• Installation and working with WESTERNS, on a Mac, a PC, a Smartphone or a Tablet
  • ° On a PC
  • ° Installation and working with WESTERNS on a Smartphone or a Tablet
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  • Registering WESTERNS
  • So it is available as a 10 € (Euros) shareware
  • Westerns presents some 1660 films of the "Genre"

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    WESTERNS is a database for the Western fan
    WESTERNS presents some 1660 films of THE "Genre" : A and B films, some serials, productions from USA mainly, but also from Canada, England, Australia, France, Italy and Spain.

    All the files of this database can be sorted by numeric or alphabetic order (directors names, actors names and so on).
    It can be used on any type of computer (Mac and PC),or Smartphone or a Tablet, as long as you order me the right version and have a database program.
    The version distributed here is not a trial version, but a subset of the complete database. In fact it is the first third of the files, including the Directors from A (ALDRICH Robert) to F (FURIE Sidney J.) only. Those interested in the complete version, from A to Z, should read the "Registering WESTERNS" section.
    As such, this database is obviously not complete, that is it doesn't cover the few thousands westerns which have been produced by the cinema only. It is exclusively made of the westerns I have seen... a good number I must admit, and certainly the most interesting part of the genre.

    It corresponds to the great pleasure I had all these years watching what is for me the THE major genre of cinema, the one that can assemble and welcome in its bosom all the themes and all others genres.
    WESTERNS is in fact a subset of a hugger database (more than 10.800 films), called CINEFAN,


    which covers all types of movies from the silent screen till now.

    Neither WESTERNS nor CINEPHIL are completely free, they both are sharewares, but if you buy CINEFAN you get WESTERNS for free, for it is included in it.

    WESTERNS costs 10 €, CINEFAN costs 15 €.

    Make your choice !
    WESTERNS does contain a number of errors (typing, spelling and probably incorrect names), but I try to improve it through my re-visions or my discoveries, though these are so scarce now... the Western doesn't seem to be a praised genre anymore !

    There remains the problem of my personal findings (for those who are interested in translating them from the French original, of course...) ; now it's up to everyone of you to use it in such a way you choose or need.
    History and statistics
    This database was started in the years 1967-68, on the seats of the French Cinémathèque. So many marvelous discoveries then ! Chatting with Langlois in a corner of the bar, listening one evening to Raoul Walsh relating his escapades with Flynn or Gable around Hollywood, discussing endlessly with some "co-religionists". Those were the days for the "cinéphile" !!!

    Then the glow of Western seemed to fade, and came the time for computers, which allowed me at last to compile all my documentation and memorize it in a single database.
    As it is, this database consists of some 600 westerns, starting with "The great train robbery".

    As I wrote above, they are all part of the CINEFAN database, which contains some:

    - 6600 US films,

    - 2200 French films,

    - 700 British films,

    - 600 Italian films,

    - 70 Japanese films,

    - etc., from the silent era up till now.
    Installation and working with WESTERNS, on a Mac, a PC, a Smartphone or a Tablet
    You should have found the base in a zip-compressed format, and if you are reading this text, you must have already expanded it ! The database is delivered in .TXT, the required format.
    To install WESTERNS :

    ° On a Mac :

    - The .TXT format is an easily importable one, while precising “Tabulation" in the option menu. This format works with any database program.

    - I propose with my database a specific FileMaker Template (layout) ; you just have to open this template from the FileMaker program (providing you have it, of course !), and import the database within this file, still precising the "Tabulation" format. Those who don't have the FileMaker program can download here an old version of FileMaker, which will treat CINEFAN quite fairly, with a limitation to 50 files I think.

    - The present version of FileMaker is V.12 ; you can visit the FileMaker site and download there a trial version for Mac or PC.

    When you have the software installed, "open" my FileMakerTemplate (expanded of course with the appropriate software). Then "Import" my Cinefan.TXT (also expanded) with Tab format. Here you are... enjoy, and adapt it to your needs and tastes.

    - If you already have the FileMaker software, you can download the demo version of WESTERNS directly in the FileMaker (V.12) format.

    ° On a PC : the method is of the same type.

    For those who can't use my FileMaker (V.12) template or the FileMaker demo, or who would like to make up your own template for the use of the database, here is a list of fields to be created in any database software, before importing the WESTERNS files :

    - Original Title :

    - French Title :

    - Director :

    - Color / Format :

    - Year / Country :

    - Seen * times / Producer :

    - Actors :

    - Actresses :

    - Notes :

    - Scenario :

    - Based on :

    - Cinematographer :

    - Musical score :
    If you have bought the complete file (5€ only !), please keep separetely this original WESTERNS file, in case you have made a mistake during import and want to start from scratch.

    ° Installation and working with WESTERNS on a Smartphone or a Tablet :
    You just need a Spreadsheet software or a database app. which should handle WESTERNS without any problem, especially if it can import .TXT or .XLSX files.

    Diffusion and Rights
    The integral WESTERNS or CINEFAN database may not be distributed freely or used for commercial purposes, for its rights are reserved. Buying it at the conditions above mentioned is only valid for individual, personal, non-transferable and non-commercial use.
    Any company, organism, etc. willing to buy WESTERNS or CINEFAN for commercial or promotional use, etc., should ask the author for a special license contract.
    On the other hand, the first part of the base (Directors from A to F, i. e. the shareware section) may be distributed freely, either through an on-line service, a CD compilation or any other future medium, under the express condition that it is my untouched original version, and this "Read me" text file is kept attached to the base.
    Updates to come will be found here as regularly as possible.
    Registering WESTERNS
    The creation of WESTERNS (and CINEFAN) has taken, as one might imagine, a lot of work often enjoyable, sometimes fastidious.
    So it is available as a 10 € (Euros) shareware,

    but remember you can get the whole CINEFAN database, including WESTERNS, for only 15 € (Euros).
    Anyone interested in the complete database should send me the money through Paypal or in the form of a check to my name, paid in your own national currency. I will not assume any responsibility if you send cash, because it is theoretically forbidden by French law, it is not always safe and I can't guarantee reception ; however, should you choose this method, please round up the sum to the nearest amount above the price in your currency (in order to send bank notes only), and choose an easily exchangeable currency in Europe e.g. €, UK pounds, US $, etc.

    After receiving your payment, I will give you access to the complete and latest version of my database (in compacted zip form) through download or E-mail (don't forget to give me the right address when you pass me the order).

    You will also have to specify if you want it in .XLSX format (for Excel), .TXT (for Macs or PCs), or even in FileMaker format with, as a free bonus, a special layout.
    ° Sites dedicated to the CINEMA :

    - CINEFAN, the movie database for the movie buff :


    more than 6400 films you can sort and use off-line on YOUR computer...

    - Internet Movie Database: http://www.imdb.com/ the famous IMDB, at least 140 000 films ; but you can't download the database nor use it and adapt it to your taste as you can with... "WESTERNS" or "CINEFAN"!!!

    - All Movie Guide: http://www.allmovie.com/. about as many films as in IMDB, but you can't download the database and adapt it to your taste, make it yours, on your own PC, like with... but I seem to be repeating myself !!!

    - American Movie Classic: http://www.amctv.com/

    - The Movie sound page : http://www.moviesounds.com/

    Warning : my site is a private one.

    Photographs presented there come from my personal collection, or from uncontrolled sources.

    If some of them are used in an inappropriate manner, please tell me so that I can take the appropriate measures.
    Download 48.37 Kb.

    Download 48.37 Kb.

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    Westerns presents some 1660 films of the "Genre"

    Download 48.37 Kb.