• Start >Programs >Pictures
  • My Pictures
  • Thumbnail
  • R otate
  • Pan and Zoom
  • Beam Picture… , Send Via Email… , Set as Today Wallpaper… , Revert to Saved and Save Picture As
  • My Device , My Pictures or Storage Card
  • Play Screensaver when Docked
  • Windows Mobile™ 2003 Software for Pocket pcs Reviewers Guide

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    • Easy viewing and manipulation of photos

    • Thumbnail view

    • Share photos by beaming or via e-mail (one-tap access)

    • Easy-to-use slideshow

    • Personalization includes ability to set photo as Today screen wallpaper

    • Simple integration with most DCIM digital cameras

    Key New Features

    Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PCs offers a new application, Pictures, for viewing and manipulating digital photographs. The ease and simplicity of digital photography is further enhanced by the ability to take and share photos on mobile device. Customers may now share images and personalize their device with family photos, and businesses have a new tool for distributing product and other photos to in-the-field sales staff. Pictures delivers a variety of simple, useful features.
    Consumers also can do more with photos and enjoy them on the Pocket PC 2003 using the Plus! Photo Story feature of Plus! Digital Media Edition. For more information, please see page 46.

    1. Tap on Start >Programs >Pictures. The application will open the My Pictures folder within the Pocket PC 2003 My Documents folder on the Desktop. Supported folder views include images housed on the device or a storage card under My Device and Storage Card on the drop-down menu.

    1. Add a photo by copying the digital file into the My Pictures folder within the W
      indows Mobile 2003 My Documents folder on the Desktop.

    1. T
      he image will appear as a Thumbnail size view in the Pictures application.

    1. A
      rrange multiple photos by Sorted Views such as Name, Date, Size and Type. Tap and hold the arrow on Sort By in the upper-right corner of the display. Drag down to the desired view.

    1. T
      ap and hold the Thumbnail image with the stylus. You may select a variety of options, including Create Copy, Delete, Select All, Send Via Email…, Beam Picture…, or Rename.

    1. Tap on the Thumbnail image to view it in full-screen format. Tap on Edit > Brightness and Contrast to modify the image by brightening or darkening h
      ighlights and increasing or decreasing contrast.

    1. R
      the image counterclockwise in 90-degree increments by tapping on the Rotate Image icon.

    1. Crop the image by selecting the Crop Image icon. Use the stylus to drag a box around the portion of the image you want to highlight. Release the stylus when finished. Review the area and tap inside this box to finish cropping, or tap outside the box to reset. Be sure to save your image when y
      ou are finished.

    1. Tap on the Pan and Zoom icon, represented by a magnifying glass. The user is presented with a thumbnail of the entire image. Tap on the Zoom In button to increase size by one level. The area of the larger image that is visible is indicated in the Pan/Zoom panel by a red selection box. Drag this box to pan the visible area of a zoomed picture.

    1. While viewing an image, tap on Tools. You may select a variety of options including Beam Picture…, Send Via Email…, Set as Today Wallpaper…, Revert to Saved and Save Picture As.

    1. F

      rom the My Device, My Pictures or Storage Card views, tap to select the Slideshow icon on the bottom to view images in a full-screen slideshow format. Tap on the screen to access the Slideshow Controls, which include Play, Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward and Stop and the ability to select Portrait or Landscape views. The delay spinner feature lets you dictate the number of seconds, from 1 to 30, between the automatic switching of slides in auto-play mode. You may also select the Play Screensaver when Docked option for a personalized screensaver.

    The new Pictures application makes it easy for end users to access photos on their Pocket PC running Windows Mobile 2003. The simple Thumbnail view is consistent with imaging applications on the desktop. ActiveSync cradling makes it easy to transfer pictures from the desktop to the Pocket PC. Now consumers can show off photos of the new baby or home renovations, while enterprise customers can easily bring the latest catalog product photos or plan drawings to important client meetings.

    Download 344.79 Kb.
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    Download 344.79 Kb.

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    Windows Mobile™ 2003 Software for Pocket pcs Reviewers Guide

    Download 344.79 Kb.