Docstar 14 Release Notes

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docSTAR 3.14 Release Notes

Build 3.14.6

March 15, 2016
Copyright © 2009 – 2015 docSTAR, a division of Astria Solutions Group. Telephone: 518-836-2700
The target audience for this document is trained docSTAR Service Technicians.

Please read this document for up-to-date information about docSTAR 3.14.

These release notes discuss the following topics:
docSTAR System Requirements

Minimum Hardware Requirements


Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz or better


4 GB or better


1024x768, 16-bit color

Image Storage

Primary RAID with off-site backup

Operating Systems Supported, Host

CP, EP, & Workgroup Models

Microsoft Windows Vista SP2,

Microsoft Windows 7 SP1,

Microsoft Windows 8.1,

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 SP2,

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1,

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 SP1,

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2

Some modules require a Server Operating System.

SP, SPX, Departmental, and Enterprise Models

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 SP2,

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 SP2,

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 SP1,

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2


All Models

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP4*,

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 SP3,

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 SP2,

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 SP1.

Express Edition is provided. Please note that concurrent user counts over 10 users require Workgroup or Standard Edition.

* ReportWorks requires 2008R2 or later.

Operating Systems Supported, Client

All Models

Same requirements as “CP, EP, & Workgroup” host.

*64-bit operating systems require 64-bit scanner drivers, availability of which may be limited

Please note that docSTAR Integration Agent, NetConnect, WebView, and WebWorks require a Server Operating System on the Host Server.
Installing docSTAR 3.14

Before you begin

Before you upgrade from a previous version of docSTAR, please be aware of the following:

- Whenever you upgrade new software, it is good practice to first backup important files. Therefore, you should make sure a recent backup has completed recently on your docSTAR host computer. You can view the location used to perform backups by running the Administration program and selecting Backup and Restore.

- If you are upgrading from a previous version of docSTAR, your database will be upgraded for docSTAR 3.14 and will not be compatible with your previous version. Therefore, be sure to backup your docSTAR database as well as any documents in the Inbox.

- Confirm that you have the appropriate license certificates in hand. The Host license for prior docSTAR versions must be upgraded to work with 3.14. In particular, make sure you have a docSTAR 3.14 Host license.

- Stop IIS if WebView is installed. If the docSTAR WebView module is installed on the Host system being upgraded, IIS (Internet Information Server) should be stopped prior to upgrading docSTAR. To stop IIS, click the Windows Start button, choose the Run command, and type IISRESET /STOP in the dialog box. After docSTAR is installed, be sure to reboot the system.

What is on the CD?

Below is a list of directories and the purpose found on the docSTAR 3.14 installation CD:




The docSTAR installation directory contains MAINMENU.EXE which is the gateway to other installation and configuration programs. These include, SETUP.EXE can be run directly to install or upgrade docSTAR without going through MAINMENU.


Installer for docSTAR Dashboard and Reporting Module


Microsoft DirectDraw 9.0c installation. This is used by the docSTAR setup program if needed.


Contains the PDF documentation for docSTAR 3.9.

DOTNET Framework 1.1, 2.0, and 3.5

These Microsoft operating system components are installed by docSTAR setup if needed.


Installer for docSTAR IELink (Internet Explorer Integration) Module.


Installer for Live DataLink service on host; part of the DataLink Module.


Microsoft Data Access Components, installed if needed by docSTAR setup.


Install package for docSTAR’s remote connection module.


This Microsoft add-on is installed, if needed, by MAINMENU to support SQL Server installation.

Print Import 5

Install package for docSTAR’s printer-driver import module.


Sample file installer for PackageWorks (formerly called BDP).


Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Edition, with Tools, is provided for certain docSTAR models. Other models come with SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition, which is provided on separate disk.


Install package for docSTAR’s basic browser-based document viewing module. Also contains sub-folders with Integration Agent and SmartLink modules.


Install package for docSTAR’s full feature browse-based document management software.


Install package for docSTAR’s Workflow module.


This Microsoft add-on is installed, if needed, by MAINMENU to support SQL Server installation.

Note that the following components which were provided with prior versions of docSTAR are no longer included.

  • Adobe Reader -- The setup menu program, described below, offers a link to Adobe’s website, from which the latest Reader can be conveniently downloaded and installed.

  • Internet Explorer – All supported operating systems include a suitable version of IE.

  • MDAC – All supported operating systems include this data access library.

  • ASPI – Formerly required by SCSI-based scanners.

To install docSTAR 3.14

If you are upgrading from a previous version of docSTAR, refer to the instructions earlier in this section. Then, follow these steps:

1. Close all Windows programs that are currently running on your computer including any prior versions of the docSTAR Host and Client services, if installed. This is important to avoid conflicts that might prevent proper installation.

  1. Installing software generally requires administrative rights. Ensure that the user account you are using has administrative rights to perform the installation.

3. Install docSTAR 3.14.

Insert the CD in your CD-ROM drive, and the installation menu should start automatically. If the installation program does not appear, double-click the MAINMENU.EXE program in the docSTAR directory on the CD - or choose Run on the Start menu, type d:\docstar\mainmenu.exe (where d is the drive letter of your CD-ROM drive)

Choose the Host Installation menu item. For new installations, you must install the appropriate database first, as indicated on the screen. For upgrades, you can proceed to install docSTAR Host software.

4. Install Equisys Zetafax (if provided with your model).

Find Equisys Zetafax within the Modules item of the main setup menu. Perform each of the steps, from top to bottom, as listed on the screen. You will be prompted to insert the Equisys Zetafax CD into your CD-ROM drive.

5. Re-Install Other Modules

Modules, such Workflow, are generally updated with each major release. Reinstall any such modules to ensure that they are up to date.

6. Install docSTAR 3.14 Licenses.

Run the docSTAR Administration program and enter the license(s). Contact our technical support department or visit our support portal for the necessary authorization codes.

7. Install ISIS Scanner Driver if Needed.

If you will be using a scanner, install the ISIS Scanner driver provided by your scanner manufacturer. docSTAR does not support TWAIN scanner drivers.
New in 3.14

Please refer to the Users’ Guide Addendum in the DOCS folder.

Known issues

The following known issues exist when docSTAR is run on Windows Server 2012:

Bugz 4640: the WebView test page reports that URL Scan is not installed as though this is an error. URL Scan is not needed and not compatible with Windows Server 2012, so this should be ignored.
Bugz 4607: When installing SQL Server 2008R2 on Windows Server 2012, one or more compatibility warnings may appear. You may safely choose to ignore these (select “Run the program without getting help.”) There may also be an error message stating that .NET Framework 3.5 could not be installed; if this occurs please add the this feature to the operating system and then restart the SQL Server setup.
Bugz 4311: An application crash method will sometimes occur when exiting the docSTAR client on Windows Server 2012. Although a nuisance, this event can be safely ignored.
Carry-Over Known Issues

The following issues from prior versions remain open.

Browse Window Repaint

The Browse window sometimes fails to restore properly after docSTAR is minimized. If the Browse window is open, and the docSTAR application is minimized for a period of several minutes or more, and then it is restored to its normal or maximized state, the Browse window is not restored. Rather, a nearly empty window is shown, with just a piece of the browse window near the top, left corner. Clicking on this will restore the browse window, which may then be resized as desired.

Send To via Email Produces Error in Office 2010 x64

MAPI is not fully supported by Outlook within Office 2010 x 64. Microsoft recommends that most users install the 32-bit version of Office 2010 on both 32 and 64-bit Operating Systems. More information is available from; expand the question about “64-bit”. Some technical forums report a fix for this, but none have been confirmed.

Auto Import on Multiple Workstations Must Not Monitor Same Folder(s)

Auto import may be run within the Client Service on multiple workstations, but only if each monitors separate auto import paths. File access conflicts will occur, leading to duplicate documents and import errors, if multiple workstations import from common, shared paths. Notwithstanding, docSTAR 3.14 supports “multi-instance auto import”, as documented in the Users’ Guide and Addendum, which allows multiple instances of the auto import process to run on a single workstation.

Approval / Rejections Stamps Upside Down or Sideways

If a rotated, image document is approved or rejected, the approval/rejection stamp (annotation) initially looks correct, but on subsequent loads appears rotated beyond its correct position. We are working with a vendor to correct this. We do not see an issue when the approval or rejection is applied while the document is viewed in its original orientation.

Printing Titles and PackageWorks Cover Sheets – Out of Memory

Title pages and PackageWorks Cover Sheets are generated in full color at 150 dpi by default, which may fail if available memory is insufficient. No error is displayed and blank sheets are output. (An error is logged.) There is currently a registry setting (Resolution under HKLM/Software/docSTAR/docSTAR/Default) to lower the resolution if this is an issue. A more visible preference setting for resolution is planned.

My docSTAR - Updates

Changes to Workpackage names are not immediately reflected in favorites or alerts found in the “My docSTAR” panel. Alerts are updated periodically (every 30 seconds on a local connection, 90 seconds over NetConnect). Favorites are currently not updated to reflect name changes. In both cases, although the label of the item will be out-of-date, it functions properly: double-clicking it will open the correct item.

Run-Time Error 0’ Logging Off

This error will occur sometimes when the following conditions are true:

  • The Inbox window is open.

  • The GUEST user does not have view rights to any Inbox.

  • The LogOff button is pressed.

A proper message will report the rights issue and the Inbox will automatically close. However, sometimes, the Run-Time Error 0 will follow it, closing docSTAR. The user may restart docSTAR and resume work.
QuickBooks 2005 causes docSTAR Client to hang at splash screen.

When docSTAR 3.6 and higher is installed on systems where QuickBooks 2005 is installed or where QuickBooks 2005 has been upgraded to QuickBooks 2007, the docSTAR Client will hang at the splash screen. QuickBooks 2005 registers a file called QBobjproxy.dll. When this file is registered in the Operating System’s registry, it is registered with a CLSID (Class ID) of {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}. This is an invalid CLSID. To resolve this issue, users will need to upgrade to QuickBooks 2007 AND remove this invalid CLSID. For more information, please refer to the docSTAR Forum or to docSTAR Service Bulletin 6089.

IIS may need to be stopped prior to upgrading docSTAR

If Internet Information Server (IIS) is in use when a previous version of docSTAR is upgraded, it may cause the upgrade to hang. To prevent this, stop IIS prior to performing the upgrade.

Microsoft Visio 2003 file format not supported.
Files saved using the Visio 2003 file format will not display correctly. If however, the Visio 2002 file format is used, the display is as expected.
Some files from Adobe Acrobat Version 9 and later not supported

With Acrobat Version 9, Adobe introduced a new format, PDF Version 1.7 Extension Level 3. This format goes beyond the standard published as ISO 32000-1:2008, and this extension is not supported by docSTAR. Users of Adobe Acrobat Version 9 should ensure that they elect to save documents as the ISO standard, PDF Version 1.7 to ensure broadest compatibility. This is the format used by Adobe Acrobat Version 8.

Likewise, the PDF XFA form document is not supported by docSTAR.
Zetafax Configuration after Install
In the MAINMENU install program, an error is reported if the option to configure the Zetafax client is selected immediately after installing it. Instead, select Zetafax Client Configuration from the Start menu or exit and restart MAINMENU to configure the Zetafax client.
OLE2.DLL Errors During Install
Sometimes, the installer fails to register DLL’s and OCX’s. In such cases, an error message regarding OLE2.DLL will be displayed many times when the installer reaches the point at which it registers installed components. We have been unable to pinpoint when or why this occurs, but have determined that – when it occurs – many docSTAR files are written to the install folder with “8.3” file names, such as DSImag~1.OCX. If this occurs, the application must be reinstalled.
OCR Errors when not installed at C\DOCSTAR:
The docSTAR client software can be installed on any drive and path. However, if it is not installed at the default location, a change must be made to DSClient.exe.config using any text or XML editor. The change must be made to the value of the “Nuance.RuntimePath” key under . Alter this path so that it points to the Nuance folder on the client system.
Best Practices

A complete backup should be keep offsite as well as onsite.

Part of any Disaster Recovery Plan should include performing regularly scheduled backups of the docSTAR database and Inbox contents. The images of the stored documents should be written to a local media device for easy retrieval, as well as, to a removable media device as a backup. Ideally, a copy of the database, Inbox contents, and the stored document images should be keep on-site for easy restoration in the event of a system failure, as well as offsite, should a total loss of both the system and locally stored backups occur.

Performance and Cosmetic Issues

Results screen / Extremely Large Result Sets.
On systems with a lot of documents, searches that are overly vague can return a lot of data. Due to limitations with some of the underlying Microsoft technologies being used, result sets containing hundreds of thousands of documents can cause “Out of Memory” errors. As a result docSTAR will not return more than 100,000 results for any search.
Template Processing / Image Enhancement Options.
docSTAR includes Despeckle and other image enhancement option, which can make a noticeable change in document template processing speed. If processing time becomes objectionable, the image enhancement options can be turned off to improve template processing speed. Many scanners incorporate sufficient image enhancement features.
Document Viewing / First Open.
The first time any document is opened in a given session of docSTAR on a client workstation, there may be a noticeable delay before the first document is shown. This will only occur for the first document loaded. All subsequent documents should load without any noticeable delay.
Revision History
Build 3.14.0

Alpha and beta releases.

Build 3.14.1

Production release.

SUGR 228 Template actions with a source of Other Action would fail to recognize data from other actions, which had been associated with a page other than 1.

Build 3.14.2

BUGZ 9948 docSTAR’s barcode engine has been replaced. It is faster with better accuracy, more barcode types, and image enhancement options including an “Auto” enhance option, which will reread the image with more aggressive enhancement if a low confidence barcode is read.

BUGZ 9993 An extraneous database entry related to an invalid folder was created when an image PDF document was imported via auto import. There was no visible manifestation of this error, but it was discovered by our support team and has been fixed.

BUGZ 10148 Version 3.14.1 was accidentally distributed with an older build of WebView, which failed to display images on a new installation.

BUGZ 10157 Fixed a bug that made it impossible to set certain combinations of Administrative Permissions.

BUGZ 10168 The Word Process Display Mode preference, on the user preference’s screen, now applies to the Autofile and Review (Native) windows as well as the Manual File/View.

BUGZ 10192 When a user was removed from and/or added to one or more groups, and no other changes took place, in some cases (eg. the Inbox), their permissions failed to reflect the group change(s). This has been fixed, so that such changes take effect immediately.

BUGZ 10272 The Admin program would fail to exit on some operating systems after accessing the Inboxes dialog, requiring that the task be terminated via Task Manager. This has been fixed.

Build 3.14.3

BUGZ 10685 PDF output via SendTo uses a new mechanism, which better preserves the quality of original files of various formats and doesn’t increase their size. (In particular, non-image PDFs are not unnecessarily converted to images.)

BUGZ 10541 Some files required by docSTAR’s new barcode engine were not installed on the clients. This has been corrected.

BUGZ 10067 A fix was made to locate the Hightail/YouSendIt application under its new name.

BUGZ 10322 Removed duplicate extension, such as _PDF.PDF, which would often be added to files send from docSTAR.

BUGZ 10750 Diagnostic info improved in DSNetInf utility.

BUGZ 11123 A fix was made to the OCR engine so that it is able to read certain images that triggered non-fatal warnings, such as LOW_DPI_WARN.

Build 3.14.4

BUGZ 10094 Turning off audit trail purging in Admin, System Settings, would produce a Type Mismatch error (# 13). This was fixed.

BUGZ 10465 An Unlock button has been added to the Technical Information area in the document viewer. It is available only to users who have the “Tech Utilities” administrative permission (and the ADMIN, of course.) It allows the user to remove all locks on the current document, and is intended to allow someone to make edits when another user has left docSTAR unattended with a document open. It should be used cautiously, because it makes it possible for one user to save changes that would overwrite another user’s changes.

BUGZ 10068 A fix was made to the scanner software that caused a particular model Fujitsu scanner operate below its rated speed in some situations. Specifically, docSTAR no longer turns on Job Separator Detection unless it is specifically requested through the More settings dialog(s) of the scanner driver.

BUGZ 10726 The Two Sided and Single Page/Multi Page options in the Scan Append / Scan Insert dialog are now remembered as station settings.

BUGZ 11503 A bug causing a null reference exception processing VCS data was fixed.

BUGZ 10551 On the Retrieve page, security classes are now always listed alphabetically when in the search criterion drop-down list for CLASS.

BUGZ 11193 Updated to use a new Authentidate/EPM library.

Build 3.14.5

BUGZ 11303 A fix was made to the download feature in WebView, which otherwise would generate blank, invalid, or partially blank output from certain PDF files. (Note that the affected file is installed or updated with the main docSTAR setup, not the WebView setup.)

BUGZ 11712 Fixed a bug, which caused a runtime error “-5” when selecting a Custom List, such as in the template editor.

BUGZ 11203 GenericRetrieve (used with various integrations) was failing, in some cases, to launch DSClient when configured to do so. This has been corrected.

BUGZ 12067 and 12074 Document (Batch) Export with XML was experiencing two issues. First, it generated invalid XML output when custom field name wasn’t a valid XML element name; such names are now converted to valid element names through judicious use of underscores. Second, when executed through the Add-In Module in DSAdmin, it sometimes reported error -91.

BUGZ 12249 The ImageGear toolkit was upgraded to version 18.2, which includes limited support for XFA form content in PDF files. The support is incomplete, but it does allow PDFs containing XFA content to be imported and, generally, displayed.

BUGZ 11885 Shared lists were formerly limited to 1,000 total characters. Now, approximately 65,000 characters are allowed.

BUGZ 13688 The multi-branch dialog box failed to show a vertical scroll bar when processing the second or subsequent document in a selection. This has been fixed.

BUGZ 13621 DOCSTAR.INI options have been added to disable integrated retrieval and DSXML file handling in the client. This was done primarily to diagnose a unique situation in which slow file system performance was suspected of causing slow template processing.

BUGZ 13562 We found a situation when automatic import with automatic template execution was failing on certain PDF files. This was caused by a flawed validity check on the content of the file. This check was dropped. Native documents and PDF documents that are treated as native are no longer validated during import and template processing.

BUGZ 11332 Fixed an issue in the User Prompt/Place in Subfolder template feature. It would sometimes select a different folder instead of the one selected through the browse button.

BUGZ 13237 An issue in the MAPI interface of MS-Outlook 2016 caused the caller to crash when MAPI initialized twice by the same application. docSTAR has been modified to accommodate this by ensuring that it only initializes MAPI once.

BUGZ 13652 docSTAR 3.14 introduced a bug that caused COLD documents to print with an excessive, white border around each page. There were also issues printing multi-page COLD documents. These issues have been fixed.

Build 3.14.6

BUGZ 11141 It was found that a secured PDF, which disallowed accessing content, would generate an error message when attempting to open the Annotations Toolbar. This has been corrected. (It isn’t necessary to have content access permission in order to annotate a PDF.)

BUGZ 11499 The User Preference to limit the number of items displayed in Results/Browse was not being consistently applied. It wasn’t being applied to the folder tree in browse at all, and it was being applied to the Add to Folder dialog even when the checkbox to enable it was unchecked. This limit is now applied consistently in results, browse, and the folder selectors only when explicitly enabled.

BUGZ 14335 Two new options were added to the barcode engine. A banding option was added to read the page or specified region in a series of horizontal slices. The height of each band (in pixels) can be specified. This has proven effective in better reading multiple barcodes that are closely spaced on the page. A scaling option was added. Higher resolution images may benefit from scaling down (eg. 0.5) and lower resolution images may benefit from scaling up (eg. 1.5). Auto enhancement mode was also improved through addition of a minimum barcodes setting; failure to find this number of barcodes will cause a re-read with greater enhancement.

BUGZ 14362 The PDF output in 3.14.3 was enhanced to improve quality and file size, but decreased output speed, especially for very long documents. Therefore, an option was added to employ the older, faster PDF output mechanism. This is activated on each station by adding to DOCSTAR.INI:



Note that FastPDF mode will generate larger PDF files.

Download 222.36 Kb.

Download 222.36 Kb.

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Docstar 14 Release Notes

Download 222.36 Kb.