• Versatile Connectivity
  • Virtual Private Network
  • XIP Update
  • Zero Configuration
  • Bluetooth
  • A better wireless experience

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    A better wireless experience

    Connection Manager
    Key Enhancements

    • Wizard-like connection manager eases user connection setup

    • Bluetooth partnership wizard eases pairing of Bluetooth phones as modems

    • Support for zero configuration when in the presence of a Wi-Fi network

    • Supports multiple VPN connections

    • One-touch disabling of wireless radios for use in flight
    he primary purpose of Connection Manager is to centralize and automate the establishment and management of various kinds of network connections. Connection Manager can handle many types of connections including Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) and Remote Access Service (RAS) connections, VPN connections, and Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS) adapters. It can also configure proxy server settings in applications that are capable of using them.
    Connection Manager works by abstracting all connection knowledge from the applications themselves. It also auto-disconnects networks when idle for a specified time. This frees applications from having to deal with low-level connection issues.

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      o get to Connection Manager, tap on Start >Settings, select the Connections tab, and then tap on the Connections icon.

    Though there isn’t time or sufficient space here to walk through all the possible connection scenarios that Connection Manager can handle, the next steps will show you each of the settings options available to Pocket PC users.

    1. Imagine you’re away from your desktop and need to configure a dial-up connection to the home office. Click on the Add a new modem connection link under My ISP.

    1. G

      ive the connection a meaningful name (the default name is My Connection), and choose your modem from the drop-down list. (If you don’t have a modem you can pick Hayes Compatible from the list.) Tap on Next. Fill in the phone number field and tap on Next.

    1. Insert User Name and Password and Domain. Under the Advanced option, leave the default options for each tab (General, Port Settings, TCP/IP and Servers), and then tap on Finish.

    1. Now you’ll define a VPN connection and proxy. Tap on the Add a new VPN server connection link under My Work Network on the main Connection Manager control panel. Name the connection (the default is My VPN), and enter the host information (this is usually provided by your IT department).

    1. Add User Name and Password and Domain.

    1. Tapping on the Advanced button lets you configure the Pocket PC’s IP address, while the Name Servers tab lets you configure your DNS and WINS servers. When finished, tap on OK. Then click on Finish.

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      he last step is to check and set Proxy Settings. From the My Work Network screen, tap on the Proxy Settings tab, and then enter the proxy’s options. The Advanced button lets you set individual ports for the HTTP, Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), Secure WAP and Socks protocols. When you’re done, tap on OK.

    1. For Connection Manager to make the right choices about how to connect, you must make sure your location information is correct. Tap on the Advanced tab from the main Connection Manager screen. Tap on the Select Location button. Check the Use Dialing Rules box (a dialog box will emerge with directions about verifying the correct country/region codes; read it and tap on OK), then select the Home or Work radio button. Select New, then name the location, set the correct country and area code for this entry, and tap on OK to save them.

    Versatile Connectivity

    Virtual Private Network and Upgradeability

    Connectivity Features
    n addition to the Terminal Server Client and Strong Password features, Windows Mobile 2003 software offers other features of particular interest to corporations deploying Pocket PC.

    Virtual Private Network

    Remember this about Connection Manager: Once it has been properly configured, it will always use the most suitable connectivity path for any given connection request.
    or mobile users who have had to scour a remote location for an analog port from which to dial in to their company’s server, VPN is great news. VPN allows users to access their resources from a remote or foreign network by providing a data connection that can offer higher speeds than a dial-up connection. Pocket PC users can access their e-mail using VPN as their mode of connection to their e-mail and network services. With the VPN feature, Windows Mobile 2003 software allows users to access their own networks and e-mail using faster data connections. New in Windows Mobile 2003 is support for IPSec/L2TP, Microsoft’s VPN connectivity standard, and a new VPN user interface that enables consumers and business users to more easily configure IPSec/L2TP-based VPNs. (Detailed information on using VPN is contained in the Connection Manager section.)

    XIP Update

    The ability to remotely manage and configure devices is an important benefit for mobile professionals. With flash ROM, enterprises or end users can now update or upgrade their existing software with important patches and operating system upgrades using XIP (Execute in Place) technology. XIP updating allows for complete operating system upgrades and can be used to update specific applications by isolating particular regions of the Flash memory and updating those parts.
    It is unlikely and impractical to outline every potential network connection in this guide. Nor is the average user likely to employ all the features of the new Connection Manager. But this section provides a basic overview.

    Zero Configuration

    indows Mobile 2003 sofware for Pocket PC has added Zero Configuration for Wi-Fi networks, designed to simplify connection with and authentication on increasingly popular 802.11 wireless networks. When outfitted with Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PCs with integrated 802.11 Wi-Fi support or when adding an 802.11 Wi-Fi network card within range of an 802.11 wireless network, the Pocket PC automatically senses the network and prompts users with a simple notification bubble notifying the user that a wireless network is available.

    Users choose to connect or not connect, and that information is stored in Connection Manager until it is manually changed by users. The next time the device is within range of the same Wi-Fi network, Windows Mobile 2003 software automatically connects without alerting or distracting users. The simple and automatic configuration is designed to allow consumers to easily jump from a home wireless local area network (LAN) to another Wi-Fi “hot spot,” such as at the office or in a coffee shop or shopping mall, while retaining previously set options and settings. Support for Zero Configuration for 802.11 networks in Windows Mobile 2003 software also is designed to enable enterprises to more rapidly and easily deploy mobile computing devices to their work force.

    Zero Configuration is also supported on Windows Mobile 2003 software when adding a dial-up modem or Ethernet network card. If a dialup or LAN network connection has not been set up, a setup bubble will appear prompting users for specific information about setting up the connection.


    Note: Bluetooth capabilities are added by the original equipment manufacturer. A dialog box will appear when there is no Bluetooth hardware installed on the device.
    he Connection Manager also has built-in support for Bluetooth.

    ccess the Bluetooth controls from the main Settings > Connections screen, and tap on the Bluetooth icon. The Connection Manager is designed to make “partnerships” between the Pocket PC 2003 and Bluetooth mobile phones easier to establish. Users can also use Bluetooth phones as a modem to connect the Pocket PC running Windows Mobile 2003 software to the Internet or a corporate network. Pocket PC 2003 also supports Object Push, so that files can be exchanged between Bluetooth devices.
    Overall, the new features of the Windows Mobile 2003 software Connection Manager are designed to make configuring a Pocket PC faster and easier for consumers and enterprises. These features include support for Zero Configuration for Wi-Fi wireless networks, simplified Bluetooth partnerships, support for stronger and easier-to-connect VPNs that allow enterprises to provide behind-the-firewall access to and synchronization with corporate data, among other features.

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    Download 344.79 Kb.

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    A better wireless experience

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