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Install 64-bit Horizon on 64-bit Windows 7

1. Go into Control Panel/User Accounts and turn the "User Account Control" slider all the way down.

2. If Java 7 is installed, uninstall it, and install instead the last Java 6 version which can be downloaded here:

NOTE: There is a tested and proven version of Java with in the “Horizon 75a x64.exe”, self-extracting file listed below under third party installs. I recommend after you install Java you go into Control Panel and then into “Java” and then under the “Updates” tab, set updates to “never”.

3. Restart the PC.

4. Download these three files from the ALS website (the last one is very large):

4-b. With the most recent update additional instructions make the update process much easier. The new update instructions are here:

5. Install the first TWO files in the order indicated above.

6. Run the self-extracting third file Horizon 75a x64.exe and extract the contents into an empty folder.

7. Run "browser.exe" from inside the folder which will start a normal Horizon install process; begin with "Third Party Applications."

8. Choose "Sybase 15.5" and go through the install. When asked, select "Custom" install, and choose to install only the PC Client, DB Libraries, and ASE ODBC driver. Choose the default install location, C:\Sybase.

9. After the Sybase install completes, go into dsedit.exe as described in the old documentation and add the interface and the Horizon IP address as described in the documentation:

After installing Sybase, you will need to reconfigure its dsedit.exe to point at the IP address of the Horizon database.
a. Open the “Dsedit Utility” from your desktop program menu, Programs/Sybase/Connectivity/Open Client Directory Service Editor
b. Click OK when it asks you to select a directory service, then drop the “Server Object” window and choose “Add.”
c. For Server Name type in Horizon
d. Double click “Server Address” in the right-hand box, and hit the “Add” button.
e. For network address, type the following (no spaces):,2025 then hit OK, and OK again.
f. To test your connectivity, you can now right-click the address and choose “Ping.”
g. You can now exit dsedit, which will not be used again unless the server’s IP address is changed.
10. Go back to the install screen and choose to install Horizon. On the Components screen be sure to check BOTH “Admin” and “Staff” on the left side, but then UN-check the “Day End” and “Borrower Import” selection on the right. Check "Adhoc reports". Hit Next, then Next again to start the install. When the install completes, UN-check the option to start Horizon immediately, and finish.
11. Restart the PC.
12. Launch Horizon from desktop shortcut, and start the login process following the old directions; when asked to accept an upgrade (7.5.1), say yes and allow the upgrade to complete:
The first time you use the client, you will need to login to the server and select the horizon database, which in most cases requires just your user name and password. Then, you can login to the client itself. Logging in to the server needs only to be done once:
a. Double-click the Horizon icon on your desktop. Drop the “Server” box on the right, and choose “Horizon.” When prompted for a login and password after choosing Horizon, use the ones supplied to you by ALS. ghsgnd use “als” as login, “arrowhead” as password
b. Drop the “Database” box, and choose “horizon.”
c. The client can now be logged on by entering the same username and password on the left hand side of the window. Your username and password are: ghlib/ghsgnd (high school).
When you first login, you will be presented with a message to accept and upgrade to a new version. Open the file Horizon-update.doc files in MS Office or similar and follow instruction for the update.

Download 12.97 Kb.

Download 12.97 Kb.

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User Account Control

Download 12.97 Kb.