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    Thorlabs TXP Series Instrumentation - Readme

    This software provides instrument control for the Thorlabs TXP Series Instruments.


    This software comes with additional software packages:

    NI VISA runtime engine (http://www.ni.com/visa)

    Ni LW/CVI runtime engine (http://www.ni.com/cvi)


    This software is copyright Ó 2007-2012, Thorlabs GmbH

    Applications license:

    The application software of this package is under the Thorlabs End-User License Agreement. For license details please see file License.rtf.

    Instrument driver license:

    The instrument driver libraries are the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. For license details please see file LGPL2.1.rtf .

    Supported platforms:

    This software was verified with the following platforms:

    • Windows XP (Service Pack 3 - 32-bit version)

    • Windows Vista (32-bit version)

    • Windows Vista x64 Edition (64-bit version)

    • Windows 7 (32-bit version)

    • Windows 7 x64 Edition (64-bit version)

    • Windows 8 (32-bit version)

    • Windows 8 x64 Edition (64-bit version)

    Change Log:

    TXP Series Instrumentation - V3.0.22 - Aug-04-2014

    · FTDI driver updated to version 2.10.00

    · Driver digitally signed for Windows 8

    TXP Series Instrumentation - V3.0.20 - Mar-01-2012

    · Limited release for PAX5710/PAX5720 Polarimeter Series only

    · PAX PER measurement GUI updated
    TXP Series Instrumentation - V3.0.18 - Sep-30-2011

    • PAX GUI Thorlabs logo new in red color

    • PAX GUI More space for text and values (especially for Windows 7 150 %)

    • PAX GUI Menu item Display Refresh Rate moved from Preferences to Setup

    TXP Series Instrumentation - V3.0.12 - May-19-2011

    • Update of TXP Server Control to solve compatibility issues with Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

    • Added instrument drivers to installation package.

    • Signed driver package for USB based mainframes generated.

    • Updates LabVIEW drivers for LabVIEW8.6 and higher.

    • Added manuals and application notes to distribution.

    • All executables and libraries are signed now.

    TXP Series Instrumentation - V2.10 - May-26-2009

    • UPDATE: New program version V2.5 of 'TXP Polarimeter'

    TXP Series Instrumentation - V2.9 - Sep-27-2007

    • UPDATE: New program version V2.3 of 'TXP Polarimeter'

    • UPDATE: New program version V2.1 of 'TXP PMD5000'

    • UPDATE: New server software version V1.9 of 'TXP DPC/IPM Module'

    • UPDATE: New server library version V1.1 of 'cygtxplslib.dll'

    • UPDATE: New server library version V1.1 of 'cygtxpitclib.dll'

    • UPDATE: New server library version V1.8 of 'cygtxpdpclib.dll'

    • UPDATE: New server library version V1.1 of 'cygtxpecllib.dll'

    • UPDATE: New server library version V1.1 of 'cygtxppaxlib.dll'

    • UPDATE: New (c) FTDI USB to serial driver version 2.02.04.

    Package content:


    • TXP Server Control V1.6 - Tool to start and stop the TXP Server and to edit its configuration, necessary for USB based mainframes.

    • TXP Starter V1.0 – Tool to open the default application described in .txs files

    TXP application GUIs

    Instrument drivers

    • TXP PAX driver V1.0.2 - VXIpnp instrument driver for TXP PAX cards

    • TXP resource manager driver V1.1.1 - VXIpnp instrument driver for mainframe supervisory.

    Download 20.69 Kb.

    Download 20.69 Kb.

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    Thorlabs txp series Instrumentation Readme

    Download 20.69 Kb.