    On a regular but not that frequent (say every 3 or 4 months) create a System Image onto a storage medium (external disc, large memory stick …) and then more frequently copy all your own data (including photos etc) off the hard disk.

    We will schedule a session to cover this in more detail shortly at which members will be invited to bring their laptops and a storage device so that all can work through the stages togethert.

    In meantime see (note that the process he describes for Windows.7 is almost identical in subsequent versions)


    • Import and Sort photos on iPad

    Can import from camera smart-card using a photo connector (from JL, Apple store, Amazon).

    Move selected photos from camera roll into new album with name you give it and click to move around

    • how best to store pages from the internet that can be read when not connected to wi-fi?

    Add to Reading List


    With IOS9 select “send as PDF to iBooks”

    We will schedule a lengthier session dedicated to iPads (and other tablets) later in the season.

    Getting rid of ad’s

    "When I am looking at my list of emails on Hotmail there is a column on the right hand side of the screen full of animated adverts which are rather distracting.  Is there any way of barring these from appearing?

    "I have HP desktop computer running Windows7 and I access my emails from a shortcut which takes me to dub123.mail.live.com and then to outlook.com.  I usually do my searches from a shortcut to Google. If I click on the explorer symbol at the bottom of the main screen that also takes me to Google."

    This is a very simple question with a complicated answer.


    Microsoft has migrated all hotmail accounts to outlook.com accounts.  Thehotmail address still works but you are using the outlook.com mail screen.

    I don't believe that there is a way to filter the ads because that is how they make their money.  There may be but I am not aware of it.   It is something that all ISP do for those who view mail through a web browser.


    The simplest solution is to load Windows Live Mail and use that on you main PC.  For outlook.com email addresses Windows Live Mail syncs with the webviewed mail setup.  So what you see and do in one is mirrored in the other.

    Only works with outlook.com though.  This allows you to deal with you mail via a web interface or the Windows Live Mail interface.  You should not get the add-ons with the Windows Live Mail interface.


    By the way, if you have a hotmail account that is also a Microsoft account.

    I have a Microsoft Account but using my own email address which will not sync with outlook.com.  So today I have created an outlook.com email address as an alias under my Microsoft account.  I can now use Microsoft Live Mail with both my normal address and my outlook.com address.  Anything in the oulook.com account will automatically sync with the online version.  There are no ads in Microsoft Live Mail.  If you don’t have any other email addresses other than outlook.com (hotmail) then you would have only one account anyway.

     I am sure this is as clear as mud but I said it was complicated.    Might be simpler to put up with the adverts!

    Download 26.33 Kb.

    Download 26.33 Kb.

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    Surgery session – 28th october 2015 Latest TalkTalk news

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