P Key Enhancements ocket Internet Explorer

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Key Enhancements
ocket Internet Explorer

Pocket Internet Explorer has improved imaging and better performance with less RAM. In addition, OEMs now have the capability to add their own image formats so the home page could vary based on the device.

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    • More efficient; better performance with less RAM

    • Supports key industry standards including XHTML, CSS, JScript 5.5, WML 2.0, IPv6 and Graphics Device Interface (GDI) Imaging

    • Can navigate secure WAP sites via Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS) support

    • Reduced RAM requirements for AvantGo client software
    ap on Start >Internet Explorer, and then tap on PocketPC.com. Tap once more on the MSN® Mobile hot link in the middle of the page.

  1. C

    ontent on the PocketPC.com site is designed to fit and display well on the smaller screen of a PDA. Spend a few minutes browsing the site, and then find a page you’d like to return to often. Tap and hold anywhere on the page, and choose Add to Favorites. Change the name if you’d like, or simply tap on Add when finished.

  1. T
    o view and jump to any of your Web favorites, just tap on the Favorites button (designated by the Star icon) and choose one of the entries. From the Add/Delete tab you can also create additional folders to store and organize your favorite lists. Tap on OK.

  1. Download support in Pocket Internet Explorer allows you to retrieve files off the Web directly from your device. For example, suppose your connecting flight gets delayed and you’ve got time to kill. You could download a new book and spend the time catching up on your reading. Here you’ve retrieved “The Raven and Other Stories.”

  1. Instead of accepting the defaults, tap on Change to rename the file, and designate a folder to save it to. An indicator bar shows the download progress.

  1. I
    f you’re browsing the Web over a slow connection, graphics are something you can probably do without. Pocket Internet Explorer helps speed Web page downloading in two ways. First, it always requests a page’s text content before it tries to download images. Second, it allows users to turn off all image downloads and/or selectively pull down only the ones they need. To see this for yourself, tap on the View menu and uncheck the Show Images icon.

  1. Next, tap on Favorites by tapping the star icon at the bottom of Internet Explorer, and choose WindowsMedia.com.

  1. The page appears very quickly, but as you can see there are no images. To display a picture, tap and hold on its placeholder, and choose Show Picture from the context menu. The individual image is retrieved.

  1. If you decide you’d rather see all the images, tap on Hide Pictures once more to toggle it off and the Web page will render completely.

a great pda for e-mail and messaging

Key Enhancements
ecause e-mail is one of the most popular messaging options, Windows Mobile 2003 focuses for Pocket PC on expanding the many robust e-mail features in the platform. With such key enhancements as editable meeting responses, auto-configuration of e-mail, auto-suggest and spell-checker, Pocket PC 2003 makes it easier than ever to make the most of the mobile inbox.

  1. F
    or many computer users, getting e-mail accounts set up properly can be daunting. The Pocket PC goes a long way toward removing that hurdle with its automated setup process. You will go through the creation steps now. (Be sure you have a network connection or the device cradled.) Tap on Start >Inbox, and from the Accounts menu choose New Account. Enter your e-mail address and tap on Next.

  1. P
    Automated configuration works for more than 85 of the nation’s top ISPs. Still, there will be some cases in which you must configure the e-mail service manually.
    ocket PC attempts to automatically configure your e-mail settings based on the domain portion of your e-mail address. Tap on Next, fill in your user i

    nformation and tap on Next again.

  1. You will be prompted with the option to change the service type and rename the connection. Tap on Next. The mail server fields may already be filled in for you. If not, insert your server information. You’re all done, so just tap on Finish. (If you want to adjust the advanced e-mail settings, such as how often to check for e-mail or whether the inbox should download headers only or the full message, tap on Options.)

  1. Like most people, you probably get lots of e-mail. And to keep it organized, you probably have separate folders for important messages, follow-up items and miscellaneous. The Pocket PC’s subfolder synchronization lets you keep that same tree structure intact on the Pocket PC. To see this, create a new folder or two in desktop Outlook, then copy several messages to them. Next, right-click on Inbox in the ActiveSync window on your desktop computer and choose Settings.

  1. Each new folder will have a check box beside it. Check the folders you want to sync with the Pocket PC, and then click OK.

  1. If your device is in its cradle, synchronization happens immediately. Otherwise, you will need to perform a manual synchronization and then tap on Inbox in the upper-left-hand corner to reveal the Show menu. The new folders will be part of the list and your messages will all be there, just as on the desktop.

  1. Another great feature of the Pocket PC inbox is editable meeting responses, as featured in desktop Outlook. This lets you suggest an alternate meeting day or time without having to send a separate message.

  1. Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PCs also includes vCard and vCalendar support.

  1. A
    nd for the spelling-challenged among us, The Pocket PC’s inbox has an improved spell-checker and auto-suggest features to help keep your correspondence looking its best.

Download 344.79 Kb.
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Download 344.79 Kb.

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P Key Enhancements ocket Internet Explorer

Download 344.79 Kb.