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    Communicates with impact

    Gains commitment of individuals and stakeholders in a compelling way

    Builds a culture of innovation

    Creates an environment that supports creativity, and coaches people to spark innovation

    Focuses on customers

    Is dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers

    Manages for performance

    Skillfully plans, organizes and monitors performance to create value and achieve excellence in delivery

    Collaborates across boundaries

    Collaborates effectively across organizational and functional boundaries, and leverages diversity

    Critical success factors & key challenges

    • Design and implement a B2C facing website for the FlowersPro business with search capabilities for the various Flowers varieties.

    • Develop a comprehensive electronic business strategy that considers the use of social media.

    • Deliver a successful 12 month e-mail communication plan, from planning to implementation to measurement of success.

    Additional information

    • All applicants must be eligible to work in the US.

    • Travel Requirements – 20%

    Employee may, as part of his/her role and maybe through multifunctional teams, participate in the creation and design of innovative solutions. In this context, Employee may contribute to inventions, designs, other work product, including know-how, copyrights, software, innovations, solutions, and other intellectual assets.


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    Syngenta Role Profile

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