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    Terminal Services Client

    Imagine that you are out to dinner and someone from the office sends you a short message service message that there is a serious problem with the network. Rather than driving back to the office, you pull out your Pocket PC running Windows Mobile 2003 software and — using a wireless VPN connection — instantly log on to the corporate Windows Exchange Server. In the time it takes for dessert to arrive, you have been able to troubleshoot and fix the problem. And it was done using the Pocket PC’s Terminal Services Client (TSC).

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      rom the Start menu, choose Programs >Terminal Services Client. Enter the name of the server and then tap on the Connect button.

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      Although the Pass-Through feature will let you perform many of the exercises in this guide, not all networking protocols are supported. For instance, the Terminal Services Client, File Share access and VPN connections will not work.

      the Pocket PC screen is much smaller than a desktop display screen, a row of five buttons along the bottom of the TSC lets you quickly move to any corner or the center of the virtual screen. You can also use the horizontal and vertical scroll bars to position the screen exactly where you need it.

    1. After logging on to the server, a tap on the lower-left corner button lets you a

      ccess the Start menu to reach the desired program.

    1. With your tasks completed, just disconnect from the TSC session and you’re done. Enjoy your dinner!


    • IPSec/L2TP support offers more secure VPN links

    • 128-bit encryption

    • Supports WTLS Class 2, the secure WAP layer, for Pocket Internet Explorer

    • Inbox supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for more secure e-mail

    Key Enhancements
    taying Secure

    Small portable devices such as the Pocket PC can be easily misplaced or, worse, stolen. If that happens, it’s comforting to know that you can help protect the information in your Pocket PC by using a strong password. It enforces the same stringent password rules as Windows XP.

    1. To set up a strong password, tap on Start >Settings >Password, and tap the Prompt if device unused drop-down menu. Select the length of time before the device locks itself (options range from 0 minutes to 24 hours). The Prompt if device unused for: setting lets you turn the Pocket PC on and off in meetings without having to re-enter your password each time. If you want to test strong passwords, you can easily change this to 0 minutes, tap on OK to save the changes, and then turn the device off and back on. Next, pick the Strong alphanumeric password option.

    1. Type in a Password, and retype it a second time in the Confirm field.

    1. To prevent forgetting your password, tap the Hint tab. Here you may write a note to yourself as a hint in case you forget your password. Be careful though, because your hint may be visible to others. Click on OK when finished.

    MSN Messenger

    Microsoft’s MSN Messenger Service is a popular way to send and receive messages on Pocket PC devices. With MSN Messenger for the Pocket PC, you can chat instantly with any of your MSN Messenger contacts from your device.

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      ap on Start >Programs >MSN Messenger, then tap again on where it says Tap here to sign in. Enter your account information and tap on Sign in.

    1. I
      f you already have a list of Contacts, they’ll appear as they do on your desktop. Tap on any of them to start chatting.

    1. If you want to invite another person into the conversation, just tap on
      Tools >Invite… then tap on that user’s icon.

    1. T

      ap on Tools >Chat Members to see the participants of any chat session. With MSN Messenger for the Pocket PC you can carry on multiple chatting sessions too. To switch from one to the other, tap on Chats, then pick the conversation you’d like to resume.

    1. Tap on My Text to quickly reply with often-used phrases. You can edit them from the Tools menu. If you need to send e-mail to one of your chat friends, just tap and hold their name in the buddies list, and then tap on Send Mail. You’re then taken to the inbox to compose your message. Once y

      ou tap on Send, Pocket PC returns you to MSN Messenger.

    1. Pocket MSN Messenger lets you manage Allow and Block lists and alerts you if someone adds you to their contact list. Tap on Tools >Options >Privacy to see the complete lists. If you’ve checked the alert box, MSN Messenger informs you with a pop-up bubble when a user tries to add you t

      o her list.

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    Download 344.79 Kb.

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    Windows Mobile™ 2003 Software for Pocket pcs Reviewers Guide

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