Vita arthur (art) F. Kramer center for Cognitive & Brain Health Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Complex (isec) Northeastern University

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Teaching and Mentoring
Graduate Courses:

Cognitive Neuroscience

Aging and Cognition

Methods in Human Factors and Ergonomics

Human Performance and Engineering Psychology

Human-Computer Interaction

Seminar in Psychophysiology

Seminar in Attention

Behavioral Science for Medical Students

Seminar in Cognition and Aging

Undergraduate courses:

Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory

Engineering Psychology

Cognition and Aging

Visual Attention

Honors Seminar

Former Graduate Student and Post-Doc Lab Members
Maritza Alvarado Resident, White Memorial Medical Center, Los Angeles

Heloisa Alves Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts

Cher Wee Ang Senior Member of Technical Staff, DSO National Laboratories, Singapore

Paul Atchley Professor and Dean of Undergraduate Studies, University of South Florida

Sarah Banducci Regulatory Project Manager, Abbott

Pauline Baniqued Post-Doc, University of Southern California

Chandramillika Basak Associate Professor, University of Texas at Dallas

Ensar Becic Human Performance Project Manager, National Transportation Safety Board

Artem Belopolosky Assistant Professor, Vrije University, Amsterdam

Louis Bherer Professor, University of Montreal

Agnieszka Bojko Senior User Experience Specialist at User Centric, Inc

Walter Boot Professor, Florida State University

Jean Buckley Cytotechnologist, ARUP Technologies

Agnieszka Burzynska Assistant Professor, Colorado State University

Nicholas Cassavaugh Scientific Programmer, Indiana School of Optometry

Angela Colcombe Associate Scientist, Applied Cognitive Sciences

Stanley Colcombe Section Head, Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research

Chris Conrad Research Director, Microsoft

Greg DiGirolamo Associate Professor, College of the Holy Cross

Ana Daugherty Assistant Professor, Wayne State University

Kirk Erickson Professor, University of Pittsburgh

Julianne Fox Principal Scientist, Decision Speed, Inc.

John Gaspar Director of Human Factors Research, National Advanced Driving Simulator

Richard Godijn Assistant Professor, Vrije University, Amsterdam

Jessica Gonzalez-Hill Assistant Professor, Utah Valley University

Sowon Hahn Professor, Seoul National University

Catherine Harrison Research Scientist, Air Force Research Laboratory

Paul Hughes Computer Analyst, Marsh & McLennan (deceased 9/11)

Darryl Humphrey Principal Consultant, Humphrey & Associates

Erika Hussey Cognitive Scientist, US Army Solider Center

Jennifer Kim Assistant Director for Talent and Programming, University of Illinois

Mike Kranz CVS AI Group Technical Staff

Tate Kubose Human Factors Consultant, InSciTech

Hyunkyu Lee Senior Research Scientist, Posit Science

Robin Martin-Emerson Engineering Staff, Human Centered Design, University of Washington

Jason McCarley Professor, Oregon State University

Lindsay Nagamatsu Assistant Professor, University of Western Ontario

Mark Neider Associate Professor, University of Central Florida

Aki Nikolaidis Research Scientist, Child Mind Institute

Ashley Nunes Senior Research Associate, MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics

Nate Parks Associate Professor, University of Arkansas

Mathew Peterson Associate Professor, George Mason University

Ruchika Prakash Associate Professor, Ohio State University

Heather Pringle General and Commander, US Air Force Research Laboratory

Aishwarya Rajesh Resident, University of Mississippi

Mark Reisweber Engineering Psychologist, Federal Aviation Administration

Paige Scalf Law School, University of Arizona

Aldis Siplolins Immersive Technology Research Lead, Draper

Erik Sirevaag Research Scientist, Washington University School of Medicine

Gillian Snyder Assistant Director for Research, IHSI, University of Illinois

David Strayer Professor, University of Utah

John Larish Senior User Experience Designer, Merrill Lynch

Ming Po Tham Professor, National University of Singapore

Steven Todd Senior Technical Architect, AT&T

Ana Torralbo Data Scientist, University College London

Loan Vo Data Scientist, University of Illinois

Meg Vais User Experience Designer, Redbox Automated Retail, LLC

Michelle Voss Associate Professor, University of Iowa

Nate Ward Assistant Professor, Tufts University

Stephen Watson Head, Navy Testing Sciences

Timothy Weber Usability Research Engineer, Microsoft

Melody Wisehart Professor, York University

Chelsea Wong Resident, Beth Israel, Harvard University

Yusuke Yamani Associate Professor, Old Dominion University

Laura Zwaan Assistant Professor, Erasmus Medical College, Netherlands

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Bosh sahifa

    Bosh sahifa

Vita arthur (art) F. Kramer center for Cognitive & Brain Health Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Complex (isec) Northeastern University

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