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    From setting up the basics to complete color schemes, it’s easier than ever to mold the new version of Pocket PC to suit your tastes and requirements.

    1. J
       The Bliss and Spiral themes shown here allow users to customize the look of their Pocket PC. A variety of skins are available for customers to download from http://www.pocketpc.com/. For those who want to create their own themes, a power toy called Theme Generator is also available for download from http://www.pocketpc.com/.

      ust as everyone can decorate their homes and offices to match their individual style, the Pocket PC lets you personalize the Today page and color schemes using themes. The Bliss screen and Spiral are shown here. Modify the themes by tapping on Start > Settings > Today. Select Bliss or Spiral and then tap on OK.

    1. F
      rom the main Today screen, tap on New in the lower-left corner to go directly to new appointments, contact records or other frequently-used features (e.g., Excel workbook, message, note, task and Word documents).

    1. F

      or those who prefer viewing their time displayed the old-fashioned way, tap and hold on the clock, and then choose Analog.

    1. Tapping on Start >Settings >Sounds & Notifications > Notifications tab lets you further customize each Pocket PC event notification to best fit your current needs.

    1. The Pocket PC provides four methods for entering text. Along with the Letter Recognizer (and Keyboard options), there is Block Recognizer, which will be familiar to Graffiti users, and Transcriber, which recognizes y

      our handwriting.

    Microsoft Reader

    The Microsoft Reader interface makes it easier to use and navigate than ever. With full support for Owner Exclusive titles (books) protected with Digital Rights Management level 5, or DRM 5, content from all major eBook publishers and suppliers can be purchased and read using the Microsoft Reader. The Microsoft Reader CD is included with your device.

    1. Before starting Microsoft Reader you’ll need to add some content to view. You’ll find a variety of sample eBooks on the Pocket PC Companion CD in the folder :\MS\APPS\MSReader\EBOOKS.

    1. O

       Here’s a list of several Web sites offering a wide variety of eBook content for the Microsoft Reader.







      University of Virginia Library Electronic Center


      pen the Pocket PC’s My Documents folder on the desktop, and then just drag and drop a few of the books into the personal folder. (At the very least, you’ll want the file cotw.lit so you can follow along with the examples here.) Wait until ActiveSync replicates the changes to the Pocket PC.

    1. To find out what the book titles are, open the readme.htm file.

    1. N

       With version 2.0 of Microsoft Reader for Pocket PC, all types of eBooks, even those with the most secure levels of encryption, are now available to readers upon activation. The three incremental levels of security available are listed below:

      Sealed (DRM 2). eBooks are encrypted during the conversion to the .lit file, ensuring the authenticity of the content. A sealed eBook can be read with any copy of Microsoft Reader.

      Inscribed (DRM 3). eBooks are sealed and then further encrypted. An inscribed eBook can be read with any copy of Microsoft Reader and always displays information about the purchaser on the cover page.

      Owner Exclusive (DRM 5). eBooks are inscribed and then an encrypted license is added to allow only the legitimate purchaser to read it. This security level requires the consumer’s copy of Microsoft Reader to be activated.
      ow launch Microsoft Reader by tapping on Start >Programs >Microsoft Reader. After a brief splash screen, the main Library page will appear, along with a suggestion to activate Microsoft Reader. This is only required when using Owner Exclusive (DRM 5) content. Our demonstration books are not copy-protected, so tap anywhere on the screen to dismiss this box and reveal the Library listings.

    1. Before you open any books, take a few moments to look at the various options in Microsoft Reader. Tap on Settings. The first screen lets you toggle the Visual Guides; please leave these on. At the top right of the screen, tap on the arrow to the right o
      f Page 1 to see the annotations page and their associated icons. Page 3 s
      hows the font size selector.

    1. N

      ow tap on Return, and then tap on one of the books you copied. You’ll first see the cover art, followed by the title. Tap on the title to go to the table of contents.

    1. Quickly jump to Chapter 6 by tapping on it. Drag the stylus over the chapter name i
      tself to reveal the annotations options. Choose Add Bookmark. A colored flag w
      ill appear on the right side of the page.

    1. S

      elect an interesting word or phrase. This time choose Add Highlight. This version of Reader allows users to better manage bookmarks and highlights by the use of color. Tap on the word you highlighted, choose Edit Highlight, then pick a new color.

    1. Add a few more annotations to the book if you want to. Next, tap on the book’s title at t
      he top of the screen and choose Annotations. Tap on any of the items you’ve a
      dded to jump directly to that page.

    1. A
      nother feature of Microsoft Reader is the Riffle Control. Instead of moving forward or back in a book using the hardware buttons or the visual guide arrows, you can now quickly jump to any point in the book. Tap and hold on the page number itself for approximately two seconds. Now tap and hold your stylus in the bottom portion and drag it left or right. Release it when you reach the desired page.

    1. The inner double arrows () move a page at a time, while the outer ones () let you jump a chapter at a time. To close the Riffle Control, tap on the .

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    Download 344.79 Kb.

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    Windows Mobile™ 2003 Software for Pocket pcs Reviewers Guide

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