• Next YPT-Boston Chapter Board Meeting: Tuesday, August 11 at Cambridge Systematics
  • Ypt boston Chapter Board Meeting

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    YPT Boston Chapter Board Meeting

    HDR, 695 Atlantic Ave, Floor 2, Boston, MA 02111

    June 14, 2015

    Meeting Minutes
    Board Members Present: Sam Piper, Jennifer Slesinger, Matt Moran, David Moyer, Eric Holversen, Tegin Teich Bennett, David Baumgartner,
    Assistant Board Members Present: Alex Smith, Natalie Raffol
    Members Present: Tianyi Yang, Laura Riegel, Jessica Lizza, Scott Edwards, Brynn Leopold
    The July YPT Boston Board Meeting specifically invited members to attend to better understand the board and its functions. The board also provided dinner to the members who attended.

    1. Call to Order – Eric Holversen

        1. Approval of May and June Meeting Minutes

        2. No Chair’s Report

        3. Eric discussed the particulars of the YPT board and meeting specifics. He also discussed YPT in general, mission of the organization, and the history of Boston YPT chapter.

    1. Deputy Chair’s Report– Tegin Teich Bennett

        1. Description of the role of the YPT Boston Deputy Chair.

        2. Tegin discussed the new coordination meetings with YPT International; the call with international might not have occurred because of an issue with the conference call. No one from YPT Boston was able to attend.

    1. Treasurer’s Report– David Baumgartner

        1. Description of the role of the YPT Boston Treasurer

        2. Description of the Treasure’s monthly report

        3. Fiscal Report – The July report was distributed and described. The report is also available on Dropbox.

        4. Report highlights:

          1. Several checks were received from sponsors and event co-sponsors

          2. Zip Car is now a silver level sponsor. Sponsorship level now $4K received to date. Several others are expected to renew.

          3. Budget for Distinguished Speaker event appears like it was over budget, but this was due to MIT Transportation club check still outstanding

          4. T-shirt budget – not originally in the budget but some will be recapped with proceeds from pub crawl.

          5. The budget appears to be in surplus for the year.

          6. The membership check for $1200 received from International.

          7. YPT Boston has $8K in the bank currently.

          8. Description of where budget originates. Sponsorships and members are looking up.

        5. Soft Ball Update

          1. The team is 4-3 for the season and the team is doing much better than last year.

          2. There was a game in progress during the meeting.

    1. Old Business-Matt Moran

        1. Description of the Deputy Chair of Administration

        2. Action Item In Process: Send Thank You Notes

    1. New Business

      1. Admin Items – Matt Moran

        1. Action Item: Inquire about Green Line and Government Center tech tours

      1. Membership Update - Sam Piper

        1. Description of the YPT Boston Membership Position

        2. Stats

          1. Membership: 163 members, up from 156. 3 people in Grace in this period

          2. Twitter: 661

          3. Facebook: 425

          4. Friends: 1023

          5. Discussion of Squares

          6. Content Resource Membership (CRM) program discussion

          7. Membership goal: 6 per month, or about 172 members by the end of 2015. Doing substantially better than in past years.

      1. Sponsorship Update – Mike Tremblay

        1. Description of the YPT Boston Sponsorship Position

        2. New Sponsor – Zip Car. Will be added to materials.

        3. Reup – IBI Group – at Silver

        4. Next Up – Kittelson expires on August 8th. McMahon is on October 3rd.

        5. Follow up – VHB, Nelson/Nygaard (former sponsor, might have ceased sponsoring any organizations), most likely Gretchen.

          1. VHB – discussion of potential people to reach out to at VHB.

          2. NN – stopped sponsoring all organizations. However, they might decide to begin sponsoring again.

        6. Discussion of sponsorship levels and the perks for the sponsorship levels

        7. Discussion of shirts

          1. Should they be given to sponsors?

          2. Maybe, but mugs might be more appropriate

        8. Zip Car - a contact was provided and the organization decided to sponsor after receiving letter.

      1. Programming Update– David Moyer

        1. Description of the YPT Boston Programming position

        2. Recap:

          1. Greenway Tech Tour – provided by - - - . He has a website called mbtastreetcars.com. Passionate about history of Boston. Well attended and well received.

          2. Everett MBTA Bus facility – not as well attended, far away. Directions were confusing. Tour itself was great and well received.

            1. Discussion of how it could be better coordinated in the future.

            2. Everett is the main maintenance facility for the MBTA.

            3. Should it be done again? Not necessarily, it should be better coordinated with a meeting spot. The time was not negotiable.

          3. Red Line Bar Crawl – Shirts were distributed. Overall well attended and there were 15-20 people who did the whole thing and others who joined for part ot it. Ended at Commonwealth and the food was pretty good. Good to limit it to five locations. Lessons learned for future events.

          4. Lunch and Learn on Bike Lanes – Conor Semler from Kittelson. Perhaps the best attended event of the year. The program was a description of the new FHWA bike lanes policy and procedures.

            1. Innovative events get people to attend in higher numbers, like the Bridj event.

        3. Upcoming:

          1. Lunch in the Neighborhood – Thursday, Post Office Square

            1. E-mail blast the night before the event.

            2. Other locations?

          2. Tour of Logan Airport Control Tower

            1. Filled up quickly.

            2. Wednesday, July 22nd at 1:00 PM.

            3. People are on the wait list. There should also be a board member there.

        1. Potential Future Events

          1. Emergency Training Center Tour

            1. TBD Rescheduled

          2. August and Further Afield

            1. Autonomous Vehicles Lunch and Learn –

            2. Cycle Track on Western Ave in Cambridge – a Monday in August. Tegin to coordinate with Cambridge City officials.

            3. Social Event – co-sponsor with NEIT – networking/social night. It could be beers with the board, but it could also be a different type of event. This should be in September. Trivia could also be a good idea.

            4. BSCES – September 16th – Bocce Ball Tournament in Boston Common.

              1. Should people be charged to pay for the event? We need to coordinate with the organization to confirm.

              2. Ideally, there should be an event with BSCES.

            5. September 10th – Greenway Tech Tour with the Greenway Conservency.

            6. Other Ideas

              1. GREEN LINE/GOVERNMENT CENTER Tech Tour

              2. BET

              3. Natural Gas Fuel Source

          3. Transportation Camp in NYC in November

    1. Communications Update- Jennifer Slesinger

      1. Description of the YPT Boston Communications position and the overall communications system

      2. E-mail will go out on Wednesday 7/15 about lunch on Thursday. No events scheduled soon other than that.

      3. E-mail will be sent out to James at National regarding potential Boston Chapter migration to the National website and away from existing website.

        1. This concerns the migration from the Boston independent website to the national website because it might be easier to use and manage.

    1. Member at Large – Jared Fijalkowski

      1. Description of position and history of the YPT Boston chapter.

      2. Five year anniversary event with a special distinguished speaker event.

        1. Member only. This will encourage people to become members and get more involved.

        2. Stephanie Pollak could be the speaker. Jen will discuss with her to get this on her schedule. Flexible on timing but should be September to the middle of October.

          1. Backups? Vinit from City Hall.

        3. Budget for the event should be under discussion. This could being in membership and additional people.

        4. Location? MassDOT or an other space in/near Downtwon Boston

        5. Invitations should be sent to past board members and all past speakers. The goal will be to highlight the growth of YPT over the years.

        6. Happy hour after the event

        7. Highlight benefits of membership in the e-mail. Try to bring new members in.

        8. Cocktail hour in the event. Downstairs space for event.

        9. Other event spaces?

          1. BSA

          2. Boston Public Library

          3. Night Shift

          4. BCEC

          5. Aronaught

        10. Subcommittee formed of members, board members, and past board members.

    2. Adjournment

    Next YPT-Boston Chapter Board Meeting: Tuesday, August 11 at Cambridge Systematics

    Download 232.42 Kb.

    Download 232.42 Kb.

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    Ypt boston Chapter Board Meeting

    Download 232.42 Kb.