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    Volume Licensing Quick Reference Guide
    Windows® 7 and the Optimized Desktop

    Microsoft® Volume Licensing solutions provide the most flexible, cost effective way to give your organization access to the latest Windows desktop technologies. Windows 7 licensing has been refined and builds on existing Windows licensing. Whether your business wants to upgrade to Windows 7, have access to advanced technologies such as Windows 7 Enterprise and the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack, or deploy emerging virtualization scenarios, there is a Volume Licensing agreement that is right for your organization.

    Contact your Microsoft Volume Licensing reseller partner to learn more about how to buy Windows 7 licenses for your business.

    Available Volume Licensing Products for Windows

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    Designed for small and mid-sized organizations, Windows 7 Professional runs on PCs that meet the recommended hardware requirements of Windows Vista Business. It provides a reliable experience, helps you get more done, and helps safeguard your work. It is available as an upgrade license through Volume Licensing.

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    Designed for enterprises and businesses that want to optimize their desktop IT infrastructure, Windows 7 Enterprise will help make users productive anywhere, enhance security and control, and streamline PC management. It is available with Software Assurance for Windows.


    Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) is a suite of client virtualization, management, and deployment technologies that helps reduce the total cost of ownership, increase desktop manageability, and improve overall infrastructure satisfaction. MDOP is available as a subscription to Software Assurance customers.

    The Windows Virtual Desktop Access (VDA) subscription license provides the right to access virtual Windows desktop environments by using devices that are not covered by Windows Client Software Assurance (SA), such as thin clients or third-party contractor PCs.

    Note: For devices that are covered by Windows Client SA, VDA is included as a benefit of SA.

    Software Assurance

    Software Assurance is a suite of technologies, services, and licensing rights to help organizations maximize their return on investment (ROI) from Microsoft software. The main components include:



    Windows 7 Enterprise

    The most advanced Microsoft Windows edition, Windows 7 Enterprise is designed for the needs of enterprise customers, providing features such as BitLocker® Drive Encryption and Multilingual User Interface Language Packs.

    Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP)

    MDOP provides innovative technologies to help you better control the desktop PC, accelerate and simplify desktop PC deployments and management, and create a dynamic infrastructure by turning software into centrally managed services. Available through Software Assurance as an add-on subscription license.

    Windows Virtual Desktop Access (VDA)

    Active Windows SA now includes Windows VDA rights, which enable organizations to license access to virtual copies of Windows 7 (or prior operating system versions) in a variety of user scenarios.

    Note: For devices that do not have Windows Client SA (such as thin clients or third-party contractor PCs), customers can acquire the Windows VDA subscription license.

    Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs

    Available exclusively to Microsoft Software Assurance customers, this small-footprint, Windows-based operating system solution is for customers who have legacy computers that are running early operating systems and who are not in a position to purchase new hardware.

    Virtual OS Rights

    Use up to four instances of Windows in local or remote virtual operating system environments for each license that has active Software Assurance coverage.

    New Version Rights

    Receive new versions of licensed software released during the term of your coverage. If you have Software Assurance coverage for your PCs when Windows 7 is released, you will automatically receive rights to use Windows 7 Enterprise on those PCs.

    Training Services

    Utilize online and classroom courses that address technical and end-user training needs.

    Support Services

    Use 24x7 problem resolution and TechNet service to improve IT efficiency.

    Windows 7 Enterprise

    Available exclusively through Software Assurance, Windows 7 Enterprise has unique technology designed to address the needs of enterprise customers. Windows 7 Enterprise helps make people productive anywhere, enhances security and control, and streamlines PC management. Learn more at http://www.microsoft.com/windows/enterprise/products/windows-7.aspx.




    Give mobile users seamless access to corporate networks when they are on the Internet, without a need for them to start a virtual private network (VPN) connection.


    Decrease the time that branch office users spend waiting to download files from remote servers by caching the previously accessed content locally in a branch’s network.

    Enterprise Search Scopes

    Make content on intranet portals, such as Microsoft SharePoint® sites, more discoverable and accessible by creating links to the sites on a user's Start menu, simplifying access to the most appropriate data sources on the network.

    BitLocker and BitLocker To Go

    Help protect data on PCs and removable drives with the manageability to enforce encryption and backup of recovery keys.


    Specify software that is allowed to run on users’ PCs with centrally managed, flexible group policies.

    Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Optimizations

    Improved user experience for VDI with multi-monitor and microphone support. Reuse virtual machine (VHD) images to boot a physical PC.

    Multilingual User Interface

    Create a single operating system image for deployment to users worldwide.

    Subsystem for UNIX-based applications (SUA)

    Run UNIX applications unchanged on a Windows-based PC.


    • Windows 7 “How to Buy”: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/enterprise/how-to-buy.aspx

    • Microsoft Volume Licensing: http://www.microsoft.com/licensing/

    • Software Assurance: http://www.microsoft.com/licensing/sa/

    • Find a Microsoft Volume Licensing reseller in the United States: https://solutionfinder.microsoft.com. Outside the United States and Canada: http://www.microsoft.com/licensing/index/worldwide.mspx.

    This document is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.

    © 2010 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, the Microsoft logo, AppLocker, BitLocker, BitLocker To Go, BranchCache, SharePoint, and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. Microsoft provides this material solely for informational and marketing purposes.

    Customers should refer to their agreements for a full understanding of their rights and obligations under Microsoft Volume Licensing programs. Microsoft software is licensed not sold. The value and benefit gained through the use of Microsoft software and services may vary by customer. Customers with questions about differences between this material and the agreements should contact their reseller or Microsoft account manager.

    The information contained in this document relates to pre-release software product, which may be substantially modified before its first commercial release. Accordingly, the information may not accurately describe or reflect the software product when first commercially released.


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    Volume Licensing Quick Reference Guide Windows® 7 and the Optimized Desktop

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