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  1. The adapter is written in Perl. Most Aleph servers have two instances of Perl installed: one that is installed with the OS and one that is installed as part of Aleph. The adapter defaults to running under the standard Perl instance installed with the OS. It is not dependent on the Aleph Perl instance. If the adapter is intended to run under the Aleph-specific Perl installation, the first lines of api_adapter.template,, and must be altered before the installation scripts are run.

    The adapter requires that these four packages be present in the Perl instance where it will run.


  2. JBOSS configuration
    The adapter uses the server name ‘localhost’ when addressing Aleph’s REST API. Consequently, IP address must be included in Aleph’s JBOSS configuration in /exlibris/aleph/a_/ng/aleph/home/system/thirdparty/openserver/server/default/deploy/jbossweb.sar/server.xml. See Ex Libris manual How to Configure the JBoss Server in Aleph.

  3. Access to the X-server bor-by-key function is required for conversion of aliases into aleph_ids. Column 5 of tab_bor_id. in the ADM library will need to be set to ‘Y’ for each type of identifier that will be submitted from the remote server.

    If the adapter is going to be run with id_translation turned off, the X-server whitelist in $alephe_tab/server_ip_allowed must contain IP addresses for all remote servers that will need to look up aleph_ids.

Download 35.17 Kb.
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Download 35.17 Kb.