Windows Mail setup for computers with Windows Vista os

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Windows Mail setup for computers with Windows Vista OS.
The first time running Windows Mail the Account Wizard will pop up. If the wizard does not automatically start then go to “Tools” and then “Accounts”. Then press the “Add” button and select “Email Account” and click on “Next”.
Step 1 (Your Name):

Enter your Display Name: First and Last Name

Step 2 (Internet E-mail Address):

Students enter your email address:

Faculty/Staff enter your email address:
Step 3 (Set up e-mail servers):

Incoming e-mail server type: Select IMAP from the drop down menu

Incoming mail (POP3 or IMAP) server:

Outgoing e-mail server (SMTP) name:

Outgoing server requires authentication: Try it uncheck. If you are unable to send mail then add the check mark.
Step 4 (Internet Mail Logon):

E-mail username: Student use firstname.lastname

E-mail username: Faculty/Staff use firstinitiallastname

Password: this is your Coker password

Step 5 (Congratulations):

Click on Finish

Step 6:

Right click on and then click on Reset List.

Step 7: On the left side of Outlook express there should now be an item labeled “” where you can view your email. Please note that your email is not downloaded to your computer yet.
Step 8: Repeat this step for each folder listed under “”:

Open a folder, i.e. “Inbox”, click on any one of the emails and press the key combination Control + A. While all your emails in the folder are selected right click on an email and press “Copy to folder…” In the window that pops up select the appropriate folder under “Local Folders” to copy it to, create a new folder if needed.

Download 5.24 Kb.

Download 5.24 Kb.

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    Bosh sahifa

Windows Mail setup for computers with Windows Vista os

Download 5.24 Kb.