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    In addition to Solitaire, Windows Mobile 2003 software offers “Jawbreaker,” a single-player graphical game. Earlier versions of it were known as “Bubblets.”

    Adding vs. integrating: Adding wireless capabilities is fine, but integrating them is better. We’ll point out how this integration plays out as we walk through the new features of Windows Mobile 2003 software.
    Integrated Wireless: Bringing It All Together

    Telephony on Windows Mobile 2003 software is more than just a phone application running on a PDA: It is a fully integrated wireless hardware and software experience designed to make sure the phone integrates seamlessly with the Pocket PC applications. Windows Mobile 2003 software combines a powerful PDA with high-end mobile phone functionality, including WAV, Microsoft Windows Media 9 Audio (WMA), and MiDi ring tones, a call log, call notifications and short messaging service (SMS) messaging.
    In addition, Windows Mobile 2003-based Pocket PCs provide a superior wireless data experience, making existing features such as e-mail, MSN Messenger and Pocket Internet Explorer better. Microsoft has integrated wireless capability throughout the device to “light up” existing features and extend the power of the platform.

    A Great Phone

    GSM or CDMA? Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs with integrated voice and data capabilities are available for both GSM/GPRS and CDMA networks.
    On hardware that supports integrated voice and data capabilities, Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs are mobile phones for both GSM/GPRS and CDMA networks with all the features users expect from a high-end mobile phone, including an easily accessible phone dialer, speed dialing, a speaker phone, SMS and Web access. New phone features in Windows Mobile 2003-based Pocket PCs include separate volume controls for phone and PDA notifications, Call Barring and Call Forwarding, richer ring tones, and a mute button.
    Windows Mobile 2003 software utilizes the power of the PDA software to expand and enhance the phone capabilities of a device. For example, the dialer’s caller ID takes advantage of Pocket PC’s seamless integration with the Outlook messaging and collaboration client by displaying a contact’s name rather than a phone number if the number exists in the Contact list. Also, the phone can be personalized by incorporating custom ring tones made from any WAV, WMA or MiDi file.

    mart, Easy Connectivity

    Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PCs was designed to make it easier than ever to connect to a variety of wireless networks and to manage connectivity intelligently. For example, voice calls are given priority over data calls so conversations are not dropped and urgent calls are not missed. At the same time, data is accessible on the device thanks to the multithreaded nature of the underlying operating system. Smart, persistent 2.5G data connections in Windows Mobile 2003 allow users to turn off their device screen but maintain a GSM or CDMA connection.
    Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs with integrated voice and data capabilities are available from a number of device manufacturers and mobile operators. Voice and wireless data services require a service plan, and services offered may vary by provider. The latest information can be found at http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/.

    New Windows Mobile 2003 Features at a Glance



    Smart, persistent 2.5G data connections

    Users can turn off their device while maintaining a data connection, which allows uninterrupted communication for applications such as instant messaging or e-mail.

    GSM Suspend/Resume and CDMA Dormant Mode

    When a voice call is placed or answered during an active data session, the data pipe is paused during a voice call and resumed immediately after the voice call ends.

    Mute button

    This feature mutes the call in progress, but does not turn off the sounds on the device.

    Separate volume controls

    A new user interface allows for separate volume controls for the ringer volume and system volume.

    Immediate silence

    Pressing any hardware button (except Send) when the phone is ringing diverts the call immediately.

    Volume adjustment while dialing

    Users can adjust call volume while dialing is in process to compensate for a noisy environment.

    Call Barring/Call Forwarding

    Incoming and outgoing calls (e.g., international calls) can be monitored and/or blocked from reaching and originating from the phone.

    Richer ring tones

    The ability to play back Windows Media and MIDI ring tones allows for a wider selection of ring tones, in addition to content protection from Windows Media Digital Rights Management (DRM) support.

    SMS: Contact mapping and direct callback

    Inbox will attempt to match SMS messages in the Inbox with Contact information. If there is a match, the From field of the SMS message will be populated with the Contact name and phone number.

    MMS plugability

    Inbox extensibility allows mobile operators and ISVs to create MMS and EMS plug-ins in the Inbox.

    • End user can have one unified Inbox for messaging needs.

    • Mobile operator can increase revenue through EMS/MMS services.

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    Windows Mobile™ 2003 Software for Pocket pcs Reviewers Guide

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