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The adapter is intended to run from the cgi-bin subdirectory on Aleph’s Apache server. During installation, it is activated by the completion of two steps.

  1. Some Apache configuration directives must be activated in Apache to trap REST URLs and route them to the adapter (see the Installation section). If the .htaccess file is in use in the document root of Aleph’s Apache server they can be included there. Otherwise they will need to be included in the main Apache configuration file under a stanza for the document root directory.

  2. The adapter will run on SSL (recommended), port 80, or other ports. For example, some Aleph sites may use port 8991 for their OPAC instead of port 80. The adapter should run on all such configurations without modification.


    This URL calls the REST API directly using port 1891:

    This URL calls the adapter using SSL:

    This URL calls the adapter without SSL using port 80:

    This URL calls the adapter without SSL using port 8991:

When the adapter is implemented it does not foreclose the direct use of the REST API on its specified port. The adapter does not interfere with Tomcat/JBOSS operation in any way.

Download 35,17 Kb.
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Download 35,17 Kb.