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· Sign In page customization. The logo, title and copyright message on the Sign In page can now be customized for a Portal instance.

· Dashboard messages for users. Super users can now add messages that appear in the Dashboard for users. Super users can specify the site, date range and display order for messages, and whether users can hide or comment on messages.

· Custom commands. Users can now schedule custom command scripts to run on Windows and Linux computers. Command scripts can be in .bat, .exe, .cmd or .sh format.

· SQL Server credentials. When editing SQL Server backup jobs, users no longer have to enter SQL Server credentials for jobs where credentials are stored on the Agent.

· Maximum bandwidth value change. The maximum bandwidth value for Agents can now be as low as 0.1 Mbps. Previously, the value had to be at least 1.5 Mbps.

· Power management options. Power management options no longer appear for computers where the Agent Assistant is not installed.

· Report customization. Reports in Excel (.xls) and (Acrobat) .pdf format are now formatted using the color scheme, title, footer text and logo from a site's visual customizations.

· Accounts for registering Agents and performing other tasks can now be created automatically in Portal for users that are authenticated using a federated identity server (e.g., Active Directory Federation Services). The user type for a Portal account is based on group memberships in the federated identity server.

Download 30.08 Kb.
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Download 30.08 Kb.