• My Core Strength and Areas of Expertise include
  • Professional Knowledge Experience
  • Networking Essential. MS Accelerated training in MS SMS ver. 2.0.
  • MS Accelerated training in Managing Software in MS Windows 2000/ Windows 2003 Server /Windows 2012 Server.
  • Operating Systems Computer Networking Skills
  • IT Infrastructure:- IP PABX Design Manage. CCTV Design Manage. Management Marketing Skills
  • IT Project Management Skills
  • Project Manager (COINS ERP)
  • AL JAZEERA COMPUTER EST. (ABU DHABI) Business Executive / Technical Support Engineer
  • AL NISR DISTRIBUTION LLC. (ABU DHABI) Network Administrator / IT Support
  • Personal attributes Characteristics
  • Certifications
  • To work & manage in creative, challenging & reputed environment where I could enrich my skills & successfully deliver solutions for the organization’s growth

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    To work & manage in creative, challenging & reputed environment where I could enrich my skills & successfully deliver solutions for the organization’s growth. To manage & excel in achieving success to the assigned project given on time with my professional experience, educational qualifications & communication skills, so to earn on credible place with a challenging long-term career oriented employment within a reputed organization in the fields of System and Network Administration & Security, IT Infrastructure, Project Management, Quality Assurance where my experience, knowledge and interpersonal skills can be utilized in appropriate position to seek personal development and advancement.

    My Core Strength and Areas of Expertise include:

    • Online intensive courses in various networking technology & tools (S/W & H/W), and implementation of short-term projects related to the latest network technologies. In-depth understanding of network architecture, PC architecture, database and information management issues. Hands-on experience with Internet software tools and hardware platforms. I’ve supported this knowledge by studying Microsoft Product (NT server, NT workstation, proxy sever, SMS, TCP/IP, Networking Essentials, Windows 2000 professional, Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista Business, Windows 7 Pro, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 2000/2003/2012 Server, Microsoft Office 365).

    • 20 years IT experience. Knowledge of networks, network equipment, and protocols; application and web servers; Strong communication skills and the ability to work with all levels of personnel and management. Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously and independently without daily guidance. Knowledge of regulatory compliance requirements in retail, IT environment. IT experience desirable and Company Operations experience desire Computer literate and have outstanding written and verbal communication skills with unsurpassed interpersonal skills and possess a very friendly attitude. Extensive knowledge of IT cost management & excellent contacts with IT vendors & resellers

    • Outstanding knowledge & expertise in ERP processes & management.

    • Excellent Management skills keeping professional & ethical environment intact.

    Professional Knowledge & Experience:

      • MS Windows NT server 4.0 Enterprise technologies.

      • MS TCP/IP

      • Supporting MS Windows NT 4.0 Core Technologies.

      • Administering MS Windows NT 4.0.

      • Networking Essential.

      • MS Accelerated training in MS SMS ver. 2.0.

      • MS Accelerated training in Installing & Configuring MS Windows 2003.

      • MS Accelerated training in DNS & Active Directory Design in MS Windows 2003 / Windows 2003 Server/ Windows 2012 Server.

      • MS Accelerated training in Managing Software in MS Windows 2000/ Windows 2003 Server /Windows 2012 Server.

      • MS Accelerated training in Deploying Terminal Services & Connection Services in MS Windows 2003/ Windows 2008 Server/ Windows 2012 Server.

      • RDC for Clients Access.

    Operating Systems & Computer Networking Skills:
    Operating Systems:-

    • WIN 9X and WIN ME.

    • WINDOWS 2000 Family.

    • WINDOWS 2003 Server Family.

    • WINDOWS 2008 Server Family

    • WINDOWS XP Family

    • WINDOWS VISTA Family.



    • WINDOWS 10

    Computer Networking:-

    • LAN & WAN Concepts.

    • Data Communication and Networks.

    • TCP/IP Concepts and Implementation.

    • Internetworking, Interconnectivity, Routing and Bridging.

    • Internet and Intranet Network Concepts.

    • Backbone Networks Concepts.

    • Security Concepts.

    • Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server installation and implementation.

    • Wireless Communications Planning, Designing, Monitoring and implementation.

    • IP-VPN implementation.

    IT Infrastructure:-

    • IP PABX Design & Manage.

    • CCTV Design & Manage.

    Management & Marketing Skills:

    • Management Fundamentals.

    • S/W and H/W Project Management.

    • S/W Total Quality Management.

    • Problem Solving Techniques.

    • Marketing Fundamentals.

    • ERP Project Managment.

    • Employee Management

    • IT Cost Management

    • IT Infra management.

    IT Project Management Skills:

    • Managing and leading the project team.

    • Project planning and control.

    • Developing and maintaining a detailed project plan.

    • Managing project deliverables in line with the project plan.

    • Recording and managing project risks and issues and escalating where necessary.

    • Managing project scope and change control.

    • Monitoring project progress and performance.

    • Providing status reports to the project sponsor.

    • Liaison with, and updates progress to, project steering board/senior management.

    • Follow the agreed on approaches and processes implemented by PMO.

    • Take full responsibility and ownership of project execution starting from receiving the Client PO of the project through to final delivery, acceptance, handover & support.

    • Act as a focal point of communication with the Client for the discussion and resolution of all project related issues.

    • Coach/mentor other members of project.

    • Define critical success factors, deliverables and milestones of the project to meet the agreed on goals, objectives and scope.

    • Monitor the quality of work performed.

    • Budget Management.

    Professional Experience


    IT MANAGER Feb 2004-Present
    Main Responsibilities and Accountabilities- Job involves reporting at highest levels:

    • Managing the IT Department with a group of 8 engineers to supervise, evaluating and identifying organizational requirements to establish operating procedural standards.

    • Manage centralized Group Email user accounts, email archiving on clouds & managing Microsoft Office 365 portal with approx. 500 users.

    • ERP (Green ERP) Project Coordinator.

    • Recommending IT infrastructure requirements and upgradations to ensure acceptable levels of security, disaster management, and data recovery plans.

    • Managing the IT staff with a group of engineers at different level.

    • Keeping updates of latest technological advancements and recommending the same if suitable, monitoring software use licenses, and providing web serving by administering the company’s main Web server, the Exchange 2000 server, and the Windows 2000/2003 servers and active directory.

    • Administering, installing & maintaining various networks (LANs, WANs) with diverse network architecture as per standard networking protocols and services. Establishing and administrating a WAN that connects all three factories owned by the company.

    • Catering to major issues pertaining to the planning, administration and security management, of all systems, network and database installations in a Windows environment chiefly encompassing of firewall, routers, switches, etc. Maintaining internet security by configuring an ISA server.

    • Manage the infrastructure with install, configure, update, maintain and support approx... 6 servers, 500 systems, workstations and applications software LAN/WAN systems.

    • Troubleshoot computers hardware.

    • Troubleshoots/install/tunes software installation and/or network/communication/OS operational management.

    • Supervises and manage activities with help desk, network services, or other information systems groups for the best strategies and tactics used with helping out the (LAN) for smooth operation.

    • Provides info to GM with statistical reports indicating problems, frequency, type of problem, sector exhibiting problems, etc.

    • Maintain system documentation.

    • Provide support and troubleshooting of desktops, laptops & servers running Windows 7 pro, Windows 8 pro, Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2013 operating systems.

    • Act as the contact person to home office technical support

    • Actively working with Tendering/Estimation Dept., working on tenders, BOQ’s for IT pricing & in house Budgeting.

    • Report on tests to measure the integrity of the scientific programs and submitting results to GM.

    • Responsible for IT systems, infrastructure management & to provide with categorized, summarized management reports periodically to COO & MD of the company.

    • Reporting directly to COO & CEO of the company.

    Project Manager (COINS ERP) July 2016-Present

    • End to End management and co-ordination of project and responsible for successful completion of the project.

    • Responsible for leading all projects related to new module implementations in ERP and Support

    • Design schedule for the project, and set time line for each member of the team and delegate specific task to each members of the project.

    • Engage with all business department heads to obtain requirements & to make sure is effectively planned (cost, resources, time) & execute accordingly.

    • Understanding organization requirements and has the responsibility to design a comprehensive strategy for achieving successful outcome of the project.

    • Monitor the cost, calculate number of resources for project and deploy it for the project.

    • Evaluates and recommends changes to current and future ERP system requirements to meet organizational needs.

    • Provide end-to-end project leadership and participate as a technical team member for all modules within the project.

    • Sets deadlines, assigns responsibilities, and monitor progress

    • Lead and resolve ERP related support issues to ensure all processes runs smooth.

    • Make sure all users are adhering to new system & business change control process.

    • Arrange all the facilities to the team who are working on the project, provide training, support and extract the best out of the team.

    • Design & create custom reports in ERP as & when required by the management.

    • Design & Implement workflows on the required operations/functions

    • Manage user access & group security within the system.

    • Ability to solve complex problems which arise in the project and responsible for the outcome and finish the project with great quality and on time.

    • Predict risk factors and eliminate it for the successful completion of the project

    • Responsible for the timely completion and has responsibility to complete the project within the stipulated budget.

    • Reporting to COO & CEO


    Business Executive / Technical Support Engineer Aug-2002 to Dec-2003

    Main Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

    • Computer Sales and Local purchase.

    • Assembling PC’S and giving after sales support to individual clients and corporate clients.

    • Knowledge of networking, done configuration of small networks for individual client’s at there residence by sharing modem’s using ADSL lines.

    • Software & Hardware Installation, Customer on line Service.

    • Installation of Networks using Windows NT4.0/Win2k/windowsXP clients.

    • Installation of Windows Server 2000 Active Directory, implementing group policy.

    • Installation of Networks using HUBS, SWITCHES and sharing internet, file and printer sharing, using workgroup environment.

    • Installation of network’s using Windows NT Domain 4.0 creating users on it allowing user to share the network base resources.

    • Trouble shooting networks on TCP/IP based clients.

    • Excellent relation with British, American and French Companies.

    • Generating revenue for the company by getting AMC’S from corporate clients.

    • Developing the clients relations and getting business from individual clients by upgrading there pc’s.

    • Assembling pc in house for all the clients’ configuration of the software in house.

    • Telephonic support to clients after sales.

    • Solving the Software & Hardware problems instantly.

    • Upgrading the OLD pc’s from P-I TO P-IV backing up users data and restoring them back to the new PC’S

    • Configuration of Printers, Scanners, Web Camera, Digital Camcorders for clients.

    • Helping clients to convert the tape in to VCD format via high end capture cards.

    • Clients where net work is installed and up and running are :-TECHNIP,THALES,HALIBURTON,ABB ENERGYAND AUTOMATION,GAC,



    Network Administrator / IT Support Oct-1996 to July-2002
    Main Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

    • Appointed as a Network Administrator for LAN structure.

    • Handling Local Area Network as well, all the user were connected to windows NT4.0 Domain and clients logging on domain

    • Sharing network resources such as printer, file and day to day activities

    • Preparing Statement of Accounts including weekly expenses, petty cash, staff payroll, monthly collection

    • Creating the reports and email them to Head Office

    Personal attributes & Characteristics

    • Strong social extrovert who seeks out relationships.

    • Ability to think strategically and act tactically.

    • Empathetic active listener.

    • Passionate to conquer and succeed.

    • Commitment to professionalism and ethics; confidentiality in business.

    Educational Qualifications-

    • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) from R.D. National College of Arts, Science &

    Commerce, Bombay University – April 1995

    In Progress Certifications-

    • Project Management Professional (PMP)®.

    • Master Business Administration (MBA) – Information Technology Management.

    Languages Skills-

      • English (Very advanced)

      • Arabic (Can fairly communicate)

    Personal Details

    Date of Birth: 09th March 1975

    Nationality: Indian

    Marital status: Married

    Visa: Employment

    License: U.A.E Valid Driving License

    References Will be readily furnished on request
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    Curriculum Vitae

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    Bosh sahifa

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    To work & manage in creative, challenging & reputed environment where I could enrich my skills & successfully deliver solutions for the organization’s growth

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