• Syngenta Role Profile (draft) Role title Internet Marketing Manager
  • Role purpose
  • Accountabilities
  • Transition accountabilities
  • Knowledge, experience capabilities
  • Communicates with impact
  • Collaborates across boundaries
  • Additional information
  • Syngenta Role Profile (draft)

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    Syngenta Role Profile (draft)

    Role title

    Internet Marketing Manager


    Marketing Services

    Reports to role

    Head, Marketing Services


    Greensboro, NC



    Current job holder


    Global Reporting level (CEO=1)


    Work level


    Role purpose

    The Syngenta Internet Marketing Manager is accountable for managing the creation, development and implementation of electronic communications through customer facing internet marketing activities, including customer facing websites, e-marketing campaigns, social media, mobile communications and innovative customer internet tools for business units and campaign teams. This position will work closely with customer marketing teams to ensure tactical market and brand strategies are aligned with the internet/electronic business strategy. The Internet Marketing Manager ensures maximum visibility of Syngenta’s Lawn & Garden public websites in North America through search engine optimization, communication strategies, and effective e-campaign principles.


    • Develop and implement Syngenta strategy for electronic internet communications and the electronic business strategy overall, as well as B2B and B2C areas.

    • Manage and govern the “look and feel” of Syngenta Internet websites based on global standards and local branding.

    • Develop and conduct e-marketing campaigns and lead campaign web tool design with Marketing Information Group, Campaign Teams, Agencies, Brand Management and Business Units.

    • Coordinate and implement the editorial and creative content for all internet marketing and websites with internal and external content providers, including advertising agencies and content vendors.

    • Drive communication of agreed strategies and deliverables.

    • Ensure alignment and agreement behind key delivery milestones.

    • Project manage web and tool development in collaboration with Syngenta IS

    • Manage ongoing projects and the relationship with Serveon and Martin Williams

    • Increase visibility of Syngenta’s websites to the public through campaign activities, marketing strategies and search engine optimization

    • Conduct competitive assessments and technology scoping to identify and evaluate new industry trends and technologies.

    • Define and implement appropriate measurement methods, metrics and ROI models to evaluate internet and electronic communication effort effectiveness

    Transition accountabilities

    • Ensure that all critical projects continue with no significant delays or negative impact.

    • Effectively work across teams to engage participation and gain buy in from all stakeholders.

    Knowledge, experience & capabilities

    Critical knowledge

    • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, information systems, business/agri-business or related field.

    • Minimum 2 years of sales and marketing experience, preferably using internet, website and e-marketing tools.

    • Solid understanding of internet information and e-marketing technologies and tools.

    • Thorough understanding of internet communities (blogs, news groups, pod casts)

    • Knowledge of technology and graphics solutions used for website development & maintenance beneficial

    Critical experience

    • Experience in a commercial, customer facing role

    • Internet marketing and design experience desired

    • Web Technology and design experience helpful

    Critical technical, professional and personal capabilities

    • Highly creative and innovative skills with attention to sustainability, detail and quality.

    • Able to deliver on objectives in a timely manner, even in high demand environment.

    • Demonstrated strategic, analytical, problem solving and planning skills

    • Excellent project management skills

    • Excellent and demonstrated communications skills, both written and verbal.

    • Strong team orientation, with the ability to collaborate, influence and negotiate.

    • Ability to negotiate with outside vendors and contractors

    Critical leadership capabilities
    Communicates with impact

    Gains commitment of individuals and stakeholders in a compelling way

    Builds a culture of innovation

    Creates an environment that supports creativity, and coaches people to spark innovation

    Focuses on customers

    Is dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers

    Manages for performance

    Skillfully plans, organizes and monitors performance to create value and achieve excellence in delivery

    Collaborates across boundaries

    Collaborates effectively across organizational and functional boundaries, and leverages diversity

    Critical success factors & key challenges

    • Design and implement a B2C facing website for the FlowersPro business with search capabilities for the various Flowers varieties.

    • Develop a comprehensive electronic business strategy that considers the use of social media.

    • Deliver a successful 12 month e-mail communication plan, from planning to implementation to measurement of success.

    Additional information

    • All applicants must be eligible to work in the US.

    • Travel Requirements – 20%

    Employee may, as part of his/her role and maybe through multifunctional teams, participate in the creation and design of innovative solutions. In this context, Employee may contribute to inventions, designs, other work product, including know-how, copyrights, software, innovations, solutions, and other intellectual assets.


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    Syngenta Role Profile (draft)

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