• A Better Wireless Experience
  • A Great PDA for E-Mail and Messaging
  • An Expanded Digital Media Experience
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  • What Is Windows Mobile 2003 Software?

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    What Is Windows Mobile 2003 Software?

    Windows Mobile 2003 software represents an even better Pocket PC experience with improved wireless connectivity, a better messaging experience, and new and improved media capabilities. The result is an even stronger platform, with new ActiveSync® technology, improved connectivity and easier wireless network configuration.

    A Better Wireless Experience

    As the mobile device industry matures, connectivity continues to be a key driver of device adoption. Windows Mobile 2003 software makes it easier than ever to connect to a variety of wireless networks by automatically detecting and easily connecting to Wi-Fi networks. The software also natively supports Bluetooth®, which adds another option for wireless connectivity. Windows Mobile 2003 software also features a new and easier-to-use Connection Manager that improves the overall user experience for connectivity functionality on the device.
    Note: Connectivity solutions are available via devices that integrate with wireless hardware capabilities or through separately purchased wireless accessories. See Pocket PC device manufacturer and wireless Internet service providers (ISPs) for details.

    A Great PDA for E-Mail and Messaging

    Just as connectivity drives device adoption, messaging has emerged as the
    No. 1 usage scenario beyond personal information management for devices in a connected state. With this in mind, Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PCs delivers “Always Up-To-Date” (AUTD) synchronization capability for e-mail, calendar and contacts. Pocket PC 2003 also supports Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003 for improved real-time e-mail, calendar and contacts support. For devices equipped with an integrated or modular keyboard, Windows Mobile 2003 software delivers a great keyboard experience by simplifying navigation and input in e-mail and instant messaging (IM).

    An Expanded Digital Media Experience

    Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PCs puts powerful new media functionality into the hands of users. A new Pictures application allows people to view and modify digital images on their Pocket PC. Digital images may be stored, presented in an electronic slide show format, set as wallpaper or beamed to friends. The popular “Jawbreaker” game is also included on Windows Mobile 2003.
    Users will enjoy high-quality audio and video playback on the new Windows Media® Player 9 Series for Windows Mobile 2003, the latest version of Windows Media Player for Pocket PC. With its support for the industry-leading compression of Windows Media 9 Series, the new media player can now deliver unmatched audio and video quality on the go, whether playing content back from local memory storage or streamed directly over a wireless connection.
    Users also can easily take their personal photos and home movies with them on the Pocket PC and play them back in the Windows Media Player 9 Series for Pocket PC 2003. Digital photo albums are easy to make with Plus! Photo Story, a fun new feature of the Plus! Digital Media Edition enhancement pack for Windows® XP. And Windows Movie Maker 2 for Windows XP is perfect for creating home movies that can be enjoyed anywhere with friends and family on Windows Mobile software 2003 for Pocket PCs.
    In addition, Pocket PC users will enjoy Plus! Sync & Go, another great feature of the Plus! Digital Media Edition enhancement pack for Windows XP, which provides users with an easy way to enjoy timely content on the go. Users can take the latest music, news and more from the Web or content from their Media Library in Windows Media Player 9 Series on their PC with them on the Pocket PC. Plus! Sync & Go makes it easy for users to automatically synchronize the latest audio and video content from many leading news and entertainment providers as well as their own personal media library and take it with them on the go.

    New Features at a Glance



    Enhanced Connection Manager user interface

    A new and more intuitive Connection Manager wizard features enhanced tabs to give users more control over selecting networks and setting dialing preferences.

    Zero Configuration connections

    Windows Mobile 2003 software has added Zero Configuration for Wi-Fi, designed to simplify connection with and authentication to 802.11 wireless networks. Zero Configuration is also supported when adding a dial-up modem or Ethernet network card.

    Improved animated connectivity status icons

    New connectivity icons have been merged onto the navigation bar to better illustrate radio signal strength and data flow when using the cellular phone features of the Pocket PC.

    Improved connectivity bubbles

    Connectivity message bubbles are clearer and less cluttered and more easily convey information about connection status, synchronization and signal strength.

    Bluetooth partnership wizard

    A new wizard pops up at (Settings | Bluetooth | Paired Device Tab | New), which turns on the radio, searches for available devices and asks users to set a PIN to pair with a device. This feature allows users to easily configure Bluetooth bonding.

    Always-on Bluetooth discoverability

    The Bluetooth discoverable mode stays turned on after users activate it (until users manually change the setting) to allow for easy Bluetooth bonding.

    Use of Bluetooth modems

    Bluetooth phones may be used as a modem to connect the Pocket PC to the Internet. This feature represents Microsoft’s commitment to serving original equipment manufacturers and mobile operators and to supporting the growing popularity of the Bluetooth wireless connection standard.

    Bluetooth beaming

    Users can now beam data such as Contact files using Bluetooth.


    Common spelling errors are automatically corrected during typing. Auto-correct can easily be overridden. (Not available in East Asia.)


    Auto-suggest is extended to the e-mail inbox, allowing users to type e-mail more quickly.

    Turn all radios off

    One-touch ability allows users to turn off all wireless radios (802.11x, Bluetooth, cell phone, etc.) to conserve device power when not on a network or allow other features to be used while traveling on an airplane when cell phones must be turned off.

    802.1x support

    802.1x Wi-Fi security is supported natively.

    Certificate Management UI

    New control panel applet allows users to manage client and root certificates. This is useful when users have installed a bad certificate and have difficulty logging onto Wi-Fi networks.


    Windows CE provides the support for Internet Protocol Security/Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (IPsec/L2TP), the Microsoft virtual private network (VPN) standard for connectivity.

    Support for Multiple VPNs

    The new Connection Manager also supports multiple VPNs.

    IPv6 support

    Pocket PC now supports IPv6/v4 mixed environments.

    New Today screen

    The Today screen automatically shows users the next day’s appointments immediately after the last current-day appointment expires so they can better manage early morning meetings.

    Smart Lookup in Contacts

    Windows Mobile 2003 software incorporates Smart Lookup, a feature that enables users to input the first few letters of the contact they want to open.

    Windows CE 4.2 operating system

    With the new and improved operating system, Windows CE 4.2, users will experience improved performance and stability of applications built for Windows Mobile software 2003 for Pocket PCs.

    .NET Compact Framework

    The integrated Microsoft .NET Compact Framework brings the power of new applications that simplify the overall development and integration of Web services on smart devices, enabling developers and enterprise end users to access a wealth of data from various sources such as back-end servers, intranets and the Internet.

    Enhanced developer support

    Developer support for Windows Mobile 2003 software is greatly improved with the addition of several new APIs that include Enhanced Messaging and Networking APIs.

    128-bit encryption strength for Crypto API

    With Pocket PC 2002, 128-bit encryption required an installation, but is already installed in the read-only memory (ROM) of Pocket PC 2003 software for Pocket PCs. This enables independent software vendors and corporate developers to develop additional security for the Windows Mobile platform.

    Improved power management

    Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PCs enables better handling of unattended applications so that it doesn’t wake up or consume as much power when applications are not being actively used.

    Windows Media Player 9 Series for Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PCs

    Support is included for playback of Windows Media Audio and Video 9 Series codecs, which give users 20 percent improvements in audio compression and as much as 50 percent for video compared with previous versions. The new media player also offers enhanced performance for video playback, improved networking support, better Web streaming and an enhanced user interface.

    Plus! Sync & Go

    Plus! Sync & Go is a new feature of Plus! Digital Media Edition (an enhancement pack for Windows XP) that enables Pocket PC users to take the latest music, news and more from the Web or their own personal digital media library with them on the Pocket PC. Plus! Sync & Go provides great benefits to users of Windows Mobile 2003 software, enabling them to enjoy audio and video content from many top content providers that is automatically downloaded and synchronized to their Pocket PC so it’s always up to date. Content from the user’s Media Library in Windows Media Player 9 Series can also be synchronized, offering automatic delivery of this content right to the Pocket PC.

    Support for Plus! Photo Story

    Support for playback of Plus! Photo Stories in Windows Media Player 9 Series for Windows Mobile 2003 software is included. Now users can take their digital photos and the stories that go with them on a Pocket PC running Windows Mobile 2003 using Plus! Photo Story, a fun new feature of Plus! Digital Media Edition.

    Windows Movie Maker 2

    Windows Movie Maker 2 provides Pocket PC users with special save profiles for playback of home movies on the Pocket PC (including full-screen playback). The enhanced playback performance of Windows Media Player 9 Series for Pocket PC 2003 makes the experience of playing back home movies on the Pocket PC even better.


    Users can view their images individually, in slide show mode or thumbnails. Tools for simple image editing, such as brightness and contrast, pan and zoom, and cropping and rotating, are also provided.

    New Version of Pocket Internet Explorer

    Pocket Internet Explorer performance has increased and reduced memory requirements. Pocket Internet Explorer includes support for Extensible HTML (XHTML) Basic, Cascading Style Sheets, Wireless Markup Language (WML) 2.0, JScript® 5.5 and IPv6.

    “Jawbreaker” game

    This is a single-player graphical game. Earlier versions of it were known as “Bubblets.”

    vCard and vCal Support

    Users can now accept a vCard into Contacts and a vCal into Calendar.

    Inbox Signature Support

    Users can easily configure their e-mail accounts to include an e-mail signature.

    New user notifications

    Better battery power reminders reduce the number of low battery notifications, while maintaining those reminders that matter the most (when battery power becomes critical). They also ensure that the reminder never wakes up the device.

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    What Is Windows Mobile 2003 Software?

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