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Rags (6/10/1986) Broadway
Teresa Stratas (Rebecca), Larry Kert (Nathan), Judy Kuhn (Bella), Marcia Lewis (Rachel Halpern), Terrance Mann (Saul), Lonny Price (Ben), Dick Latessa (Avram)
Recorded during previews. Surprisingly well-filmed show for being so old, with minimal generational loss, some of the color seems to have faded. B

Rags (12/11/2006) World AIDS Day Concert, New York

Eden Espinosa, Carolee Carmello, Michael Rupert, Lewis Cleale, John Treacy Egan, Gregg Edelman. A-

Ragtime (12/29/97) Broadway

Brian Stokes Mitchell, Marin Mazzie, Peter Friedman, Audra McDonald, Judy Kaye, Mark Jacoby.   The best version of the original Broadway cast A

Ragtime (2/1998) Broadway

Brian Stokes Mitchell, Marin Mazzie, Peter Friedman, Audra McDonald, Judy Kaye, Mark Jacoby. C

Ragtime (8/2002) Music Theatre of Witchita

David Jennings, Bruce Winant, Darcie Roberts, Montego Glover, Todd Thurston, Jeremy Leiner, Justin Lee Miller, Chris Peluso, Kristen Williams, Karen L. Rabu Nice video from one of the best regional theatre groups in the US; good picture and sound and closeups. A

Ragtime Concert Version (10/2002) Cardiff Wales

Maria Friedman, Dave Willetts. Semi staged in full costume, Maria Friedman is amazing as Mother. Pro Shot. A

Ragtime (3/17/03) Tour

Cast Unknown. Not a bad Video. A-

Ragtime (7/05) Papermill Playhouse

Rachel York, Quentin Earl Darrington, Kenita R. Miller. Some heads in the way at times but not a bad Video. However, its most all of act one, Act 2 starts at Sarah Brown eyes and jumps. B

Ragtime (10/25/09) Broadway Revival

Ron Bohmer, Quentin Earl Darrington, Christiane Noll, Robert Petkoff, Bobby Steggert, Stephanie Umoh, Jonathan Hammond, Savannah Wise, Donna Migliaccio. Filmed from the rear of the balcony at the Neil Simon Theatre, which is a steep theatre, but the filmer does a good job. Some heads in the frame, and an occasional blackout but nothing too bad. A-

Ragtime (1/10/10) Broadway Revival

Cast: Mamie Parris (Mother u/s), Quentin Earl Darrington, Ron Bohmer, Robert Petkoff, Bobby Steggert, Stephanie Umoh, Jonathan Hammond, Savannah Wise. Final performance. Takes about 10 mintues for the camera to fully settle (mainly wide upstage shots in the first 10 minutes). Only 15 minutes of act 1 (ends after Journey On), Act 2 is complete. B
A Raisin in the Sun (4/10/04) Broadway
Sean Combs, Audra McDonald, Phylicia Rashad, Sanaa Lathan, David Aaron Baker, Lawrence Ballard, Teagle F. Bougere, Frank Harts, Billy Eugene Jones, Alexander Mitchell, Bill Nunn. Excellent picture and sound on video, A-
Reckless (10/9/04) Broadway

Mary-Louise Parker, Rosie Perez, Thomas Sadoski, Jeremy Shamos, Olga Merediz,Debra Monk, Michael O'Keefe. Great Video A

The Red Shoes (10/2/93) Broadway
Roger Rees, Hugh Panaro, Margaret Illmann, George de la Pena, Jonathan Sharp
First Broadway preview. Great video despite its age, filming is shaky but follows action well. Shot through some heads with a couple of minor cover-ups and skips. Spotlight washout on faces sometimes. Rare video of Classic Bway Flop. B
Reefer Madness (10/14/01) Off Broadway

Christain Campbell, Kristin Bell, Greg Eldman, Michele Pawk. Great video from someone taping in house. Not plugged into soundboard, but great quality. A

Reefer Madness (10/27/01) Off Broadway 

Christian Campbell, Kristin Bell, Michele Pawk, Greg Eldman. Not a bad video of an amazing show. Some buzzing in audio but you’ll stop hearing it after a while. A-

Rent (4/29/96) Opening Night- Broadway

Original Broadway Cast Cast: Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp, Taye Diggs, Jesse L. Martin, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Idina Menzel B
Rent (8/10/02) Broadway

Joey Fatone, Manley Pope, Karmine Alers, Jai Rodriguez, Mark Richard Ford,

Todd Pettiford, shot from 3rd row mezz, very clear with lots of close-ups. A
Rent (2/15/02) Galveston, TX Collins Tour

Cast: Roger: Kevin Spencer, Mark: Jay Wilkison*, Mimi: Krystal Washington, Angel: Justin Rodriguez, Collins: Bruce Wilson, Benny: Matthew S. Morgan, Maureen: Sara Schatz, Joanne: Bridget Ann Mohammed, Solo #1: Haneefah Wood, Solo #2: Rick Younger, Gordon: Brian Ashton Miller, Steve: Cole McClendon, Paul: Damien Deshaun Smith, Mark’s Mom: Clark Mims, Alexi: Jackie Maraya

Lap shot from the orchestra…so a lot of heads in the way, and several blackouts. The close-ups look great, but the camera sometimes has a hard time staying with the action. “Blips” for the first 10 minutes or so. B
Rent (4/09/06) Collins Tour, Chicago

Jed Resnick, Bryce Ryness, Nina Metrick, Warren G. Nolan Jr., Ano Okera, Tracy McDowell, Chante Carmel Frierson, Great Video! A

Rent 10 (4/24/06) - 10th anniversary concert

Taye Diggs, Wilson Jermaine Heredia, Rodney Hicks, Kristin Lee Kelly, Jesse L. Martin, Idina Menzel, Aiko Nakasone, Timothy Britten Parker, Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Gwen Stewart, Byron Utley, Fredi Walker. Incredible sound and amazing close-ups. A

Rent (8/6/10) Hollywood Bowl

Aaron Tveit (Roger), Collins Pennie (Benny), Nicole Scherzinger (Maureen), Skylar Austin (Mark), Telly Leung (Angel), Tracie Thoms (Joanne), Vanessa Hudgens (Mimi), Waye Brady (Tom) 2 Discs

Rent (Act 1: 9/29/11, Act 2: 10/2/11) Off Broadway

Adam Chandler-Berat, Matt Shingledecker, Morgan Weed, Nicholas Christopher, Ephraim Skyes, Corbin, Reid, Ben Thompson, MJ Rodriquez, Arianda Ferandez, Annaleigh Ashford, Marcus Paul ames, Tamika Sonja Lawerence, Michael Wartella, Margot Bingham. Includes 45 minutes of interviews/performances.

Ring of Fire (4/28/06) Broadway
Jeb Brown, Jason Edwards, Jarrod Emick, Beth Malone, Cass Morgan, Lari White. A
The Rink (1984) Broadway  

Chita Rivera, Liza Minnelli, Jason Alexander, Ronn Carroll, Scott Ellis  and Original Broadway Cast. Some generation loss. B

The Ritz (11/10/07) Broadway
Rosie Perez, Kevin Chamberlin, Brooks Ashmanskas,Ashlie Atkinson,Ryan Idol, Seth Rudetsky, Patrick Kerr, Lucas Near-Verbrugghe, Terrence Riordan.Terrific, fun show withgreat performances and plenty of eye candy, all of which is
beautifully captured. A
Robin and the 7 Hoods (8/22/10) San Diego, Old Globe Theatre

Eric Schneider, Kelly Sullivan, Will Chase, Amy Spanger, Rick Homes. Includes Scanned Playbill. A

Rock of Ages (4/12/09) Broadway Preview

OBC Constantine Maroulis, Amy Spanger, Mitchell Jarvis, Michelle Mais. A good capture of this fun show.  A-

Rocky (12/16/12) Hamburg, Germany

Drew Sarich (Rocky), Wieske van Tongeren (Adrian), Terence Archie (Apollo Creed), Alex Avenell (Gloria), Patrick Imhoff (Paulie), Uwe Dreves (Mickey), Robin Brosch (Gazzo/Jimmy Michaels) Frank Logemann (Jergens/Tommy Corsetti), Christopher Hemmans (Apollo Manager), Mickey Peterson (Buddy/Doktor) A

Rocky (3/29/2014) Broadway
Andy Karl, Margo Seibert, Terence Archie, Dakin Matthews, Danny Mastrogiorgio, Jennifer Mudge. Beautiful HD capture of one of the most thrilling musicals out there. The cast is wonderful, such a great show and songs. The final fight has the audience going nuts and feels like a real boxing match, very thrilling! Andy is wonderful here and really captured the character. 2 DVDs. A

The Rocky Horror Show (7/11/01) Broadway

Tom Hewitt, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Luke Perry, Alice Ripley, Ana Gastayer, Lea DeLaria, Dick Cavett. Starts at Brad and Janet in the Car. Not too bad for a little bit of age. B
The Rocky Horror Show (9/9/01) Broadway

Terrence Mann, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Aiko Nakasone (u/s),Kristen LeeKelly (u/s), Jarrod Emmick, Mark Price, Sebastian LaCause, Dick Cavett, James Stovall, Jonathan Sharp, Rosa Curry, Kevin Cahoon, Asa Somers, John Jeffrey Martin, Denise Summerford. Some blackouts during the Cavett monologues, but some great close-ups. A-

The Rocky Horror Show (12/13/01) Broadway
Kevin Cahoon (u/s for Terrance Mann as “Frank”), Daphne Rubin-Vega, Jarrod Emick, Kristen Lee Kelly, Sebastian Bach, Liz Larsen, Sebastian LaCause, Jason Wooten, Sally Jesse Raphael, Matthew Morrison, Jim Osorno, John Jeffrey Martin, James Stovall, Rosa Curry, Yassmin Alers. Good quality video! B
Rocky Horror Show (11-18-02) Broadway

Daphne Rubin-Vega (Usherette/Magenta), Kristen Lee Kelly (Janet), Jarrod Emick (Brad), Gilbert Gottfried (Narrator), Sebastian Bach (Riff Raff), Liz Larsen (Columbia), Terrence Mann (Frank N Furter), John Jeffery Martin (u/s Rocky) Starts at Over at the Frankenstein Place. Quite a lot of spotlight wash-out and generation loss. B

Romeo & Bernadette (2/03) Millburn, NJ
Andy Karl, Rose De Candia, Adam Monley, Natalie Hill. A World Premiere performance from Papermill Playhouse. Recorded through the house camera. A
Rooms (3/28/08) Off Broadway

Leslie Kritzer, Doug Kreeger. Good Capture but a few heads in the way since it was such a small space. B

Ruthless! Candlelight Dinner Playhouse, IL

Good performances from a fun cast. A-
Saturday Night Fever (7/28/2001) National US Tour

Tony: Richard H. Blake, Stephanie: Jeanine Meyers, Bobby C: Jim Ambler, Annette: Aileen Quinn, Double J: Joe Calveri, Joey :Casey Miles Good Gus: Daniel Jerod Brown, DJ Monty: Joseph Ricci, Flo Manero: Susan Costallos, Frank Manero: Rich Herbert, Frank Jr: Sean Frank Sullivan, Linda: Kathleen Shields. Not a bad video, middle generation. B

Saved (6/8/08) Off-Bway
Celia Keenan-Bolger, Van Hughes, John Dossett, Mary Faber, Juliana Ashley Hansen, Curtis Holbrook, Emily Walton, Aaron Tveit, Josh Breckenridge, Jason Michael Snow, Morgan Weed, Daniel Zaitchik, Julia Murney. Missing 15 minutes of Act 1 from "I'm Not That Kind of Girl" to about 15 seconds into "What's Wrong With Me" but improves after that; blocking from a backpack used for filming a couple of times but not very distracting; besides all that, a nice video with clear picture and sound B
Saving Aimee (10/5/11) Seattle

Carolee Carmello, Judy Kaye, Roz Ryan, Ed Dixon, Ed Watts, Brandon O’Neill, Charles Legget. Out of Town Tryout of what became Scandalous: The Life amd Times of Aimee Semple McPherson. 2 Discs

Scandalous (10/16/12) Broadway

Carolee Carmello as Aimee Semple McPherson, George Hearn as James Kennedy/Brother Bob, Candy Buckley as Minnie Kennedy, Edward Watts as Robert Semple/David Hutton, Roz Ryan as  Emma Jo Schaeffer, Andrew Samonsky as Harold McPherson/Kenneth Ormiston. Video shakey at the opening of the curtain but stablizes as the show starts  A to A* nice close ups no heads . Slight strobing during "Stand Up"due to the vertical lines of the set.

The Scottsboro Boys (11/6/10) Broadway

Joshua Henry, John Cullum, Josh Breckenridge, Derrick Cobey, Coleman Domingo, Jeremy Gumbs, Rodney Hicks, Kendrick Jones, James T. Lane, Forrest McLendon, Julius Thomas III, Sharon Washington, Christian Dante White, nice capture of this show, also includes 90 minutes of interviews/behind the scenes/reviews, A

The Secret Garden (5/26/2001 & 5/30/2001) London
Philip Quast (Archie), Linzi Hateley (Martha), Craig Purnell (Dickon), Meredith Braun (Lily), Peter Polycarpou, Cassandra Compton/Lizzie. The first act was shot from the far right mezzanine, so far stage left is obscured; the second act was shot from the left side of the orchestra, from a nice angle; zooms throughout. Generation loss and can be a bit pixely at times. B
The Secret Garden In Concert (12/5/05) New York
Michael Arden, Laura Benanti, Celia Keenan-Bolger, David Canary, Max von Essen, Matt Cavenaugh, Steven Pasquale, Deborak S Craig, Barbera Rosenblat, Shonn Wiley
The third World AIDS Day concert, held at Manhattan Center Studios Grand Ballroom. Also featuring a 70 person choir, a 35 piece orchestra and a children's choir with performers from Rosie's Broadway Kids; nicely shot-a bit shaky from time to time, but nothing too bad. A-
Seminar (10/31/2011) Broadway

Alan Rickman, Hamish Linklater, Jerry O’Connell, Hettienne Park, Lily Rabe. Well filmed from the balcony. Mostly full stage shots with an occasional mid-zoom. No obstructions and crystal clear. Disc also includes a NY1 review, a NY1 interview with Alan Rickman, and the full 30 minute theatre talk devoted to the show.

Seussical the Musical (3/2000) Backers Audition, NYC
Andrea Martin, Kevin Chamberlin, Janine LaManna. Stationary filmed backers audition of Seussical before the changes were made. Good sound but picture is washed out and hard to make out who is who and tracking issues. B-
Seussical the Musical (8/27/2000) Boston Tryout

David Shiner (Cat in the Hat), Kevin Chamberlin (Horton), Janine LaManna (Gertrude McFuzz), Michele Pawk (Mazzie). First Preview ever of the show. Very different from broadway production, including the cut seqence of The Lorax. B

Seussical the Musical (9/24/2000) Boston Tryout

David Shiner (Cat in the Hat), Kevin Chamberlin (Horton), Janine LaManna (Gertrude McFuzz), Michele Pawk (Mazzie). Last performance before New York. Lots of changes even from other video. Completly different costumes than Broadway. Still shot from box. B

Seussical the Musical (2/9/2001) Broadway
Rosie O’Donnell and OBC. B


Seussical the Musical (5/20/01) Broadway Last Show

Cathy Rigby, Kevin Chamberlain, Janine LaManna, Sharon Wilkins, Michelle Pawk, Cameron Bowen. Nice color, follows action well. The picture isn’t exactly crisp and there is a faint buzz in the background of the audio…but great audience, and very watchable tape. B
Seussical the Musical (2/19/04) Concord, NH
Peter Roman, Michael Walker, Sarah Mason (u/s), Dawn Lebrecht, Todd Bergman (u/s), LaDonna Burns. Wonderful picture and sound, with only a couple of heads in the way. Shot from the back of the orchestra; 1st generation from the master A
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (2006) Music Theatre of Witchia

Ed Watts, Kim Huber. Archival Tape including press materials and commercials. Pro-Shot. A  
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (10/31/06) London

No cast info but a great recording. A

She Loves Me (1993) Broadway Revival

Boyd Gaines, Diane Fratantoni, Sally Mayes, Howard McGillin, Louis Zoric, Lee Wilkoff, Brad Kane, Jonathan Freeman, Joey McNeely

She Loves Me (1994) Original London Cast

Ruthie Henshall, John Gordon Sinclair

Shogun the Musical (1990) Broadway

Philip Casnoff, June Angela, Eric Chan, Joseph Foronda, Leslie Ishii, Lee Lobenhofer, Jason Ma, Francis Ruivivar, Freda Foh Shen. Act 1 has a couple of tracking issues: occasional blips, and a line of faint tracking snow through the middle. The sound in the beginning also goes in and out. Act Two is much better. Still shows some generational loss, but is much better and easier to watch than the first half. C
Shrek: The Musical (8/14/08) Seattle, WA
Brian D'arcy James, Sutton Foster, Christopher Sieber, Chester Gregory, John Tartaglia, Kecia Lewis-Evans, Haven Burton First Performance of the Pre-Broadway run. A rare capture due to the fact the show ran 2 hours and 34 minutes, cuts are nearly inevitable.
Includes three already cut songs, "I Could Get Used to This" and "Gonna Build a Wall", and "The Line-up Reprise #2" (where Gingy sings about having an yeast infection) was cut on the second preview.. Beautiful capture with no obstructions. A very fun show, a top notch cast and memorable songs. A
Shrek: The Musical (8/15/08) Seattle, WA
Brian D'Arcy James, Sutton Foster, Chester Gregory, Christopher Sieber, John Tartaglia, Kecia Lewis-Evans. Filmed from the back row of the right balcony; small theater so zoomed close ups are very clear shot. No picture at the beginning of each act, so the picture is blurry or non-existent for a bit, and there's one short cove rup during Donkey's entrance, but other than that everything is there. A
Shrek (9/21/2008) Seattle WA
Cast: Brian D'arcy James, Sutton Foster, Christopher Sieber, Chester Gregory, John Tartaglia, Kecia Lewis-Evans, Haven Burton. Final Performance of the Pre-Broadway run with many changes. Nearly 25 minutes of cuts and changes since the first performance, including new songs. The cast was totally on for the final show and gave fantastic performances to die for. Beautiful capture and matching performance A
Shrek (11/15/08) Broaday
Brian D'Arcy James (Shrek), Sutton Foster (Princess Fiona), Christopher Sieber (Lord Farquaad), Daniel Breaker (Donkey). A-
Shrek (4/11/09) Broadway

Brian d'Arcy James, Haven Burton (u/s Fiona), Daniel Breaker, Christopher Seiber, John Tartaglia, Heather Jane Rolff (u/s Mama Bear/Gingy). Very Good Capture of this show. Only one five second cover-up during "Story of My Life", and a little head obstruction when the actors come all the way downstage during one scene. Haven really makes the role her own. A

Side Show (11/16/1997) Broadway

Alice Ripley, Emily Skinner, Jeff McCarthy, Hugh Panaro and OBC. A-

Side Show (12/27/97) Broadway
Alice Ripley, Lauren Kennedy (und.), Jeff McCarthy, Hugh Panaro, Norm Lewis, David Massenheimer (und.) A nice video of Lauren including post-show speech encouraging the audience to return and "bring a friend!". B
Side Show (12/30/97) Broadway

Emily Skinner, Alice Ripley, Jeff McCarthy, Hugh Panaro, Norm Lewis and the original Broadway cast. Some close ups, no black outs. B

Side Show (1/2/98) Broadway

Alice Ripley, Lauren Kennedy, Jeff McCarthy, Hugh Panaro, Norm Lewis. B

Side Show (1/3/98) Broadway

*Highlights, Alice Ripley, Emily Skinner, Jeff McCarthy, Hugh Panaro, Norm Lewis B

Side Show (11/2013) La Jolla **NO Trades until 2/16/13
PreBroadway: Erin Davie, Emily Padgett, Matthew Hydzik, Manoel Felciano, Robert Joy, David St. Louis, Keala Settle. Beautiful HD capture of the PreBroadway run. Nice changes to the book, lyrics and newly added songs. Wonderful performances from the entire cast. As a bonus also includes Buddy Kissed Me, I Will Never Leave You, and Who Will Love Me as I Am from the evening performance! A
Sister Act (10/2010) London

Patina Miller (Deloris Van Cartier), Sheila Hancock (Mother Superior), Ian Lavender (Monsignor Howard), Ako Mitchell (Eddie), Julian Cannonier (Shank u/s), Katie Rowley Jones (Sister Mary Robert), Claire Greenway (Sister Mary Patrick), Allison Harding (Mary Lazarus u/s), Nicolas Colicos (Bones), Thomas Goodridge (TJ), Ivan De Freitas (Dinero), The show itself is a lot of fun - great musical numbers, awesome sets, and the cast is fantastic. Patina has a killer voice, the nuns are all adorable, and Sheila Hancock is an absolute legend. Filmed from the back of the nicely raked stalls with virtually no head obstruction and only a couple of 30-second blackouts towards the beginning of act one due to latecomers being seated. The full show is included on the video; the curtain call is not. A

Sister Act (4/2/11) Broadway
Patina Miller, Victoria Clark, Fred Applegate, Sarah Bolt, John Treacy Egan, Demond Green, Chester Gregory, Marla Mindelle, Kingsley Leggs. Great capture of this fun and entertaining show. There are a lot of changes from the London production and all of them for the better as it helps tell the story better. Patina is fantastic! A
Sister Act (1/31/2012) Broadway

Patina Miller, Carolee Carmello, Fred Applegate, Sarah Bolt, John Treacy Egan, Demond Green, Chester Gregory, Marla Mindelle, Kingsley Leggs, Audrie Neenan, Caesar Samayoa, Rashidra Scott, Alena Watters, Chris Bohannon, Danny Stiles, Alan H Green, Trisha Rapier, Madeleine Doherty, Holly Davis

Slut Off Bway

Andy Karl. Not a terrible video, but not great. B

Smile (1986) Broadway

OBC. Great for its age! A relatively good video of the Hamlisch flop that only played 48 shows! Some generation loss. B


Andrea McArdle. Pro-shot but very old and very graining. Not a lot of info on this one. B-

Some Like It Hot (2003) US Tour   

Tony Curtis, Jodi Carmeli, Timothy Gulan, Arthur Hanket, Lenora Nemetz, William Ryall, Larry Storch. Some genation loss but completely watchable. B

Sondheim on Sondheim (3/26/10) Broadway - Studio 54

Barbara Cook, Vanessa Williams, Tom Wopat, Leslie Kritzer, Norm Lewis, Erin Mackey, Euan Morton, Matthew Scott. A. *Note* First song in Act 2 Is From 3/30/10. A

Song & Dance (4/28/1984) London

Sarah Brightman, Wayne Sleep. Pro shot for TV. A

Songs for a New World (5/5/05) NYC

Andrea Burns, Jessica Mdaskey, Brooks Ashmanskas, Jerry Dixon.  The show's author, Jason Robert Brown serves as pianist, conductor and emcee.  

The Sound Of Music (3/98) Broadway Revival

Rebecca Luker, Michael Siberry, Patti Cohenour, Jan Maxwell, Fred Applegate, Patricia Conolly, Sara Zelle, Dashiell Eaves, Andrea Bowen, Ashley Rose Orr, Gina Ferrall, Ann Brown.  Camera a little shaky at times, but not too bad.   B

The Sound of Music (11/8/06) London

Connie Fisher, Christopher Dickins as (u/s) Captain von Trapp, Lesley Garrett, Sophie Bould, Ian Gelder, Neil McDermott, Margaret Preece, Lauren Ward. Almost all of Act 2 and about 25 minutes of various footage from Act 1. Tough call on this, great filmed when not covered up. Audio is great. B

The Sound of Music (12/16/12) Papermill Playhouse

Elena Shaddow (Maria) Suzanne Ishee (Mother Abbess), Ben Davis (Captain von Trapp), Robert Dusold (Franz the Butler), Joy Franz (Frau the Housekeeper), Chelsea Morgan Stock (Lisel), Sean McManus (Fredrick), Amanda Harris (Louisa), Hunter Kovacs (Kurt), Maya Fortgang (Brigitta), Gracie Beardsley (Marta), Greta Clark (Gretl), Anthony Fedorov (Rolf) Dona English (Elsa) Osborn Focht (Herr Zeller). Missing the first minute or two, beautifuly filmed, steady and crystal clear, A

Soul Doctor (10/13/13) Broadway

Eric Anderson, Jacqueline Antaramian, Amber Iman. Filmed at the closing night performance. Mostly a full stage shot with low resolution, and the right half to third of the picture is obscured by whatever the filmer using to hid the camera. The disc also includes Larry King interviewing the cast in what looks to be an18-minute promotional video disguised to look like his former talk show. B

South Pacific (2001) NBC-TV

Glenn Close, Harry Connick Jr, Rade Serbedzija, Robert Pastorelli.  TV movie based on the classic Rogers And Hammerstein musical.   A

South Pacific: Concert in Carnegie Hall (4/26/2006)
Reba McEntire (Ensign Nellie Forbush), Brian Stokes Mitchell (Emile de Becque), Jason Danieley (Lt. Joseph Cable), Lillias White (Bloody Mary), Conrad John Schuck (Capt. George Brackett), Dylan Baker (Cmdr. William Harbison), Alec Baldwin (Luther Billis), Alexio Barboza (Jerome) Alex de Castro (Ngana), Renita Croney (Liat), Alexander Gemignani (Stewpot), Tom Deckman (Professor), South Pacific Ensemble (Nurses, Islanders, Officers, Sailors, Marines, and Soldiers). Orchestra of St. Luke's Paul Gemignani (Conductor). Pro Shot. A
South Pacific (3/4/08) Broadway
Kelli O’Hara (Nellie Forbush), Paulo Szot (Emile de Becque), Loretta Ables Sayre (Bloody Mary), Matthew Morrison (Lt. Joseph Cable), Danny Burstein (Luther Billis). A
Souvenir (2003) Broadway

Judy Kaye. Great Peformance, Great Recording. A

Spamalot (3/12/05) Broadway

Original Bway Cast. One of the best videos I’ve ever seen. Shot from mez and great shots of everything. A

Spamalot (5/23/06) Chicago Tour

Michael Siberry, Jeff Dumas, Rick Holmes, Bradley Dean, Pia Glenn, Tom Deckman, David Turner, Christopher Gurr. Great one. A

Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark (12/17/10) Broadway

Reeve Carney (Peter Parker/Spider Man), Jennifer Damiano (Mary Jane Watson), Patrick Page (Norman Osborn/The Green Goblin), Gerald Avery (Swarm), Collin Baja (Carnage), Emmanuel Brown (Electro), Matt Caplan (Flash), filmed during the third preview performance, unfortunately not the best filming, the filmer sat in the back of the balcony and it looks like he left the camcorder in his lap, so what was filmed is the top ¾ of the stage, and the ceiling, you miss most of what is happening on stage, because the camcorder was aimed too high, however you can still hear everything and you do see set changes and some flying sequences. B

Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark (9/17/11) Broadway

Version 2.0. Reeve Carney, Jennifer Damiano, T.V. Caripo, Patrick Page, Micahel Mulheren, Ken Marks, Megan Lewis as (u/s) Aunt May, Timothy Warmen

The Spitfire Grill (9/17/01) Off Broadway, Playwrights Horizons

Garrett Long, Liz Callaway, Phyllis Somerville, Steven Pasquale, Mary Gordon Murrary. The show opened on 9/7/01 and this was recorded at the show’s first performance after the events of 9/11 interrupted the show’s run. Very nicely filmed. Some slight generational loss and some slight osccasional Spotlight washout. B

Spring Awakening (7/9/2006) Off Broadway

Jonathan Groff (Melchior), John Gallagher, Jr. (Moritz), Lea Michele (Wendla), Skylar Astin (Georg), Lilli Cooper (Martha), Gideon Glick (Ernst), Brian Johnson (Otto), Lauren Pritchard (Ilse), Phoebe Strole (Anna), Jonathan B. Wright (Hanschen), Remy Zaken (Thea). Not a bad video at all. A-

Spring Awakening (02/10/07) Broadway

Nice crystal clear quality and awesome zooms. Up close! Taper pulls back from balcony to focus on ensemble moments. Has to shoot through a minor head or two to catch all the action! Jonathan Groff,John Gallagher, Jr.Lea Michelle. U/s on :Phoebe Strole,Krysta Rodriguez,Frances Mercanti-Anthony. A

Spring Awakening (8/18/07) Broadway
Lea Michelle, Gerard Canonico (u/s Moritz), Jonathan Groff, Lauren Pritchard, Matt Doyle (u/s Otto), Jonathan B. Wright, Gideon Glick, Skylar Astin, Jennifer Damiano (u/s Martha), Phoebe Strole, Remy Zaken, Christine Estabrook, Ken Marks
Absolutely beautiful capture; camera is very steady and follows the action perfectly. The quality is colorful and crystal clear. It is the full show with no blackouts. 2 DVDs. A
Spring Awakening (2/23/2008) Broadway
Matt Doyle (Melchior u/s), Alexandra Socha (Wendla u/s), Blake Bashoff, Emma Hunton, Lilli Cooper, Remy Zaken, Phoebe Strole, Skylar Astin, Jesse Swenson (Hanschen u/s), Brian Charles Johnson, Blake Daniel, Kate Burton, Glenn Fleshler. A
Spring Awakening (5/18/08) Broadway

Jonathan Groff and Lea Michele's Last Performance

Jonathan Groff, Blake Bashoff, Lea Michele, Emma Hunton, Remy Zaken, Phoebe Strole, Lilli Cooper, Brian Charles Johnson, Skylar Astin, Blake Daniel, Matt Doyle, Glenn Fleshler, Christine Estabrook. Great capture, cast was on fire! Includes Speeches. A
Spring Awakening (1/18/2009) Broadway Final Performance
Cast: Hunter Parrish, Alexandra Socha, Gerard Canonico, Amanda Castanos, Blake Daniel, Matt Doyle, Andrew Durand, Christine Estabrook, Glenn Fleshler, Emma Hunton, Emily Kinney, Caitlin Kinnunen, Gabriel Violett, Morgan Karr, Alice Lee, Eryn Murman, Zach Reiner-Harris. Lots of speeches at end. A-
Spring Awakening (2010) Brazill

Different Staging from Broadway and Tour. Proshot A

Starlight Express (1/8/1989) Broadway; Closing Night

Jane Krakowski, Michael Scott Gregory, Frank Mastrocola -  About 10 minutes missing at the beginning, starts at 'Greaseball'; Great Quality. A-

Starlight Express (4/21/98) Mexico
Rusty-Ricardo Santo, Pearl-Maru Duenas, Greaseball-Carlos Gastelum, Electra-Jaime Rojas. One of the best Starlight videos. Peformed in Spanish. A-
Starlight Express (9/13/03) Philadelphia

Cast: Franklyn Warfield, Clarisssa Grace, Drue Williams, Dustin Dubreil, Katie O’Toole, Dennis LeGree

State Fair (1996)  Broadway

Kathryn Crosby, John Davidson, Andrea McArdle, Donna McKechnie, Scott Wise, Ben Wright and Original Broadway Cast. Not a bad video for its age. B

Steel Magnolias (4/21/05) Broaday
Cast: Delta Burke, Lily Rabe, Marsha Mason, Frances Sternhagen, Christine Ebersole, Rebecca Gayheart. Great Capture. A

Steel Pier (1997) Broadway

Gregory Harrison, Debra Monk, Karen Ziemba, Kristin Chenoweth, Daniel McDonald, Joel Blum. Very nice picture and sound; no major obstructions; mostly wide shots- dance numbers look great! Picture could be sharper, but it's not bad; includes additional clips and reviews. B

The Story Of My Life (2/11/09) Broadway

Will Chase, Malcolm Gets, Alex Maizus, Austin McKinnis. Filmed during previews. This short lived musical lasted for just 5 official performances. Filmed from the orchestra section, so there are heads at the bottom of the screen. Basically the filmer just put the camcorder on their armrest, so it’s a mostly stationary full stage shot, but it’s great it was filmed at all. Some spotlight washout. B

Sunday in the Park with George (1984) PBS PRO-SHOT Official Release
Bernadette Peters, Mandy Patinkin, Barbara Byrne, Dana Ivey, Charles Kimbrough. Great Quality. A
Sunday in The Park with George (1/26/08) Revival
Daniel Evans, Jenna Russell, Michael Crumpsty, Alexander Gemignani, Jessica Molaskey, Jessica Grove, David Turner.  Recorded the second night of previews A production of the Roundabout Theatre Company at Studio 54.  Well filmed.  A little shaky to start, with occasional heads in the shot, but overall very good, with great close-ups.   A
Sunset Blvd (9/5/92) Sydmontom Festival

Pattie Lupone, Kevin Anderson. Professionally TRY-OUT filmed with several cameras on a small stage in oncert style. 11 songs of the show. A

Sunset Blvd (1993) London

Patti LuPone and original London cast. Preview performance. Full stage shot and hard to see exactly what is going on, but can see everything. Sound is great. B

Sunset Blvd (1994) LA

Glenn Close, Alan Campbell, and Judy Kuhn. This is the only video I’ve very seen of the LA cast. Clearly taped from a box so quality isn’t great, but the sound is very good. Amazing that this is out there somewhere. B

Sunset Blvd (1996) Broadway

Betty Buckley (Norma), Alan Campbell (Joe). Great video that isn’t too bad for its age. Some generation lost but a lot worse out there. B

Sunset Blvd (3/22/97) Broadway

Final Broadway Performance. Elaine Paige (Norma Desmond), Alan Campbell (Joe), George Hearn (Max), Kristen Behrendt (Betty). Some generation loss. B

Sweeney Todd (1979)  Broadway

Angela Lansbury, Len Cariou and Original Broadway Cast. Bootleg version. Great for its Age. B

Sweeney Todd Los Angles

Pro Shot DVD. Angela Lansbury & George Hearn

Sweeney Todd (6/14/02) Kennedy Center

Brian Stokes Mitchell (Sweeney Todd), Jane Pesci-Townsend (Mrs Lovett), Hugh Panaro (Anthony), Mary Beth Peil (Beggar Woman), Walter Charles (Judge Turpin), Ray Friedeck (The Beadle), Celia Keenan Bolger (Johanna), Mark Price (Toby), Kevin Ligon (Pirelli), Steven Cupo (Jonas Fogg). Great taping, great performances. A-

Sweeney Todd (10/18/05) Broadway

Michael Cerveris (Sweeney), Patti LuPone (Mrs. Lovett), Manoel Felciano (Tobias) and the rest of the OBC. Great video! A

Sweeney Todd (4/2/06) Broadway Revival
Patti LuPone (Mrs. Lovett), Michael Cerveris (Sweeney Todd), John Arbo (Jonas), Donna Lynn Champlin (Pirelli), Diana DiMarzio (Beggar Woman), Manoel Felciano (Tobias), Alexander Gemignani (Beadle), Mark Jacoby (Judge), Benjamin Magnuson (Anthony), Lauren Molina (Johanna)
Sweet Charity (2/24/05) Chicago Out of Town Tryout

Starring Christina Applegate as Charity, Dennis O’Hare. Some crazy video but clear when actually focused in. One of the only videos there are of this one. B

Sweet Charity (4/28/05) Broadway

Christina Applegate, Dennis O’Hare, Kyra DaCosta, Janine LaManna, Ernie Sabella. Beautiful picture with great close-ups. Sound is slightly muffled, but you can understand with no problems. A very nice video. A

Sweet Smell of Success (2/26/02) Broadway

John Lithgow, Brian d’Arcy James, Kelli O’Hara, Jack Noseworthy. Great video

Taboo (2003) London
Cast: Euan Morton, Paul Baker, Boy George, Lyn Paul, Luke Evans. Multi cam video filmed at The Venue theatre. Pro-Shot A

Taboo (2/8/2004) Broadway
Cast: Euan Morton, Raul Esparza, Liz Mc Cartney, Cary Shields, Sarah Uriarte Berry, Jennifer Cody. Closing night show. Great video. A
Take Me Out (3/26/03) Broadway

Cast: Daniel Sunjata, Denis O'Hare, David Eigenberg. Great sound, very nice picture and lots of close-ups. Great Performances. A

A Tale of Two Cities (8/20/2004) NYC Reading

James Barbour, Gary Morris, Gavin Creel, Michelle Dawson, Billy Gilman,Jenny Powers, Nick Wyman, Timothy Shew, Katherine McGrath. Reading of the verison done in FL. A-

A Tale of Two Cities (11/26/09) Theater Royal Brighton, PBS Broadcast
Starring: James Barbour, Natalie Toro, Brandi Burkhardt, Kevin Earley, J. Mark McVey, Ed Dixon Narrated by: Michael York. This concert was filmed at England's Theater Royal Brighton. This version is free of pledge breaks. A
Tarzan (3/30/06) Broadway

Josh Strickland, Jenn Gambatese, Merle Dandridge, Shuler Hensley, Chester Gregory II, Tim Jerome, Donnie Keshawarz, Daniew Manche. Filmed during previews, the show is a little dark at times, but a great Dvd. Crystal clear picture and sound. A Includes the producers speech at the beginning about how this was the first performance with newly added scenes. The first 5 minutes are shakey due to ushers and latecomers, but its all there. A

Tarzan (7/30/2006) Broadway
Horace V. Rogers as (u/s) Kerchak, Josh Strickland, Jenn Gambatese, Merle Dandridge, Chester Gregory II, Tim Jerome, Donne Keshawarz, Daniel MancheNice filming, not as dark as other Tarzan DVD. A
Tarzan (6/23/07) Netherlands

Chantal Janzen, Chaira Borderslee, Ron Link. Professionally filmed with single house camera. No zoom, full-stage-recording, but soundboard-audio! Includes some footage of working on stage after the show. Proshot A
Tarzan (7/11) North Shore Music Theatre

Brian Justin Crum (Tarzan), Andrea Goss (Jane), Eric Collins (Mr. Clayton), Todd Alan Johnson (Kerchak), Christopher Messina (Terk), Robin Payne (Kala). Disc also includes 3 minute montage which was used for Media and Promotion. Pro Shot. A
The Ten Commandments (9/2004) California

Val Kilmer, Lauren Kennedy, Kevin Earley. The reworked version of the French hit with a score by Patrick Leonard, frequent collaborator with Madonna. Cast of 50 with multimedia projection screens. Pro-shot tape that they also sell. A

Thoroughly Modern Millie (2001) La Jolla, Out of Town Tryout
Sutton Foster, Sarah Uriarte Berry, Jim Stanek, Marc Kudisch, Tonya Pinkins, Pat Carroll. Shot from the front row, so it's at a weird angle. VERY different from Broadway version. B-
Thoroughly Modern Millie (5/10/2002) Broadway
Sutton Foster, Gavin Creel, Marc Kudisch, Sheryl Lee Ralph. Very mild generational loss. But, nice picture (though there is a very slight shake) and sound (though an occasional slight buzzing). A

Thoroughly Modern Millie (6/12/04) Broadway

Susan Egan who does a great job. Great video and nicely shot. A

Thoroughly Modern Millie (5/8/2005) North Shore Music Theatre
Cast: Milena Govich, Ryan Silverman, Terry Burrell, Beth McVey, Richard Roland, Amanda Serkasevich, Becky Barta . No closeups and some heads and blackouts in Act 1 but better in Act 2; close-ups are nice and clear; theater in the round some when the light comes from different directions, it causes some spotlight washout. B
Thoroughly Modern Millie (7/2006) Gateway Playhouse

Kristin Maloney, Nick Spangler, Susan J. Jacks. Pro shot, in house camera. A
Thou Shalt Not (1/6/02) Broadway Final Performance

Craig Bierko, Kate Levering, Norbert Leo Butz, Debra Monk, Leo Burmester. Pretty good picture and decent sound. Nice camera work, follows the action well. A-
Three Days of Rain (5/13/06) Broadway
Julia Roberts, Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper. Nice filming. Some heads in the way. A
The Three Musketeers (8/20/07) North Shore Music Theatre
Kevin Morrow, John Schiappa, Jimmy Smagula, Aaron Tveit, Kate Baldwin, Chad Ackerman, Mark Aldrich. Dress Rehearsal, Pro Shot. A
Threepenny Opera (3/29/2006) Broadway

Alan Cumming, Jim Dale, Ana Gasteyer, Cyndi Lauper, Nellie McKay, and rest of original revival cast.Crystal clear picture and sound, nice closeups.

Ana and Cyndi stand out here. A
Time And Again (2001) Off-Broadway

Laura Benanti (Julia Charbonneau), Lewis Cleale (Si Morley), Christopher Innvar (Jake Pickering), David McCallum (EE Danziger & Cyrus Hogue), Julia Murney (Kate Mancuso), Lauren Ward (Emily Hogue). Head and railing obstructions throughout; actors are completely lost if they are on the right side of the stage.  Occasional spotlight washout. B

The Times, They are a’Changin (9/25/06) Broadway

First Broadway Preview some cover ups and shakiness in first few songs, improves dramatically after that. Michael Arden, Thom Sesma, Carmen Manuel. A

The Times, They are a’Changin (10/11/06) Broadway

Michael Arden, Thom Sesma, Includes extras. A

The Times, They are a’Changin (11/14/06) Broadway

Michael Arden, Thom Sesma, Lisa Brecia Shot from Stage-Right box. Beautiful video. Excellent sound.

Titanic (12/11/1997) Broadway

Original Broadway Cast. Good capture, video has endured well. A-

Titanic (9/2/00) US Tour, San Diego, CA

Marcus Chait, William Parry, Melissa Bell.  Nicely filmed and overall a very nice video, but some slight generational loss.   A-

Tommy (6/17/95) Broadway

1995 Tour Press Reel Highlights (Professional) & 1995 Final Broadway Performance. Some generation copy loss in this one but not unwatchable. The press stuff is great. Missing the first minute or so. B

Tommy (1997) North Shore Music Theatre
Multi Cam Pro Shot Archival Taping. A
Tommy (1/2001) US Tour
Cast: Tommy-Michael Seelbach. Big League Productions. Pro-Shot A-
Tommy (2002) Amstetten

Steven Seale, Brian Carmack, Sabine Mayer-Fowler, Drew Sarich, James Sbano. Pro shot. B

Toy Story the Musical (11/10) Disney Cruise Line

Geoffrey Tyler, Noel Orput, Laurel Hatfield, Rachel Fischer, Mark Whitten, Nicholas Nunez, Gabi Epstein.

The Unauthorized Autobigraphy of Samanta Brown (5/03/09) Orange County Performing Arts Center CA, Final performance
Patti Murin, Jenni Barber, Nick Blaemire, Lisa Brescia, Stephen Bogdarus
The Understudy (1/17/10) Off-Broadway
Justin Kirk, Mark Paul Gosselaar, Julie White. Final Performance. Shot in orchestra around heads, overall pretty nice A-
Urban Cowboy (3/3/03) Broadway

OBC. From a preview so lots was changed before it closed. Some generation loss. B

Urinetown (8/28/01) Broadway
Hunter Foster, Jennifer Laura Thompson and OBC. Great clear recording. A-
Urinetown (10/20/01) Broadway
John Cullum, Jeff McCarthy, Spencer Kayden, Hunter Foster, Jennifer Laura Thompson. A
Vampire Lesbians of Sodom (3/28/05) Actor’s Fund Benefit.

A special one-night-only BC/EFA 20th anniversary benefit production. Cast: Charles Busch, Julie Halston, Sutton Foster, Brent Barrett, Phyllis Newman, Mario Cantone, Bruce Vilanch, Rebecca Luker. Act 1 - Julie Halson and Charles Bush Together on Broadway. Act 2 - Vampire Lesbians of Sodom. Extras: Broadway Beat feature, rehearsal interview, credits. Proshot A

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike (3/27/13) Broadway

Sigourney Weaver, David Hyde Pierce, Kristine Nielsen, Billy Magnussen, Shalita Grant

Vanya And Sonia And Masha And Spike (3/1/14) Los Angeles, CA

Mark Taper Forum. Mark Blum (Vanya), Kristine (Nielsen Sonia), Christine Ebersole (Masha), David Hull (Spike), Shalita Grant (Cassandra), Liesel Allen Yeager (Nina).  Nicely filmed. One short blackout in the second act. 2 DVDs

Venus in Fur (10/18/11) Broadway

Hugh Dancy, Nina Arianda

A Very Potter Musical (7/5/09) University of Michigan
Darren Criss (Harry), Joey Richter (Ron), Bonnie Gruesen (Hermione), Jaime Lyn Beatty (Ginny), Lauren Lopez (Draco), Joe Walker (Voldemort), Dylan Saunders (Dumbledore), Joe Moses (Snape), Brian Rosenthal (Quirrel), Devin Lytle (Cho), Lily Marks (Pansy/Molly), Sango Tajima (Lavender), Richard Campbell (Neville), Jim Povolo (Goyle), Julia Albain (Crabbe). Pro-Shot A
Victor/Victoria (1995) PRO-SHOT PBS Official Release
Julie Andrews, Tony Roberts, Michael Nouri, Rachel York, Gregory Jbara, Richard B. Shull, Adam Heller, Michael Cripe, Ken Land. Great Quality. A
Victor/Victoria (1/1997) Broadway

Liza Minnelli, Tony Roberts, Rachel York, Michael Nouri, Gregory Jbara. No Liza mess ups here! A

Violet (1/18/03) Reunion Concert at Playwright’s Horizons

Stephen Lee Anderson, Michael McElroy, Cass Morgan, Roz Ryan, Michael Parks, Lauren Ward, Norbert Leo Butz, Tracy Nicole Chapman, Luther Creek. Good, well-shot picture and good sound. A

Violet (3/30/2014) Broadway *NFT until 9/15/14
Sutton Foster, Colin Donnell, Alexander Gemignani, Joshua Henry, Ben Davis, Annie Golden, Emerson Steele, Rema Webb. Beautiful HD capture of this wonderful show with no obstructions. The cast was divine and did an exquisite job performing and telling the story. 2 DVDs. A
War Horse (9/17/11) Broadway
Seth Numrich, Alyssa Bresnahan, Matt Doyle, Boris McGiver, T. Ryder Smith

Excellent capture of the 2011 Tony Winner for best Play. A very innovative play and a great story of a man and his horse. A

We Will Rock You (6/12/02) London
Neat sci-fi musical built around the music of Queen. Freddy Mercury vocals are especially well rendered. Elaborate production and stage effects. Crisp digital shoot. A 
We Will Rock You (2/11/03) London
Cast: Tony Vincent, Nigel Planer, Alexander Hanson, Hannah Jane Fox, Sharon D Clark, Nigel Clauzel, Kerry Ellis. Producers copy, multi-camera video of the entire live show.
Has counter numbers running across the bottom of the screen. Pro-Shot A
The Wedding Singer (4/1/06) Broadway
Stephen Lynch, Laura Benati, Amy Spanger, Kevin Cahoon, Matthew
Saldivar, Richard Blake, Felicia Finley, Rita Gardner.  Broadway
Preview Amazingly shot, fun show, beautiful closeups, nice sound. A
The Wedding Singer (4/11/06) Broadway
Stephen Lynch, Laura Benati, Cara Cooper (u/s for Holly), Kevin Cahoon, Matthew Saldivar, Richard Blake, Felicia Finley, Rita Gardner. Nicely filmed with an understudy. A-
The Wedding Singer (4/15/06) Broadway

OBC. First show with the new song, ‘Someday.’ Amazing Quality. Final Version of the Show. A

The Wedding Singer (2007) Madrid, Spain
Naím Thomas (Robbie), María Adamuz, Silvia Casanova, María Ángeles Virumbrales,
Pro-Shot. A
The Wedding Singer
(July 2010) Plays in the Park, NJ

Brad Sarboukh, Holly Curran, Anthony Younes, Casey Muha, Brian Hart, Drew Cyburt, Arlene Britt, Bre Cade
Pro shot video; great picture and sound 2 DVDs A

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? The Musical (10/02) Houston, TX

Theatre Under the Stars. Millicent Martin, Leslie Denniston. US Premiere Performance. Semi pro shot video, using one camera on a tripod. Very nicely filemd, Camera follwos the ation on stage very well. Clear audio and video. Great show!

When You Wish: The Story of Walt Disney (10/16/13) Los Angeles, CA 

Tim Martin Gleason, Andy Umberger, Brandi Burkhardt, Melissa Fahn, Norman Large, Louis Pardo, Kade Pait, Jake Davidson, Jennifer Brasuell, Katy Harvey, Aurore Joly, Lorenzo King, David Michael Laffey, Morgan Marcell, Garrett Marshall, Thomas Adoue Polk, Kirklyn Robinson, Nick Tubbs, Salvatore Vassallo, Louis A Williams Excellent capture of this new musical; a few very quick dropouts in the beginning of act one, but no major blackouts; no obstruction and no washout; filmed in 16:9 with a mix of wides, mediums, and close-ups; great clear sound; includes curtain call. 2 DVDs

Whistle Down the Wind (1996) Washington DC World Premiere

Davis Gaines (The Man), Irene Molloy (Swallow), Abbi Hutcherson (Brat), Cameron Bowen (Poor Baby), Steve Scott Springer (Amos), Lacey Hornhohl (Candy), Timothy Nolen (Boone), Candy Buckley (Aunt Dot), Mike Hartman (Sheriff)

This is pro shot dress rehersal. The colors are faded but the picture is very clear; includes hidden shot of Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jim Steinman and Hal Prince discussing the show after performance in the theatre. A-
Whistle Down the Wind (9/6/2000) London

Jerome Pradon (The Man), Vikki Coote, Mark McGee (Amos), Cat Simmons (Candy), Rohan Tickle, Rupert Bradshaw.  Good Quality. A-

Whistle Down the Wind (1/5/01) London

Jerome Pradon, Laura Michelle Kelly, Rohan Tickell, Mark McGee, Cat Simmons. Great video. A-

Whistle Down the Wind (10/13/07) National Tour St. Paul
Andrea Ross, Eric Kunze, Austin J. Zambito-Valente, Nadine Jacobson, Dann Fink, Carole Denise Jones, Matt Skrincosky, Gerry McIntyre, Adam Shonkwiler. A beautiful capture and an amazing show. A
White Christmas (12/3/2005) Boston

John Anthony,Terry Beaver, Stephen Bogardus, Katherine Doherty as Susan Waverly, Michael Gruber, Isenegger, Karen Morrow, Kerry O'Malley. Awesome Video. A

Wicked (10/12/03) Broadway

Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenoweth and Original Bway Cast. Great video A

Wicked (1/9/2004) Broadway

Elphaba: Idina Menzel, Glinda: Kristin Chenoweth, Fiyero: Taye Digges,

The Wizard: Joel Grey, Mrs. Morrible: Carole Shelley, Nessarose: Michelle Federer, Not a bad video. By far not the best out there, but its great to see Taye and Idina together, they have great chemistry. A-
Wicked (7/18/04) Broadway

Kristen Chenoweth, Idina Menzel. Kristin’s last performance. Includes Idina’s speech after the show. A

Wicked (01/09/05) Broadway
Jennifer Laura Thompson, Shoshana Bean (u/s), George Hearn, Carolle Shelley, Joey McIntire Appearance by Idina Menzel. Idina Menzel's Last Appearance. She doesn't actually appear until the final few minutes of the play and performs the last few lines. Includes Speech at end of show. Quality: A.
Wicked (4/23/05) Cannon Theatre Toronto

Stephanie Block, Kendra K. and original touring Cast. Got my copy from master. Great Video A

Wicked (7/1/05) Oriental Theatre Chicago

Ana Gastyer and Kate Reiners and Chicago Cast. Great Video A-

Wicked (8/17/05) Broadway

Shoshanna Bean, Megan Hilty, Ben Vereen, David Ayers, Adinah Alexander (u/s), Megan Sikora (u/s), Jeffery Kuhn, Sean McCourt

About five minutes worth of cover-ups at the beginning (you see Glinda’s entrance) because of latecomers and few more random ones during the first act. The first few minutes of the second act are similar to those of Act 1. One of the best show videos of Wicked out there. No obstructions and great close ups. A
Wicked (10/26/2005) Oriental Theatre Chicago

Elphaba: Kristy Cates, Glinda: Sarah Jane Everman, Fiyero: Kristoffer Cusick, Madame Morrible: Rondi Reed, Nessarose: Heidi Kettenringer. The best video I’ve ever seen of the show. A ( )

Wicked (03/14/06) Tour, Cincinnati
Julia Murney (Elphaba), Kendra Kassebaum (Glinda), Sebastian Arcelus (Fiyero), PJ Benjamin (Wizard), Alma Cuervo (Morrible), Timothy Britten Parker (Dillamond), Jennifer Waldman (u/s Nessa), Logan Lipton (Boq) Several brief blackouts with only sound. Sound only for first half of "Thank Goodness." Good close-ups. A-
Wicked (3/29/06) Broadway
Saycon Sengbloh (u/s elphaba), Megan Hilty, Jenna Leigh Green, Robb Sapp, Carol Kane, Ben Vereen, Derrick Williams. Shot close to the stage, tons of closeups. A

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