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  • Windows Phone 7 Series Partner Quote Sheet Mobile Operators

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    Windows Phone 7 Series

    Partner Quote Sheet
    Mobile Operators

    ‪“We are excited about the new Windows® Phone 7 Series as it will establish a brand new user experience for our customers. Its simplicity will enable easy access to the mobile Internet and offer easy access to the growing number of Deutsche Telekom mobile services. Therefore, Windows Phone 7 Series is another step in our journey for connected life and work.”

    • Michael Hagspihl

    Senior Vice President, Terminal Management

    Deutsche Telekom AG

    We have enjoyed a long-standing and successful relationship with Microsoft Corp., having introduced the first ever Smartphone together back in 2002. Eight years on, our collaboration continues to bear fruit to bring our customers a new kind of multimedia experience on Windows Phone 7 Series phones, combining smarter design and truly integrated experiences with simpler, more secure access to content and specialized customer support. Orange is pleased to be a key partner with Microsoft to bring Windows Phone 7 Series phones to our portfolio with such a full end-to-end mobile experience, fulfilling our ambition to bring mobile multimedia to everyone and revolutionize customer care.”

    • Olaf Swantee

    Senior Executive Vice President, Global Mobile Business

    “As the leading webphone operator in France, SFR is extremely proud to closely partner with Microsoft to set up a massive launch of Windows Phone 7 Series next Christmas. Windows Phone 7 Series will be a key pillar for SFR in the webphone environment to bring the best user experience to our customers.”

    • Frank Esser

    Chairman and CEO

    “We are delighted to be partnering with Microsoft to bring the latest Windows Phones to our customers across the Telefónica group. We have always been supportive of Windows Phones, and this is the next step in the evolution of the platform. Innovation is a key focus for Telefónica, and Microsoft has always shown a desire to provide customers with handsets that not only meet their needs but provide a rich customer experience.”

    • Julio Linares

    Chief Operating Officer

    Telefónica S.A.

    Telefónica SA

    “Telstra is pleased to be the Australian launch partner for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Series, a further testament to the ongoing collaboration and partnership we share with Microsoft. With Windows Phone 7 Series, Microsoft has developed phone software for devices that, coupled with our Next G network, provide a richer mobile experience for our customers.”

    • Ross Fielding

    Executive Director, Mobility Products

    Telstra Corp. Ltd.

    “Vodafone is delighted to partner with Microsoft to bring our customers the benefits of the new Windows Phone 7 Series. We plan to add Windows Phone 7 Series handsets to our portfolio, providing customers with the widest choice of attractive Smartphones and a best-in-class experience of new services via Vodafone’s high-speed mobile broadband network. This launch is an important step toward delivering on our ambition to be the strongest provider of data-centric mobile experiences across platforms and operating systems.”

    • Patrick Chomet

    Group Director of Terminals

    Vodafone Group Plc

    United States
    “We take pride in having the best Smartphone portfolio in the U.S., and Windows Phone 7 Series will be a significant and integral part of that strategy. Windows Phone 7 Series offers everything we see as essential to success in today’s Smartphone market: easy access to apps, integration between social networking, and a platform for gaming and media.”

    • David Christopher

    Chief Marketing Officer, Mobility and Consumer Markets

    “Sprint and Microsoft have had a 15-year-plus relationship together. And we believe that the Windows Phone 7 Series will continue that relationship into a new decade. We look forward to adding multiple phones to our portfolio and to giving consumers a rich experience across multiple different devices on the Now Network.”


    “At Sprint, many of our users have come to rely on and enjoy data experiences for work and play. This is a platform that is very accessible for advanced users as well as new users. We believe that the Windows Phone 7 Series will tie together a multimedia experience, a gaming experience and a rich user interface that’s easy to use — and that’s what Sprint customers have come to expect.” 

    • Fared Adib

    Vice President, Product Development

    “We’ve been impressed by the smart design of Windows Phone 7 Series and look forward to our continued partnership with Microsoft. We think our customers will enjoy the truly integrated experiences Microsoft plans to deliver.”

    • Paul Cole

    Vice President, Product Development

    T-Mobile USA

    Device Manufacturers
    “Dell’s focus is to create great mobile experiences. Windows Phone 7 Series gives Dell an opportunity to collaborate with Microsoft and enhance our future mobile offerings on behalf of customers.”

    • John Thode

    Vice President, Small Devices

    “Our strategy for success in growing the iPAQ business and customer base is partnering with industry leaders like Microsoft and leveraging our collective strengths in the mobile market. We are simply very excited to be entering a new era in our Smartphone business together with Microsoft, especially as the market continues to grow and evolve. HP is working even closer with Microsoft to develop signature phones on the Windows Phone 7 Series that offer an entirely new consumer experience.”

    • Steve Manser

    Senior Vice President, Personal Systems Group

    “Windows Phone 7 Series is a significant milestone for Microsoft, the industry and ultimately people looking to do more on their phones. HTC looks forward to working with Microsoft to deliver a compelling and unique HTC experience. Microsoft has clearly listened to feedback from people and brought a new, fresh approach to the Smartphone experience that is beautiful, powerful and compelling.”

    • Peter Chou

    Chief Executive Officer

    HTC Corp.

    “As we have been closely collaborating for many years, LG will continuously enhance the partnership with Microsoft to contribute to establishing another momentum in the Smartphone market, cultivating the most suitable ecosystem and enlarging users’ benefits. It is very inspiring today that LG and Microsoft, two global companies playing key roles in the mobile industry, open together the era of the next-generation Smartphone platform.”

    • Dr. Skott Ahn

    President and CEO

    LG Electronics Mobile Communications Co.

    “Samsung has collaborated with Microsoft for a long time and explored Smartphone market opportunities together. I believe that Samsung has become one of the earliest and most significant partners of Microsoft to provide compelling Windows Phone 7 Series devices. As a leading mobile phone provider, Samsung is committed to bringing out more advanced and intuitive mobile experiences for consumers.”


    • W.P. Hong

    Executive Vice President and Head of Product Strategy Team

    “Toshiba is proud of working closely with Microsoft on the Windows Phone 7 Series project. Since the inception of this project, Toshiba has been working hard with Microsoft to realize a successful launch of Windows Phone 7 Series. I am confident that Windows Phone 7 Series will bring an entirely fresh approach to phone software, distinguished by smart design and truly integrated experiences. As a real game changer for Microsoft, I am also sure it will be a great success in the consumer space. Our customers are already really excited at the prospect of trying one of the first Windows Phone 7 Series phones from Toshiba, which will deliver many new innovations to enhance the customer’s overall experience.”

    • Kosei Okamoto

    President and Chief Executive Officer, Mobile Communications Company

    Toshiba Corp.

    Chip Manufacturers
    “Qualcomm and Microsoft have a long history of working together to optimize their mobile operating system for our technology, and we are pleased to continue this relationship with Windows Phone 7 Series. The synergy that exists between our highly integrated Snapdragon platforms and the latest version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system will enable a new generation of Smartphones for mobile users around the world.”

    • Steve Mollenkopf

    Executive Vice President

    Qualcomm Inc.


    Qualcomm CDMA Technologies

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    Windows Phone 7 Series Partner Quote Sheet Mobile Operators

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