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It's a BIRD, It's a PLANE, It's SUPERMAN! (3/21/13) City Center, Encores!
Edward Watts (Superman), Jenny Powers (Lois Lane), David Pittu (Dr. Sedgwick), Adam Monley (Jim Morgan), Scott Weber, Craig Henningsen, Suo Liu, Alli Mauzey (Sydney), Jason Ng, James Saito (Father Ling), Will Swenson (Max Menken) 

James Joyce’s The Dead (12/30/99) Broadway

Blair Brown, Daisy Egan, Alice Ripley, Emily Skinner, Stephen Spinella, Christopher Walken. Shot from the balcony with a rail across the stage. Mostly a full to mid stage shot. Sound is decent, though a little low during the dialog. B

Jane Eyre (11/18/00) Broadway

Jane Eyre - Marla Schaffel, Edward Rochester - James Barbour, Mrs. Fairfax - Mary Stout. Good taping - clear audio and video. Overall, an excellent tape, and the action is easy to follow. Good sound, too. Some washout from lights. A-

Jane Eyre (5/20/2001) Broadway

Marla Schaffel, James Barbour, Mary Stout Good and OBC. Mostly close-ups. B

Jawbreaker (7/29/10) Staged Reading

Shoshana Bean, Eden Espinosa, Jenna Leigh Green, Megan Hilty, Katie Thompson, Marty Thomas, James Snyder, Elizabeth Brackenbury, Aynsley Bubbico, Scarlett Cherry, Deborah S. Craig, Nick Galbraith, Katie Kern, Jen Malenke, Lesli Margherita, Vic Mazzone, Aaron Neely, Leslie Odom, Jr., & Jackie Seiden., notes from the filmer: A musical adaptation of the 1999 film, "Jawbreaker." The musical is described as "a darkly comedic, stylish girl clique musical with the mythic story of Courtney 'Satan in heels' Shayne and her minions who play a nasty birthday prank on their picture perfect bestie. It wasn't their fault the jawbreaker got stuck in her throat...or was it?" The musical is performed as a staged concert reading. Rather than one person per role, the concert is done with some of Broadway's best alternating in the roles.  Shot from the front of the venue. The show was sold out and everyone was literally packed in like sardines, so some head obstructions here and there, but the master worked around them well and managed to get good coverage and close ups that made for a good capture, A

Jekyll & Hyde (12/25/95) Pre-Broadway
Pre-Broadway: Robert Cuccioli (Jekyll/Hyde), Linda Eder (Lucy), Christiane Noll (Lisa Carew), Phillip Hoffman (Utterson), Nita Moore (Nellie), Martin Van Treuren (Sir Danvers/Spider), Raymond McLeod (Stride), Brad Oscar (Lord Savage/Poole) Dave Clemmons (Bishop). Nice capture, good documentation of pre Bway with “Lisa” Carew, “Bring On the Men” and the finale with the giant movie version of Hyde. A great copy, 3rd generation. A
Jekyll and Hyde (11/15/97) Broadway

Robert Cuccioli (Jekyll/Hyde), Linda Eder (Lucy), Christiane Noll (Emma), George Merritt (John Utterson), Barrie Inghman (Sie Danvers Carew) B

Jekyll and Hyde (1997) Broadway.

Original Broadway Cast. This is the performance when Linda Eder was unwell so she spoke her lines but her songs were sung by Emily Skinner from off stage. Amazing this was even caught on tape. B

Jekyll & Hyde (12/16/00) Broadway

Robert Evan, Colleen Sexton, Andrea Rivette. Good Video. Great Performances from Cast. B

Jekyll & Hyde (2001) Broadway
Robert Evan, Coleen Sexton, Andrea Rivette, George Merritt, Barrie Ingham.  Pro-shot rehearsal filming with Robert Evan in the lead role rather than David Hasselhoff.  Shot for shot, this video matches the Hasselhoff version, which was televised...this rehearsal was never televised. A
Jekyll & Hyde (2001) Brodway

Pro Shot with David Hasselhoff. A

Jekyll & Hyde (3/19/13) Chicago
PreBroadway: Constantine Maroulis, Deborah Cox, Teal Wicks, Laird Mackintosh, Richard White, David Benoit. Beautiful HD Capture of the final stop before heading to Broadway with no obstructions. A reimagined revival of the classic Wildhorn musical. Deborah's vocals are always gorgeous! A
Jerry Springer the Opera (2004) London
Pro shot. Full Show, BBC Broadcast, Superb quality A
Jersey Boys (11/19/05) Broadway

Oringal Broadway Cast. A GREAT VIDEO!!! Very clear, great close ups. Lots of extras like playbill and New York 1 and even some reviews. A

Jersey Boys (1/11/06) Broadway

John Lloyd Young (Frankie Vallie), Christian Hoff (Tommy Devito), Daniel Reichard (Bob Gaudio), J. Robert Spencer (Nick Massi) Great DVD. A

Jersey Boys (5/3/07) National Tour, San Fransico

Erich Bergen (Bob Gaudio), Christopher Kale Jones (Frankie Valli), Deven May (Tommy De Vito), Michael Ingersoll (Nick Massi), John Altieri, Miles Aubrey, Sandra DeNise, Courter Simmons, Eric Gutman, Nathan Klau, Brandon Matthieus, Jackie Seiden, Joseph Siravo, Melissa Strom. Best of this cast, gorgeous close ups, excellent filming on tapers part, knows the show well and it shows on this video. A

Jerusalem (4//23/11) Broadway

Mark Rylance (Johnny “Rooster” Byron), Max Baker (Wesley), Mackenzie Cook (Ginger), Alan David (The Professor), Aimee-Ffion Edwards (Phaedra), Aiden Eyrick (Marky), John Gallegher Jr. (Lee), Geraldine Hughes (Dawn), Danny Kirrane (Davey), Charolette Mills (Tanya), Sarah Moyle (Ms. Fawcett), Molly Ranson (Pea), Harvey Robinson (Mr. Parsons), Richard Short (Danny Whitworth), Barry Solane (Troy Whitworth), Jay Sullivan (Frank Whitworth)

Jesus Christ Superstar (1998) Nyack New York
Billy Porter (Jesus) Drew Sarich (Judas) Emily Skinner (Mary) A-
Jesus Christ Superstar (8/5/00) Broadway
Starring: Glenn Carter, Shayna Steele, Manoel Felciano, Kevin Gray, Paul Kandel, Michael K. Lee. Shot from the left of the mezzanine.  Some railing and heads in the way, and sound a bit muted and well as some off coloring.  B
Jesus Christ Superstar (8/16/00) Broadway

Glenn Carter (Jesus), Tony Vincent (Judas), Maya Days (Mary), generation loss, but great cast and good video B

Jesus Christ Superstar (7/2/2003) Los Angeles
Eden Espinosa, Walter Winston O'Neill, Christopher Hall, Eric Anderson, Paul Klees, Ben Fisher, Levi Walker. Interesting production. PROSHOT A  
Jesus Christ Superstar (12/4/11) La Jolla

PreBroadway: Paul Nolan, Jeremy Kushnier as (u/s) Judas, Chilina Kennedy, Sandy Winsby as (u/s) Pilate, Bruce Dow, Marcus Nance, Lee Siegel, Aaron Walpole, Mike Nadajewski. Nice capture of the PreBroadway Production. Great staging and performances of this revival headed to Broadway. Great to see Jeremy in the role of Judas.

Jesus Christ Superstar (3/14/12) Broadway

Paul Nolan, Josh Young, Chilina Kennedy, Tom Hewitt, Bruce Dow, Marcus Nance, Aaron Walpole

Jesus Christ Superstar (2012) UK Arena Tour

Proshot. Tim Minchin (Judas) Melanie C (Mary Magdalene), Chris Moyles (King Herod), ITV “Superstar” winner Ben Forster as Jesus. A

Jewtopia (4/29/07) Off Broadway

Vanessa Lemonides, Becky London, Lorry Goldman, Josh Heine, Rosanne Ma, Jeremy Rishe, Joel Rooks. The longest running comedy in off broadway history. Will filmed and crystal Clear, but heads appear along the bottom of the screen in wider shots. Filmed on closing night. Includes scanned Playbill information. A

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (1/15/94) London

Jason Donovan, Linzi Hateley. Jason Donovan’s final performance. B

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (11/23/05) Tour, Chicago
National Tour starring Patrick Cassidy and American Idol’s Amy Adams, Todd Dubail, Nicholas Saverine. Best Joseph dvd available, crystal clear picture and sound. Good production and performances. A
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (10/17/07) London Revival

Lee Mead, Fiona Reyes (alt. Narrator), Dean Collinson, Stephen Tate, John Alastair, Neal Wright. Great Produciton with the winner of the “Any Dream Will Do” series, Lee Mead; nicely captured and performed with great picture and sound. A

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (3/18/14) Chicago, IL- US Tour
Ace Young (Joseph), Diana DeGarmo (Narrator), Paul Castree, Ryan Williams, William Thomas Evans, Brian Golub, Will Mann. Completely updated version of the show with new orchestrations by Sir ALW as well as new staging, costumes, direction and choreography, this production uses a lot of video projections and other special effects plus a lot more dance, beautifully filmed with a HD camcorder

The Jungle Book (8/11/13) Goodman Theatre, Chicago
Akash Chopra, Kevin Carolan, Usman Ally, Andre De Shields, Anjali Bhimani, Larry Yando, Thomas Derrah, Ed Kross, Kurdish Glory 2 DVDs
Juno (3/29/08) Encores
Cast: Victoria Clark, Conrad John Schuck, Celia Keenan-Bolger, Michael Arden, Tyler Hanes, Clarke Thorell, Rosaleen Linehan, Louisa Flaningam, Jennifer Smith, Kay Walbye, Dermot Crowly. A-
The King and I (7/14/1997) Broadway

Faith Prince, Kevin GreyGreat, clear video with excellent close-ups. Sound a bit low at times, but perfectly comprehensible. B

King David (5/16/97) Broadway Concert

Marcus Lovett, Judy Kuhn, Stephen Bogardus, Alice Ripley, Roger Bart. Full stage shot from the balcony. Heavy spotlight washout, hard to see what is on stage, but you can understand the sound. C
King Of Hearts (12/3/78) Broadway

Donald Scardino, Pamela Blair, Millicent Martin, Bob Gunton, Scott Allen, Will Roy

Short lived Broadway flop with just 48 official performances.

Recorded at the closing performance though the theatre's house camera, so it's a stationary full stage shot, with sound patched in directly from the soundboard. Some generational loss; final performance, the audience is very enthusiastic. C

Kinky Boots (10/2/12) Chicago, Pre-Broadway

Stark Sands (Charlie Price), Billy Porter (Lola), Annaleigh Ashford (Lauren), Celina Carvajal (Nicola), Marcus Neville (George), Daniel Stewart Sherman (Don), Steven Berger (Mr. Price), Andy Kelso (Harry), Tory Ross (Pat), Jennifer Perry (Trish). 1st Preview 

Kinky Boots (3/3/13) Broadway

Stark Stands, Billy Porter, Annaleigh Ashford, Celina Carvajal, Daniel Stewart Sehrman, Marcus Neville, Tory Ross 2 DVDS
Kiss Me, Kate (1999) Broadway Revival

Brian Stokes Mitchell, Marin Mazzie, Rating: Slight generational loss, but nice video with some good closeups. Sound is really good. B

Kiss Me, Kate (8/2002) London
Brent Barrett, Rachel York, Nancy Anderson, Michael Berresse, Teddy Kemper, Jack Chissick.  Professionally filmed for PBS Television. A
Kiss of the Spider Woman (1999 ) North Shore Music Theatre
Starring: Nancy Hess, Michael Paternastro, Christopher Wells, Melissa Hart, Barbara Helms, Dan Sharkey, Chris Vasquez, Mark Zimmerman A nice proshot of a respected regional theatre in the round with soundboard. A
Kristen TV Series (2001)
All 13 aired & unaired episodes of Kristin Chenoweth’s NBC show "Kristin". 3 Discs, will trade 2 for 1 on these. A
La Bȇte (10/19/10) Broadway

Music Box Theatre. David Hyde Pierce, Mark Rylance, Joanna Lumley. Great Capture A

La Boheme (11/27/2002) Broadway
Alfred Boe, Wei Huang Dress rehearsal on Broadway. Includes the intro by Baz Luhrmann addressing the audience at the rehearsal. Complete show including the extra-long scene changes between acts. Wonderful production! The sound gets a little choppy near the end of Act One. A-
La Cage Aux Folles (2005) Broadway Revival

Gary Beach, Dainel Davis, Gavin Creel and original revival cast. Not sure of date. Great Video. A-

La Cage Aux Folles (4/7/10) Broadway Revival
Starring: Kelsey Grammar, Douglas Hodge, Fred Applegate, Veanne Cox, Chris Hoch, Elena Shaddow, A.J. Shively, Nick Adams, Christine Andreas, Sean A. Carmon, Nicholas Cunningham, Robin De Jesus, Sean Patrick Doyle, Daley Hensley, Logan Keslar, Terry Lavell, Heather Lindell, Bill Nolte, David Nathan Perlow, Cheryl Stern
A wonderful production, great video. A
Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill (4/2014) Broadway *NFT until 8/1/14
Audra McDonald, Shelton Becton, Roxie. Beautiful capture of this wonderful show about one of the final shows of Billie Holiday. Audra McDonald does a divine job of taking on the role, beautifully sang and performed. Audra certainly makes her case for a sixth Tony win! A
Last 5 Years, Skokie IL, Proshot

Lauren Kennedy and Norbert Leo Butz in the premeiere! Clear, some generation loss. A-

Last 5 Years (4/5/2002) Off Bway

Sherie Rene Scott and Norbert Leo Butz. Great shot, clear. A-

The Last Five Years (3/2013) Off Broadway Revival
Betsy Wolfe, Adam Kantor. Filmed from the side so an odd angle but 
some great closeups and very clear picture.
The Last Five Years (5/24/14) New Haven, CT

Katie Rose Clarke, Adam Halpin. Very good capture, filmed in 16:9 with mostly mediums and close-ups, and a few wides here and there and shot fairly close to the stage so the picture is extra clear and steady with no washout; a couple heads that can be seen at the bottom of the screen occasionally, but they never block the action and a couple of very quick dropouts in the first three minutes; excellent sound. Includes curtain call. A

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot (3/6/05) Off-Bway
Sam Rockwell, Eric Bogosian, Jeffrey De Munn, Craig “Mums” Grant, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Deborah Rush. Great video and sound of a very interesting show in a perfect theater; 1st generation from the master A
Leap of Faith (9/11/10) Ahmanson Theatre, Los Angeles, First Preview

Raul Esparza (Jonas Nightingale), Brooke Shields (Marva McGowan), Nicholas Barasch (Boyd McGowan), Kendra Kassebaum (Sam), Kecia Lewis-Evans (Ida Mae Sturdevant), Krystal Joy Brown (Ornella) Jarrod Emick (Sheriff Will Braverman), Leslie Odom, Jr. (Ricky Sturdevant), Harvey Evans (Mugs), Brandon Wardell (Amos), Bryce Ryness (Dude), C.E. Smith (Titus), Michelle Duffy (Emma Schlarp), Alex Michael Stoll (Robert Raylove), Shannon Lewis (Susie Raylove), Brad Anderson (Tom), Bob Gaynor (Fred), Darcie Roberts (Rita), Michael X. Martin (Jake), Charlie Williams (Deputy Wayne), changes made later as the show went along, A-

Leap of Faith (4/4/12) Broadway

Raul Esparza (Jonas Nightingale), Jessica Phillips (Marva McGowan), Kendra Kassebaum (Sam), Kecia Lewis-Evans (Ida Mae Sturdevant), Nicholas Barasch (Boyd McGowan), Jarrod Emick (Sheriff Will Braverman), Leslie Odom Jr. (Isaiah), Krystal Joy Brown (Ornella), Talon Ackerman (Jake), Hettie Barnhill (Angel of Mercy), Ta’Rea Campbell (Angel of Mercy), Michelle Duffy (Susie Raylove), Lynorris Evans (Angel of Mercy), Dierdre Friel (Amanda Wayne), Bob Gaynor (Angel of Mercy), Lucia Giannetta (Angel of Mercy), Angela Grovey (Angel of Mercy), Louis Hobson (Townperson), Tiffany Janene Howard (Angel of Mercy), Grasan Kingsberry (Angel of Mercy), Fletcher McTaggart (Fletch the Camera Guy), Eliseo Roman (Angel of Mercy), Bryce Ryness (Zak), Ann Sanders (Townperson), C.E. Smith (Brother Amon), Danny Stiles (Townsperson), Dennis Stowe (Brother Carl), Besty Struxness (Angel of Mercy), Roberta Wall (Emma), Virginia Ann Woodruff (Angel of Mercy. Per taper.. Nice capture of the second preview with many changes to the story since the Los Angeles production; about six minutes of blackouts during the beginning due to latecomers; filmed from the right mezzanine; great clear picture and sound A

Legally Blonde (2/13/07) San Fransciso
Full original San Francisco cast. The video has a couple of heads for the first twenty minutes, but looks great after that. A
Legally Blonde the Musical (10-14-07) MTV Showing

Pro Shot. Laura Bell Bundy, Christian Borle, Orfeh, Michael Rupert, KateShindle, Nikki Snelson, Richard H. Blake. Disc Includes first promotional commercial, second promotional commercial, promotional carpet interviews, TRL interview with Laura Bell Bundy, advertisement for the Broadway musical, and the complete show. A

Legally Blonde: The Musical (3/16/08) Broadway

Laura Bell Bundy, Christian Borle, Orfeh, Richard H. Blake, Gaelen Gilliand (u/s Vivienne), Michael Rupert, Tracy Jai Edwards, Haven Burton, Nikki Snelson, Natalie Joy Johnson. A little on the dark side because of forgotton exposure setting adjusting. Almost no cover-ups, goode sound and nice video. A

Legally Blonde The Musical (11/2011) North Shore Music Theatre

Kelly Felthous, Gaelen Gilliland, Barrett Hall, Paul Jackel, Will Ray, Kate Loprest. This was filmed using one camera on a tripod, with audio patched in directly from the soundboard. Beautiful clarity so it looks it was probally filmed with a high definition camera. Presented in the round. A

Legs Diamond (2/19/89) Broadway
Peter Allen, Julie Wilson, Randall Edwards. Closing night performance. Very well shot with excellent sound. Includes post show speech. Single stage shot. B
Lend Me A Tenor (3/23/10) Broadway, Revival

Anthony LaPaglia, Tony Shalhoub, Justin Bartha, Brooke Adams, Mary Catherine Garrison, Jay Klaitz, Jan Maxwell, Jennifer Laura Thompson.  Nicely filmed from the balcony.  Occasional heads in the frame.  

Lennon (8/21/05) Broadway

Will Chase, Chad Kimball, Terrence Mann, Julia Murney, Marcy Harriell, Michael Potts, Mandy Gonzalez, Chuck Cooper, Julie Danao-Salkin. Clear Picture. Decent Sound. Good Close-ups. A

Les Misérables (10/3/99) National Tour: San Diego

Sutton Foster, Jerry Jay Cranford, Ivan Rutheford. Great video, Sutton is amazing in it. A

Les Miserables (11/16/06) Broadway Revival 
Alexander Gemignani, Norm Lewis, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Celia Keenan-Bolger, Ali Ewoldt, Drew Sarich, Gary Beach, Jenny Galloway, Aaron Lazar, Adam Jacobs, Tess Adams. Black-outs for the first 15 minutes, but everything after is much better. B
Les Miserables (12/3/06) Broadway Revival

Alexander Gemignani, Norm Lewis, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Celia Keenan-Bolger, Adam Jacobs,Aaron Lazar, Ali Ewoldt, Gary Beach, Jenny Galloway, Drew Sarich. This is a much better, clearer video than the 11/16/06 of revival cast. A

Les Misérables (5/12/07) Broadway, Revival
Lea Solonga, Alexander Gemignani, Drew Sarich, Adam Jacobs, Mandy Bruno, Ali Ewoldt, Gary Beach, Ann Harada.  Very nicely filmed from the balcony.  Occasional heads in the wide shots, but nothing too bad.  Overall this is a great video.  A
Les Misérables (10/23/07) North Shore Music Theatre Beverly, MA 

Fred Inkley, Jacquelyn Piro, Charles Hagerty, Joanne Javien, Devin Richards, Inga Ballard, Ron Winski, Joanna Rosen, Charley Brady. 
Dress rehearsal footage; complete show with great closeups and great sound; pro-shot video A

Les Miserables (8/9/08) Hollywood Bowl

J. Mark McVey, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Lea Michele, Melora Hardin, John Lloyd Young, Michele Maika, Michael McCormick, Tom Lowe, Ruth Williamson. This proshot from the start, in terms of being filmed from the huge screens. It is a very nice capture and has great close-ups. Not as crystal clear as one might hope, but very enjoyable, with only minor impurities here and there, but pretty steady. Lea was the standout here, just amazing. A-

Les Miserables (3/8/2014) Broadway Revival
Cast: Ramin Karimloo, Will Swenson, Caissie Levy, Nikki M.  James, Cliff Saunders, Keala Settle, Andy Mietus, Samantha Hill, Kyle Scatliffe. Only VOB or MP4
Lestat (12/8/2005) San Francisco

Hugh Panaro, Carolee Carmello, Drew Sarich, Jim Stanek, Allison Fisher, Roderick Hill

Out of town tryout of show filmed during previews. Interesting to see what they changed after these previews. A
Lestat (4/1/2006) Broadway Preview

Hugh Panaro, Carolee Carmello, Drew Sarich, Jim Stanek, Roderick Hill, Allison Fischer, Steve Wilson (Marquis - u/s) A

Letters From 'Nam
(September 2001) North Shore Music Theatre, Beverly, MA

Maureen McGovern, David Burnham, Dwayne L. Barnes, Levi Kreis, Jeff Mosier, Michael Cunio, Rodney Hicks
A production of the North Shore Music Theatre. Filmed using multiple cameras in the round; nice video A

The Lieutenant of Inishmore (4/20/06) Broadway

Peter Gerety , David Wilmot , Domhnall Gleeson , Andrew Connolly , Brian D'Arcy James , Dashiell Eaves , Jeff Binder , Alison Pill. Shaky at first, then great. A

The Life (1997 or 1998) Broadway
Sam Harris (Jojo), Sharon Wilkins (Chichi), Chuck Cooper (Memphis), Pamela Isaacs (Queen), Lillias White (Sonja), Kevin Ramsey (Fleetwood), Bellamy Young (Mary), Rich Hebert (Lou). Some generation loss, not terrible. B
A Life in the Theatre
(11/6/10) Broadway

Patrick Stewart, T.R. Knight
Good clear video; includes BC/EFA speech and around 20 minutes of behind the scenes footage and interviews. A-

Light in the Piazza (4/21/05)

Victoria Clark, Kelli O’Hara, Matthew Morrison, Michael Berresse and OBC. Great video. A

The Light in the Piazza (7/22/05) Broadway

Victoria Clark, Kelli O'Hara, David Burnham (Fabrizio Naccarelli - u/s). Crystal Clear Capture. A

The Light In The Piazza (8/20/05) Broadway

Patti Cohenour, Kelli O'Hara, Matt Morrison. Patti is great on this one. A

The Light in the Piazza (6/15/06) Broadway.

PBS Broadcast of show. Victoria Clark, Katie Clark. Pro-Shot. A

The Lion King (10/25/1997) Broadway
Tsidii Le Loka (Rafiki), Jason Raize (Simba), Heather Headley (Nala), Max Casella (Timon), Tom Alan Robbins (Puba), Geoff Hoyle (Zazu) .Preview performance of the original company. Appears to be shot from a left box seat. Some odd angles and camera wanders a bit, but relatively close to the action. There’s a good amount of generation loss, unfortunately, as well as a good amount of spotlight washout. Still, a classic cast of what has become a classic shot. A-
The Lion King (9/30/01), London

Some generation lost, but was a really good video. Some good close ups. B

Lips Together, Teeth Apart (8/28/91) New York

Nathan Lane, Anthony Heald, Roxanne Hart, Deborah Rush. Terence McNally's play in its premier production. Shot from right center aisle, near the back of the small house, full stage shot, spotlight wash, low volume. C

The Little Dog Laughed (1/18/2006) Off-Broadway

Johnny Galecki, Neal Huff, Zoe Lister-Jones, Julie White. First 8 minutes are a bit shaky and one cover up that lasts less then a minute; great sound and nice close ups throughout the show; Off-Broadway version prior to current Broadway production; includes NY1 interview with Douglas Carter Beane

The Little Dog Laughed (2/11/07) Broadway

Tom Everett Scott, Julie White, Ari Graynor, Johnny Glecki. A-

Little Me (1982) Broadway Revival

James Coco, Victor Garber, Don Correia, Mary Gordon Murray. A bit blurry, but great picture and sound for its age. B

The Little Mermaid (8/31/07) Denver, CO
Pre-Broadway: Sierra Boggess, Sherie Rene Scott, Norm Lewis, Tituss
Burgess, Sean Palmer, Eddie Korbich, Tyler Maynard, JJ Singleton,
Johnathan Freeman. Beautifully captured. A
The Little Mermaid (1/30/2008) Broadway
Sierra Boggess, Sherie Rene Scott, Bret Shuford (Prince u/s), Norm Lewis, Titus Burgess, Eddie Korbich, Trevor Braun, Tyler Maynard. Some blackouts but not too bad. A-
The Little Mermaid (3/29/08) Broadway
Betsey Morgan (Ariel u/s), Cicily Daniels (Ursula u/s), Sean Palmer, Norm Lewis, Tituss Burgess, Eddie Korbich, Jonathan Freeman, Derrick Baskin, Tyler Maynard, Trevor Braun. Great Vid. A
The Little Prince And The Aviator (1/17/82) Broadway
Michael York, Brooks Almy, and a 10 year old Anthony Rapp. Broadway flop based on Antoine De Saint-Exupery's book "The Little Prince." RARE! Broadway flop which closed after 16 previews on Broadway. B
Little Shop of Horrors (1985) Original movie ending

This is a copy of the limited edition dvd that was accidently' released in 1993 and is one of the clearest versions of the original unhappy ending. No pixilation or distortion of sound.  Also includes the official release extras from the dvd, but not the whole movie. A

Little Shop of Horrors (10/1987) Off Broadway
Marsha Waterbury, Bert Hilkes. Clear, slightly faint picture. Pro-Shot B
Little Shop of Horrors (2003) Coconut Grove Playhouse Florida

Hunter Foster, Alice Ripley. Coconut Grove out of town tryout for the revival. Some black out in the beginning but audio is always there. B

Little Shop of Horrors (9/21/03) Broadway

BWAY Cast Revival. Great Video with a great performance. Audience helped make it great too! A

Little Women (12/11/04) Broadway
Sutton Foster, Maureen McGovern and the rest of the OBC. Excellent video capture of the show! A little spotlight washout in the first 15 mins. Sound is excellent throughout. A
Little Women (1/25/2006) Tour, Chicago
Maureen McGovern, Kate Fisher, Renee Brna, Louisa Flaningam, Gwen Hollander, Autumn Hurlbert. Missing first 10 minutes due to ushers. Great Picture and sound. A
The Look of Love (5/18/03) Broadway

Janine LaManna, Nikki Rene Daniels, Capathia Jenkins, Kevin Cebello, Eric Jordan Young.  Short lived Broadway flop based on the music of Burt Bacharach and Hal David. About 80 minutes of highlights only-not the complete show.  Nicely filmed video with great close ups. A-

Lord of the Rings (2007) Toronto
Incomplete - includes most of Act 2. From the balcony, the stage is in the lower left had corner. Mostly a full stage shot, though the nice thing is you do get to observe the sets and staging, which was the best part of this production. Very dark, with spotlight washout and no zooms. C-
Love Musik (4/15/07) Broadway

Michael Cerveris, Donna Murphy, David Pittu, John Scherer, Judith Blazer, Edwin Cahill.  Directed by Harold Prince and features the music of Kurt Weill.  Very nicely filmed, and crystal clear. A

Love Never Dies (4/29/10) London

Ramin Karimloo, Sierra Boggess, Joseph Millson, Liz Robertson, Summer Strallen, Louise Madison (Fleck u/s), Charlie Manton, highlights which includes most of the show, Act I is missing around 25 minutes and is 43 minutes long, Act II is complete, B

Love Never Dies (6/25/10) London

Ramin Karlmloo (Phantom), Sierra Bogges (Christine), Joseph Millson (Raoul), Summer Strallen (Meg Giry), Liz Robertson (Madame Giry). Monitor Video

Love Never Dies (2011) Australian Proshot
Starring: Ben Lewis, Anna O’Byrne, Maria Mercedes, Simon Gleeson, Sharon Millerchip, Emma J Hawkins, Paul Tabone, Dean Vince. Official release DVD of this show, European version which including french, spanish, german and lots of subtitles. A
Lucky Stiff (7/8/05) Arlington TX

Pro Shot on a Tripod. B.J. Cleveland, Jenny Thurman, Nye Cooper, Charles Ryan Roach, Carrie Slaughter, Arianna Movassagh, Darcy Farrington, Steven D. Morris, Marc D. Games, Mark Briggs. Rare video of this show. A
Lysistrata Jones (11/14/11) Broadway

Patti Murin, Josh Segarra, Lindsay Nicole Chambers, Liz Mikel, Jason Tam, Alexander Aguilar, Ato Blankson-Wood, Katie Boren, Kat Nejat, LaQuet Sharnell, Teddy Toye, Alex Wyse. Act 1 shot from the balcony so the famous Kerr Balcony bar obstructs the bottom of the stage but filmer did their best to shoot around that. Act 2 from the mezz so no stage obstructions at all.   

Mail (1988) Broadway

Michael Rupert, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Michelle Pawk. Recorded from stationary house camera. Some generation loss but since it's a small theatre not too bad as this kind of video goes. C

The Mambo Kings (5/7/2005) New York

Christiane Noll, Dennis Staroselsky, Corte de Pablo, Esai Morales, Jamie Camil. Pre-Broadway tech rehearsal. Stationary full stage shot through the house camera. Since it is a rehearsal-there are occasional stops for directions etc. Highlights only-but about 85% of the show. This is the only known video of this show which closed prior to making it to Broadway.

Mame (1966) Broadway

Angela Lansbury, Bea Arthur, Jane Connell, Charles Braswell, Frank Michaels, George Coe. EXTREMELY RARE! About a half hour of silent footage of the ORIGINAL cast of Mame from 1966!The is an amazing find and has the only known footage of Bea Arthur in the role of Vera Charles! It was filmed in color. Someone along the years has dubbed music from the show under the silent footage, and have tried their best to sync it up with the action onstage. It's about a half hour of musical highlights, and includes the following musical numbers: "It's Today", "The Man In The Moon", "Mame" (almost the complete number!), "Bosom Buddies", "That's How Young I Feel", "If He Walked Into My Life." Also includes “Angela Landsbury: A Celebration dated 11/17/96 B-

Mame (8/1983) Broadway Revival
Angela Lansbury and ORC. Wonderful picture and sound. A new amazing copy of this show, low generation. Also includes reviews for the show. A-  
Mamma Mia! (6/1/01) Palace Theatre Chicago, IL

Pre-Broadway. Louise Pitre, Tina Madigan, Clear Crisp Video of Mamma before going to broadway. A-

Mamma Mia! (8/29/06) Las Vegas
Carol Linnea Johnson, Vicki Van Tassell, Robin Baxter
Great DVD!, very clear, great sound, lots of close-ups. Some heads during finale, but otherwise great. A-
The Man in the White Suit (6/24/05) Reading NYC

Hunter Foster, Kerry Butler. Reading of a new musical from the Urinetown Writers. A

Man of La Mancha (11/24/02) Broadway Revival
Brian Stokes Mitchell, Mary Elizabeth Mastrontonio, Ernie Sabella
Beautiful video from second row center mezz, so no heads in the way. No obstructions at all. Lots of close-ups, very steady. Wonderful production. Digital, 1st generation. from the master. A

A Man of No Importance (9/21/02) Off Bway

Roger Rees, Faith Prince, Ronn Carroll, Jessica Molaskey, Martin Moran, Sally Murphy, Jessica Molaskey, Steven Pasquale. A little dark, and a little grainy…but still good picture and sound. A-

Marguerite (2008) Theatre Royal Haymarket – London

Ruthie Henshall (Marguerite), Julian Ovenden (Armand), Alexander Hanson (Otto) - Act One Only.

Marie Christine (11/1/99) Broadway

Cast: Audra McDonald, Anthony Crivello, Mary Bond Davis, Mary Testa. Notes: jumpy VHS transfer, mostly a wide stage shot, with some spotlight washout, sound is good. Broadway Preview. 2 Discs. C

Marilyn: An American Fable (1984) Broadway

Alyson Reed. Legendarily bad flop musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe. Folded quickly on Broadway. B

Martin Guerre (4/2/200) US Tour 
Hugh Panaro/Joe Paparella (u/s Martin in Act 2), Jodie Langel, Stephen R. Buntrock, Jose Llana, Michael Arnold. Steady filming with lots of close-ups; slight obstructions. A-
Mary Poppins (2/22/05) London

OLC. Laura Michelle Kelly (Mary Poppins), Gavin Lee (Bert), David Haig (Mr. Banks), Linzi Hateley (Mrs. Banks), Rosemary Ashe (Miss Andrew), Julia Sutton (Bird Woman)

Great very clear video. A
Mary Poppins 
(10/14/06) Broadway Highlights 

Ashley Brown, Gavin Lee, Daniel Jenkins, Rebecca Luker, Jane Carr, Katherine Leigh Doherty, Henry Hodges 
About an hour of highlights of the first preview performance. Contains full audio of the whole show, but only about an hour of visual footage. This is the show that had to be stopped 15 minutes into the show because of the huge house got stuck but they eventually fixed it; great when there is a picture. B

Mary Poppins (10/31/06) Broadway
Ashley Brown, Gavin Lee, Rebecca Luker, Daniel H. Jenkins, Jane Carr.  Nicely filmed, crystal clear video, although a bit shaky at times.  A few technical glitches and the replacement of the boy who plays Michael Banks between acts makes this video interesting. A-
Mary Poppins (11/2/2006) London, UK
Rebecca Lock (u/s), Gavin Creel, Aden Gillett, Eliza Lumley, Louise Gold, Sarah Flind, Diane Langton, Robert Madge, Sarah Mansfield. Good recording, starts about 5 minutes in but great performances. A-
Master Class (6/14/2011) Broadway Revival
Tyne Daly (Maria Callas), Sierra Boggess (Sharon Graham), Clinton Brandhagen (Stagehand), Jeremy Cohen (Manny), Alexandra Silber (Sophie De Palma), Garrett Sorenson (Anthony Candolino) Good clear video; disc also includes reviews, opening night coverage and cast/creative interviews. A
Matilda (2/2012) London
Cleo Demetriou, James Beesley, Ruby Bridle, Lily Laight, Alfie Manser, Bertie Carvel, Lauren Ward, Paul Kaye, Josie Walker, Peter Howe. Highlights of Act 1 only, consisting of the start of Act 1 (audio for the first 2 minutes) to classroom (Matilda reading); missing "Pathetic", "The Hammer" to end of "Loud"; missing "This Little Girl", Matilda's story about the Acrobat and the Escapologist; missing Bruce stealing Trunchbull's cake through the end of Act 1; good when it is there. B
Matilda (3/6/13) Broadway

Oona Laurence, Bertie Carvel, Gabriel Ebert, Lesli Margherita, Lauren Ward, Karen Aldrdige, Jack Broderick, Frenie Acoba. Great filming. 2 DVDS

Matilda (3/13/13) Broadway
Sophia Gennusa (Matilda), Bertie Carvel (Miss Trunchbull), Lauren Ward (Miss Honey), Gabriel Ebert (Mr Wormwood), Lesli Margherita (Mrs Wormwood), Taylor Trensch (Michael Wormwood), Ryan Steele (u/s Rudolpho), Jack Broderick (Bruce), Frenie Acoba (Lavender), Jared Parker (Nigel), Karen Aldridge (Mrs Phelps), Ben Thompson (Escapologist), Samantha Strum (Acrobat). Fantastic show that captures both the dark and whimsical tone of Roald Dahl, great visuals and performances by everyone. Sophia is the youngest Matilda and she was great. Very small lyrical changes from London. Well shot and mostly steady, a head appears at the bottom of the screen sometimes because the person in front kept leaning forward urgh. Some wandering during Telly as the house lights were on. 2 DVDs A
Matilda (5/8/13) Broadway
Railey Ryon (Matilda), Bertie Carvel (Miss Trunchbull), Lauren Ward (Miss Honey), Lesli Margherita (Mrs. Wormwood), Gabriel Ebert (Mr. Wormwood), John Arthur Greene (Doctor), Ben Thompson (Escapologist), Samantha Sturm (Acrobat). Children's cast includes Ava DeMary, Emma Howard, Ted Wilson, Erica Simone Barret, Frenie Acoba. 2 DVDs
Memphis (12/18/09) Shubert Theatre
Starring: Chad Kimball, Montego Glover, Derrick Baskin, J. Bernard Calloway, Michael McGrath, Cass Morgan Excellent copy, clear as can be.  A great capture of this awesome musical! A
Memphis (January 2011) Broadway: Shubert Theatre, New York City, NY

Chad Kimball, Montego Glover, Derrick Baskin, J. Bernard Calloway, Michael McGrath, Cass Morgan, Rhett George (u/s), Jennifer Allen, Brad Bass, Tracee Beazer, Kevin Covert, Hillary Elk, Bran Fenkart, Dionne Figgins, Rhett George, John Jollison, Candice Monet McCall, Sydney Morton, Vivian Nixon, John Eric Parker, Jermaine R. Rembert, LaQuet Sharnell, Ephraim M. Sykes, Cary Tedder, Danny Tidwell, Daniel J. Watts, Katie Webber, Charlie Williams, Dan'yelle Williamson.

Aired in Netflix April 28, 2011. 2 DVDs A
Memphis (11/19/11) Broadway

Adam Pascal, Montego Glover, J. Bernard Calloway, James Monroe Iglehart, Robert Hartwell (Gator u/s), John Jellison, Nancy Opel Excellent quality. 

Memphis (11/17/12) US Tour, Costa Mesa, CA
Bryan Fenkart (Huey Calhoun), Felicia Boswell (Felicia Farrell), Horace V 
Rogers (Delray), Julie Johnson (Mama), Rhett George (Gator), Will Mann (Bobby), 
William Parry (Mr. Simmons), Christopher Gurr (Mr. Collins), Peter Matthew Smith 
(Buck Wiley), Austin Owen (Perry Como/Frank Dryer), Kent Overshown (Reverend 
Hobson), Angela Brydon (Teenager), Be Black Trio: Preston W. Dugger III, Jarvis 
D McKinley, Justin Prescott, Someday Backup Singers: Lindsay Roberts, Naimah 
Saleem, Kelcy Griffin. Very good quality, some pixellation during Act 1. 2 Discs
Merchant of Venice (2/11/11) Broadway
Al Pacino, Lily Rabe, Byron Jennings, Gerry Bamman, Heather Lind, Matthew Rauch, Richard Topol, Christopher Fitzgerald, David Harbour, David Aaron Baker, Stephanie Blake, Peter Francis James, Isaiah Johnson, Charles Kimbrough, Thomas Michael Hammond. Director Daniel Sullivan Great Capture, A Few Heads in the Way. A
Merlin (1983) Broadway    

Doug Henning, Chita Rivera, Nathan Lane and Original Broadway Cast. Some generation loss. B

Merrily We Roll Along (11/1981) Broadway

Jim Walton (Franklin Shepard), Ann Morrison (Mary Flynn), Lonny Price (Charley Kringas), Tonya Pinkins (Gwen Wilson), Liz Callaway (Nightclub Waitress), Jason Alexander (Joe). B

Merrily We Roll Along (2/9/12) City Center Encores

Colin Donnell, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Celia Keenan-Bolger, Elizabeth Stanley, Besty Wolfe, Adam Gruper, Whit Baldwin, Rachel Coloff, Ben Crawford, Joshua Delia Crus, Benard Dotson, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Marja Harmon, Leah Horowitz, Mylinda Hull, Michael X. Martin, Sean McKinght, Kenita R. Miller, Patricia Noona, Andrew Samonsky, Pearl Sun, Charlie Sutton, Zachary Unger, Jessica Vosk, Karl Warden, Michael Winther. Very well filmed with excellent close-ups and clear picture an sound throughout. Included 30 minutes of behind the scenes footage. A

Merry Christmas Charlie Brown
Metamorphoses (4/10/02) Broadway

Anjali Bhimani, Raymond Fox, Kyle Hall, Doug Hara, Felicity Jones, Chris Kipiniak, Louise Lamson, Erik Lochtefeld, Mariann Mayberry, Lisa Tejero. Clear picture, decent audio. A couple of very brief cover-ups. Good. A-
Million Dollar Quartet (4/14/10) Broadway

Eddie Clendening, Lance Guest, Levi Kreis, Rob Lyons, Hunter Foster, Elizabeth Stanley. Great Capture. A

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