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1394 Open Host Controller Interface Specification, Release 1.0

1394 Open Host Controller Interface Specification, Release 1.1

1394 Trade Association Power Specification
Part 1: Cable Power Distribution

Part 3: Power State Management

1394 Trade Association


1999 Version of National ISDN Basic Rate Interface Terminal Equipment Generic Guidelines, Document Number SR-4620 (replaced by 2000 Version, SR-4995)

AC ‘97 and AMR Plug and Play Design (for Windows)

AC '97 Component Specification and related publications

AC '97 System BIOS Codec/Function Detection Algorithm

Accelerated Graphics Port Interface Specification, Revision 2.0

ACPI Changes for Legacy Free

ACPI Docking for Windows 2000

Advanced Configuration and Power Interface Specification, Revision 1.0b and Revision 2.0
(ACPI 1.0b and ACPI 2.0)

AGP Pro Specification, Revision 1.1a

An Interoperable End-to-End Broadband Service Architecture over ADSL Systems, Version 3.0

ANSI NCITS T10 Multi-Media Command Set-2 (MMC-2)

Global Engineering Documents at

ANSI/SMPTE standards

Application Specification for Microsoft Windows 2000, for desktop applications, Version 1.0

AT Attachment with Packet Interface – 5 (ATA/ATAPI-5)

ATA and ATAPI draft standards and other working documents

Global Engineering Documents at

ATA Packet Interface for CD-ROM, SFF 8020i

Global Engineering Documents at

ATAPI Removable Media Device BIOS Specification (ARMD), Version 1.0

ATAPI Removable Rewriteable Media Devices (SFF-8070i)

ATM User Network Interface (UNI) Specification, Version 3.1, 1/e

Prentice Hall; 1995
ISBN 0-13-393828-X

ATSC Digital Television Standard and Amendment No.1 (A/53)


Audio and Windows web page

Audio Codec ’97, Revision 2.1

Audio Device Class Power Management Reference Specification, Version 1.0

Audio/Modem Riser Card Specification, Revision 1.01

AV/C Digital Interface Command Set VCR Subunit Specification, V. 2.0.1

Bellcore Technical References

BIOS Boot Specification, Version 1.01

Bluetooth Implementation and Windows web page

Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG): See Specification of the Bluetooth System.

Boot Integrity Services Application Programming Interface, Version 1.0

Cable Modems and Windows web page

CardBus Host Controllers and Windows Compatibility

CardBus Technology and Windows web page

See also "Explanation of CardBus Registry Entries In PCMCIA.INF" at

Caution for Display Driver Dependencies on GDI

Ccport and Windows 98 Second Edition

Color Coding for Connectors

Color Management and Windows Operating Systems web page

Common Application Environment (CAE) Specification

Common Information Model (CIM)

Communications Device Class Power Management Reference Specification, Version 1.0

Compaq, Intel, Phoenix BIOS Boot Specification, Version 1.01 (CIP BIOS Boot 1.01)

Compatibility Testing for Hot-Plugging Support for PCI Devices

Compatibility Testing Requirements for Display and Video Miniport Drivers

Computer Display Monitor Timing Specifications, Version 1, Revision 0.8

Configuring PCI-PCI Bridges on Windows 2000 and Windows XP

Configuring PCI-to-PCI Bridges with VGA Cards

Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Specifications (DOCSIS)

Debug Port Specification

Default Device Class Power Management Reference Specification, Version 1.0

Design Guidelines for PC Card and CardBus (or in PC 2001 System Design Guide .CHM file)

Designing HID Game Controllers for DirectInput

Designing Multifunction Devices for Windows Operating Systems

Design Rule for Camera File system (DCF) Specification

Desktop Management Interface Specification, Version 2.0
DMI Compliance Guidelines, Version 1.0

Device class power management reference specifications

Digital Audio and Windows white papers

Digital Video Camcorder Support in Windows 98 and Windows 2000

Digital Visual Interface (DVI), Revision 1.0

Display Adapter Drivers and Windows Millennium Hibernation

Display Adapters and Windows web page

Display Device Class Power Management Reference Specification, Version 1.0b

Display Technology web page

Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF)

DLS Specification, V. 1.0

DOCSIS: See Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Specifications

DSL Devices and Windows web page

DVB/DAVIC (Digital Video Broadcasting/Digital Audio Visual Council)

DVD and Microsoft Operating Systems

DVD Multifunction Devices: Avoiding Multiple Logical Unit Devices

DVD Physical Format documents

Global Engineering Documents at

DVD Playback and Windows web page

DVD Specification, Version 1.0

Toshiba Corporation,

DVD Specifications for Rewritable Disc, Part 1: Physical Specifications

Toshiba Corporation,

Easy PC Initiative and legacy-free design

ECMA Standards: ECMA-267 (DVD-ROM), ECMA-272, 273 (DVD-RAM) and ECMA-274 ( RW)

EIA Standard #ANSI/EIA-516-88:
Other EIA standards

Global Engineering Documents at

El Torito - Bootable CD-ROM Format Specification, Version 1.0

Enhanced BIOS Services for Disk Drives [T13-1226DT], Revision 7

Global Engineering Documents at

Enhanced Host Controller Interface Specification for Universal Serial Bus 2.0

To be published on when available

Ensuring Digital Audio Quality on CD-ROM Drives

Enumerating Serial Devices in Windows 2000

EPS Power Supply: A Server System Infrastructure (SSI) Specification for Entry Chassis Power Supplies

European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) or Global System for Mobile (GSM) standards


Extensible Firmware Interface Specification (EFI)

Extensions to VT100 Terminal Definition

External DSL Modems Design Guidelines

Fibre Channel Second Generation Physical Interface, ANSI X3.297:1997

Fibre Channel Third Generation Physical Interface, ANSI X3.303:1998

Fibre Channel Physical and Signaling Interface (FC-PH), ANSI X3.230:1994; Amendment PC-PH-AM1 (X3.230:1994/AM-1:1996)

GDI : Next-Generation Graphics Device Interface

Global Engineering Documents

Guidelines for WDM-based Software Modems

Handshake procedures for digital subscriber line (DSL) transceivers

Hardware Design Guide Version 3.0 for Microsoft Windows 2000 Server

HID Usage Tables, Version 1.1
Other HID-related specifications

Home Phoneline Networking Alliance (Home PNA) Specification, Version 1.0

Home Radio Frequency (HomeRF) Working Group

Hot-Plug PCI and Windows 2000 web page

I2O (Intelligent I/O) Architecture Specification, Version 1.5 (special interest group)

IBM Personal System/2 Common Interfaces, Part No. S84F-9809
IBM Personal System/2 Mouse Technical Reference, Part No. S68X-2229

International Business Machines Corporation

IBM Customer Publications Support: (800) 879-2755

ICC Profile Format Specification, Spec ICC.1:1988-09 and Addendum 2, ICC.1A:1999-04

Icons for PCs web page

IEC 61883 Digital Interface for Consumer Electronic Audio/Video Equipment

IEC 61966-2-1 Multimedia systems and equipment – Colour measurement and management – Part 2-1: Colour management – Default RGB colour space – sRGB

IEEE 1212-2000
IEEE 1284-1994
IEEE 1394-1995 Standard for a High Performance Serial Bus
IEEE 1394a-2000 amendment to IEEE 1394-1995
IEEE P1394b
Other IEEE standards

IEEE 1394 and Windows web page

Implementing Display Control Panel Extensions in Windows 95/98

Implementing Legacy Audio Devices on the PCI Bus

InfiniBand Trade Association

Infrared Data Association (IrDA) documents


Infrared Devices and Windows web page

Infrared Extensions to the NDIS Version 4.0 Functional Specification

Infrared Transfer Picture Specification (IrTran-P), Version 1.0

Input Device Class Power Management Reference Specification, Version 1.0

Input Device Drivers and Windows 2000

Input Devices and Windows web page

Instantly Available PC System Power Delivery Requirements and Recommendations

Instantly Available Power Managed Desktop PC Design Guide

International Color Consortium (ICC)

Interoperability Specification for ICCs and Personal Computer Systems Specification, Revision 1.0 (PC/SC Specification)

Introducing Digital Rights Management

IP Multicast over Token-Ring Local Area Networks

RFC 1469

IrDA Bridge Device Definition, 1.0 at

IrDA Control Specification
IrDA Serial Infrared Data Link Standard Specifications

Other IrDA specifications

IrDA Plug and Play Issues and Windows 2000

IrTran-P, IrLPT, and IrDA Networking Support under Windows 2000

ISO 13491-1:1998 Banking—Secure cryptographic devices (retail)—Part 1: Concepts, requirements and evaluation methods


ISO/IEC 7811-1:1995 Identification Cards—Recording technique—Part 1: Embossing

ISO/IEC 7811-3:1995 Identification Cards—Recording technique—Part 3: Location of embossed characters on ID-1 cards

ISO/IEC 7813:1995 Identification Cards—Financial transaction cards

ISO/IEC 7816-1:1998 Identification cards—Integrated circuit(s) cards with contacts—Part 1: Physical characteristics

ISO/IEC 7816-2:1999 Identification cards—Integrated circuit(s) cards with contacts—Part 2: Dimensions and location of the contacts

ISO/IEC 7816-3:1997 Identification cards—Integrated circuit(s) cards with contacts—Part 3: Electronic signals and transmission protocols

ISO/IEC 10373:1993 Identification cards—Test methods

ITU (International Telecommunication Union) communications standards


Joint EIA/CVCC Recommended Practice for Teletext: North American Basic Teletext Specification (NABTS)

Key Benefits of the I/O APIC

Key Support and Keyboard Scan Codes for Windows web page

Legacy-Free Hardware and BIOS Requirements

Legacy PCI Interrupt Routing and CardBus in Windows 2000

Legacy Plug and Play Guidelines

Legacy Support for USB Keyboards and Mice and the Host Controller Driver

Low Pin Count (LPC) Interface Specification

MCNS Documents

Media Status Notification Support Specification, Version 1.03

Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Professional membership

Microsoft DirectInput DDK provided with the Windows 98 DDK

Microsoft DirectShow

Microsoft Extensible Firmware Interface FAT32 File System Specification,
Microsoft Extensible Firmware Interface Long File Name Specification,
Microsoft Portable Executable and Common Object File Format Specification,
plus other EFI-related specifications and guidelines

Microsoft information for hardware manufacturers


Microsoft Platform SDK, including Win32® and Win64™ APIs
Also provided through MSDN Professional subscription

Microsoft TV Platform web page

Microsoft Windows Driver Development Kit (DDK)
Also provided through MSDN Professional subscription

Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)

Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Test Kits (HCT)
Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Laboratory (WHQL) testing information

Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements v.2.0
Microsoft Windows Logo Program for Hardware web page

Mini PCI Specification, Revision 1.0

MMC-2 Multi-Media Command Set-2 standard
including SCSI Multimedia Commands

Global Engineering Documents -

Modem Technology web page

Mount Rainier Drag and Drop Data on CD-RW

MSDN Professional subscription


Multifunction Device web page

Multifunction Print Device Design Guidelines

Multimedia Commands – 2 (MMC-2)

Global Engineering Documents -

MultiProcessor Specification, Version 1.4 (replaced by ACPI 1.0b)

Multiprocessor Systems and Windows Processor Steppings Support

MultiRead Specifications for CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-R/RW, & DVD-ROM Devices, Revision 1.11

Multisession Compact Disc Specification Enhanced Music CD Specification, Version 1.0

Replaced by Multi-Media Command Set-2 (MMC-2) standard

SCSI Reduced Block Commands (RBC), NCITS.330:2000
NCITS Serial Bus Protocol-2 (SBP-2) transport protocols [ANSI NCITS 3.25-1998]

NDIS 5.0

See Microsoft Windows DDK

Network Devices and Windows web page

Network Device Class Power Management Reference Specification, Version 1.0a

Network PC System Design Guidelines, Version 1.0b

Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) Specification, Version 2.1

New Key Support for Windows web page

OnNow and Power Management web page (OnNow and ACPI implementation guidelines under Windows operating systems)

OpenCable specification

OpenHCI: Open Host Controller Interface Specification for USB, Release 1.0a

PAE Server Design web page

Parallel and Serial (COMM) Technology and Windows web page

PC 2001 System Design Guide

PC '99 3.3Vaux FAQ Power Delivery/Consumption Clarifications

PC Card and CardBus Guidelines, Version 1.1

PC Card Controller Device Class Power Management Reference Specification, V. 1.0

PC Card Standard, Release 7

PC Card Voltage Requirements for Windows Operating Systems

PC Design Guides web page

PCI Bus Power Management Interface Specification for PCI-to-CardBus Bridges, (in Volume 11 of the PC Card Standard, Release 7)

PCI Bus Power Management Interface Specification, Revision 1.1 (PCI-PM)

PCI and Windows web page

PCI Device Subsystem IDs and Windows

PCI Hot-Plug Specification, Revision 1.0

PCI IDE Controller Specification, Revision 1.0

PCI IRQ Routing on a Multiprocessor ACPI System

PCI Local Bus Specification, Revision 2.2 (PCI 2.2)

PCI Power Management and Device Drivers

PCI Subsystem IDs and PCI-to-PCI Bridge Devices

PCI to PCI Bridge Architecture Specification, Revision 1.1


PCI-X Specification, Revision 1.0 (PCI-X 1.0)

Personal Computer Audio Quality Measurements

by Dr. Steven Harris and Cliff Sanchez, Crystal Semiconductor

PIAFS - PHS Internal Access Forum Specification

PIMA 15740:2000 Photography – Electronic still picture imaging – Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) for Digital Still Photography Devices
See also the implementation guidelines in the Windows DDK.

Plug and Play Design Specification for IEEE 1394, Version 1.0c

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