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    new and improved applications and features

    Windows Media Player 9 Series for Windows Mobile 2003 Software
    Whether you’re a mobile worker or using your Pocket PC for fun, you’ll want to find time to relax and enjoy media on the go. For those who like to make the most of downtime while on an airplane or train, you’ll appreciate taking along your favorite music and videos on the road or streaming them wirelessly over the Web. Businesspeople can also make the best of use of their time with the capability to stream or download corporate communications or a training presentation right to their Pocket PC running Windows Mobile 2003 software. With the introduction of Windows Media Player 9 Series for Windows Mobile 2003, you will enjoy the richest and highest-quality mobile entertainment experience available. Some of the new and improved features are listed below and are designed to deliver the following:

    • Support for Windows Media Audio and Video 9 Series improves the quality of local and streamed audio/video

    • Enhanced performance for video playback

    • Improved network support

    • Better Web streaming

    • Improved user interface

    Key Enhancements

    Best Audio and Video Experience

    • New! Support for Windows Media Audio and Video 9 Series, offering
      20 percent improvements in audio compression and as much as 50 percent for video compared with previous versions. This means that consumers can now take even more high-quality audio and video with them on the Pocket PC as well as enjoy a higher-quality streaming experience over the Web.

      • Supports Windows Media Audio (WMA) 9, Windows Media Video (WMV) 9 and WMV 9 Image (for playback of Plus! Photo Stories — see next section).

    • Improved! Enhanced performance for smoother video playback uses an enhanced algorithm to smooth video playback of broadband content from the Web and local video content that is processor-intensive. Also, optimized performance of Windows Media Player 9 Series for Pocket PC 2003 enables users to play back broadband content directly from the Web or corporate network.

    • New! Improved Web streaming and Fast Streaming support. When accessing streams delivered by Windows Media Services 9 Series in Windows Server™ 2003, users enjoy the following benefits:

      • Fast Streaming, which can effectively eliminate buffering delays when streaming audio and video from the Web

      • Multiple bit rate (MBR) support, which improves the user experience by automatically sensing and selecting the bit rate that is best suited for the device and connection

    Easy to Use!

    • New! Improved networking support supports new IPv6 protocols for enhanced Web streaming, providing consumers with a seamless browsing and media playback experience.

    • Automatic discovery of media automatically scans Pocket PC and storage cards for all supported digital media types including WMA, MP3 and WAV.

    • Seamless music transfer from PC. Windows Media Player 9 Series offers easy transfer of music from the PC to the Pocket PC directly from within the player.

    Great All-in-One Experience

    • New! Enhanced user interface features a great new brushed metallic look consistent with Windows Mobile 2003 and one-click mute capability. The new media player also features more intuitive placement of the full-screen video playback button and a separate volume control that enables users to set different system and Windows Media Player volume.

    • More intuitive, one-click access to the mobile page of WindowsMedia.com, the most popular guide to audio and video on the Web.

    • Enjoying audio and video from one easy place. Windows Media Player 9 Series for Windows Mobile 2003 was designed to make playing back audio and video on the Pocket PC a snap. Users can play back both streamed or local audio and video. Local video playback can include home movies created with Windows Movie Maker 2 for Windows XP and Photo Stories created with Plus! Digital Media Edition.

    • Full wireless support. Users can connect to the Web or corporate network via 802.11b connection.

    Easily Customizable

    • Button mapping. Users can easily assign hardware buttons on their Pocket PC running Windows Mobile 2003 software to do common Media Player tasks. For example, consumers can assign standard functions such as Play, Pause, Stop or Fast Forward to a hardware button on the Pocket PC, or even map a button to turn off the screen to help preserve battery life while listening to music.

    • New! Hardware-assisted playback capabilities. Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PCs has the capability to support the decoding of audio and video at the chip level. This paves the way for the offloading of audio and video rendering from the main processor to the chip level, helping conserve main processor cycles and overall battery life.

    Adding audio and video content to your device running Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PCs is easy. The recommended way to add music to the Pocket PC is via Windows Media Player 9 Series on your desktop computer. Windows Media Player 9 Series offers fast and flexible playback on the desktop, and makes it easy to manage your entire media library and to create custom playlists — and even Auto Playlists — of your favorite content that are easily transferable to your Pocket PC. You can transfer your playlists directly to your Pocket PC’s main memory or to a storage card that you have inserted into the Pocket PC memory slot.
    The following steps show how to copy a few songs from your media library located in Windows Media Player 9 Series on your PC over to your Pocket PC.

    1. Ensure that you have an ActiveSync connection and that your device is properly connected to the computer, then start the desktop Windows Media Player and click on the Copy to CD or Device tab.

    2. In the Items to Copy pane, click on the drop-down box and choose the playlist, category or files you want to copy. The list of songs you can choose from is organized by your playlists; however, you can select other albums or playlists from the Music & Copy drop-down box.

    3. In the Music on Device window on the right side, click on the device or storage card to which you want to copy files. Click on Copy Music. The player will check that there is space for the selected files on the device and copy the files to the Pocket PC device or storage card. The amount of used and free space is shown at the bottom of the Music on Device pane. If your device is close to its maximum storage, some of your tracks may display the May Not Fit status.

    4. Repeat steps 1–3 for any other playlist or file you want to copy to your device.

    5. W
      hen the transfer is finished, open Windows Media Player 9 Series for Pocket PC 2003 on your device by tapping on the Start button and choosing Windows Media. Once inside the Player, tap on Playlist to view the song titles. Windows Media Player automatically finds all your media files on your Pocket PC, even if they reside on storage media. Tap on the drop-down menu to view local or Web content or organize playlists. New in Windows Media Player 9 Series for Windows Mobile 2003 is the ability to view the properties from this screen. Tap on one of the titles, and then tap on the Properties button to see details such as artist name, file size, song duration and encoding method.
      Artist (frans. artiste - bilimdon; lot. ars, artis - kasb, hunar, sanʼat) - dramatik spektakl, kinoda rollar, ope-ra va balet partiyalari, estrada konserti va sirk nomerlari ijrochisi. Teatr va kinoda aktyor, aktrisa deb ham yuriti-ladi.

    What if my device is not on the list?

    If your device supports WMA but the player does not automatically recognize your device when you connect it to your computer, before you transfer music to your device, you will need to visit the Portable Devices page (http://windowsmedia.com/9series/personalization/cooldevices.asp?) and download a small driver.

    If your device does not support WMA, to transfer music, follow the manufacturer’s instructions that came with your device.
    sers can also enjoy streaming content. Windows Media Player 9 Series supports direct entry of URLs, but since they are often very long and nonintuitive, and change often, Pocket Internet Explorer can also be used. Open the Pocket Internet Explorer. Tap on the “star icon” on the Tool Bar at the bottom that will show all your favorite Web sites. Next, tap on Windows Media in the upper-left corner to go to WindowsMedia.com, the Web site with Windows Media content for mobile devices. Tap on a category such as Music or file News, then click on a streaming audio or video file.

    Windows Media Player 9 Series will begin to play back or stream the video. The speed at which the video begins to play will depend on the user’s connection speed as well as the type of server from which the video is streaming (e.g., content streamed from Windows Media Services 9 Series in Windows Server 2003 can help reduce or eliminate buffering and provide an “instant-on” streaming experience). Choose Yes to download the ASX file if prompted. When the buffering is complete, the content will begin to play. If the content provided is larger than the Windows Media Player screen, you can choose to play it in full-screen mode, rotate it sideways or crop it to fit the screen. You’ll find these options under Tools >Settings >Audio & Video.

    You can add the content as a Web Favorite by tapping on Tools, choosing Add Web Favorite and giving it a simple name.

    If you’re on a corporate network using an HTTP proxy server and you experience problems playing streaming files, you may need to configure the Windows Media Player proxy settings. Tap on Tools >Settings >Network. Enter the server’s name or IP address and port number. Tap on OK.


    ou can control the functions of Windows Media Player 9 Series by using the Pocket PC’s hardware buttons. This can be handy if you want to preserve battery power while listening to music by toggling off the screen with the push of a button; the screen turns off while your music continues to play. To activate this feature, tap on Tools >Settings >Buttons, map the buttons as you’d like, and then tap on OK.

    Like the Pocket PC shell itself, Windows Media Player supports skins to customize its appearance. This is one example. Users can download a variety of skins for Windows Media Player for the Pocket PC via the Web (see http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/software/pocket

    /custom.aspx). You can easily change skins by tapping on Tools, then on Settings and then on Skin Chooser.

    Windows Media Player 9 Series for Pocket PC supports local and streaming playback of Windows Media Audio and Video, and local playback of MP3 files.

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    Download 344.79 Kb.

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    new and improved applications and features

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