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    Windows Mobile-Based applications for Pocket PC

    Key Enhancements
    ocket Outlook

    • Keyboard navigation makes searching contacts easier

    • Extensible menus (also available in Calendar and Tasks) allow developers to add new features

    • New gradient shaded background helps make text more visible

    • Department or team is showed when viewed in By Company mode
    Having mobile access to Contacts information (e.g., phone numbers and addresses) is a key benefit of the Pocket PC Contacts application, allowing users to keep such vital information with them at all times.

    1. U
      sing either the Start menu or hardware button, bring up the Contacts program. By default, the list is sorted by the person’s last name and all categories are listed. If you’ve ever used a Pocket PC, this screen will look familiar. You can still tap once on the letter in the right column to change the item displayed next to the person’s name, or tap and hold on the entry to view the context menu.

    1. W
      indows Mobile 2003 incorporates Smart lookup, a feature that enables users to input the first few letters of the contact they want to open.

    1. Now tap on View, and choose By Company. The number of contacts associated with a company is shown in parentheses next to each company’s name. Tapping once on a listing expands the view, showing all contacts for that company. People with no company field entry will appear under .

    1. Y
      ou can easily locate contacts with no assigned categories. Just tap on the drop-down arrow next to All Contacts and choose No Categories.

    1. Now you’ll enter a new contact so you can see the Pocket PC’s logical entry template. Tap on New. The most commonly used fields (i.e., Work tel, E-mail and Mobile tel) are located on the first screen, making it easier and faster to add names when you’re on the go. When you’re done, tap on OK t
      o save the new entry.

    Pocket Outlook Calendar


    • Users may now accept vCalendar into Pocket PC Calendar for closer integration with Outlook

    • New gradient shaded background helps make text more visible

    • Weekends and holidays are shown in separate colors to highlight work and personal time

    • Yearly repeating events (e.g., birthdays and anniversaries) are tallied and shown in the title

    • All-day events now show location

    • Appointments marked as "free" no longer conflict with other Calendar items

    • Improved time-zone reliability

    • Today screen shows tomorrow’s appointments after final current day appointment expires

    Key Enhancements
    or personal or business use, keeping track of appointments and scheduled activities is essential, and the Pocket PC Calendar application adds new features to help you make the most of your day.

    1. N
      avigate the Calendar via five view-switching buttons along the bottom of the screen. Tap on the Month View icon and you’ll see a slowly pulsing red outline around the current day. Days with one or more appointments are indicated with a variety of triangles and squares in the corner. Tap on any day for a single-day view of appointments.

    1. I

      f you want to see the week numbers in this view, tap on Tools >Options, check the Show week numbers box, and then tap on OK.

    1. Next, you will add a new appointment. Tap on New and then fill in the fields. Be sure to set a start and end time, and add several attendees from your Contacts list. (Do this by tapping on the Attendees: field, checking the box next to each person’s name and tapping on OK.) When finished filling in the form, tap on OK to save the appointment and queue a meeting request in your outbox.

    1. For this last step you’ll need to view a multiuser meeting that someone else has sent to you and that you’ve already accepted. (If you don’t have a meeting set up, use your second desktop Outlook client to send this sample appointment to the machine your Pocket PC is connected to, and accept the appointment to add it to the Calendar.) Open the appointment, and then tap on the expansion arrows in the lower-right corner of the upper pane. In previous Pocket PC devices, only the owner of the event could see all the attendees, but with Windows Mobile 2003 software, anyone can see the entire list of participants.

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    Download 344.79 Kb.

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    Windows Mobile-Based applications for Pocket PC

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