• 3.1.2 Hardware Requirements: Single System Deployment
  • 3.1.3 Software Requirements
  • 3.2 Conditional Requirements
  • 3.3 Licensing
  • 4.1.2 Limitations in Web CentralControl
  • 4.2.2 Fixes in Version 7.7
  • 4.2.3 Fixes in Version 7.62
  • 4.2.4 Fix in Version 7.50a
  • 4.3 Known Issues
  • 5.3 Documentation
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    3.1 Installation Requirements

    Portal components can be installed as a distributed system (recommended) or on a single server.

    3.1.1 Hardware Requirements: Distributed System

    The following table shows hardware requirements and recommendations when Portal is installed as a distributed system (recommended):





    Web Server


    Xeon/Opteron 1.4 GHz

    Xeon / Opteron 2+ GHz quad core


    4 GB

    8+ GB


    20 GB

    40+ GB

    Database, Notification, Registration and Status Server


    Xeon/Opteron 1.4 GHz

    Xeon / Opteron 2+ GHz quad core


    8 GB

    12+ GB


    120 GB

    140+ GB

    AMP Proxy (and optional Redirector)


    Xeon/Opteron 1.4 GHz

    Xeon / Opteron 2+ GHz quad core


    4 GB

    16 GB


    20 GB

    60+ GB

    3.1.2 Hardware Requirements: Single System Deployment

    The following table shows hardware requirements and recommendations when Portal is installed on a single system. The single system configuration is not recommended, but can be used for environments with fewer than 500 Agents.





    Xeon/Opteron 1.4 GHz

    Xeon / Opteron 2+ GHz quad core


    8 GB

    16+ GB


    120 GB

    120+ GB

    3.1.3 Software Requirements

    The following software must be installed before you can install Portal:

    · Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 or later, including all role services that are installed by default, plus the following available role services and features:

    o Under Common HTTP Features:

    § Static Content

    § HTTP Errors

    § HTTP Redirection

    o Under Application Development:

    § .NET Extensibility 3.5

    § .NET Extensibility 4.5

    § ASP.NET 3.5

    § ASP.NET 4.5

    § ISAPI Extensions

    § ISAPI Filters

    Note: Make certain that ASP.NET and .NET Extensibility are turned on in Windows features, particularly if IIS is installed before ASP.NET.

    o Under Security:

    § Windows Authentication

    o Under .NET Framework Features:

    § HTTP Activation

    On Windows 2012, HTTP Activation must be installed under both .NET Framework 3.5 Features and .NET Framework 4.5 Features.

    On Windows 2008, HTTP Activation must be installed under .NET 3.5.1 Features.

    · .NET Framework 4.5

    · .NET Framework 3.5

    · SQL Server or SQL Server Express 2012 or 2008 R2 (64-bit), installed with mixed mode authentication and running.

    Note: Anti-virus software can have a negative impact on the performance of some Portal system components. The effect of anti-virus software on the SQL server should be minimal.

    3.2 Conditional Requirements

    If you install Portal as a distributed system (recommended), the software required on each system depends on the Portal components installed. For more information, see the Portal Installation and Configuration Guide.

    3.3 Licensing

    You do not require a license to use Portal. You do require licenses from the vault for Agents and features such as plug-ins.

    3.4 Install/Upgrade

    You can use the Portal 7.80 installation kit to install Portal components and the legacy Web CentralControl UI (optional).

    The Portal installation kit file name is: EVaultPortal-7-80-0207.exe

    You can also use the installation kit to upgrade Portal or Web CentralControl to version 7.80.

    Beginning in version 7.61, Portal and the legacy Web CentralControl UI are hosted under the same website, using different directories. After an installation or upgrade to version 7.61 or later, the Portal URL will be something like https://frontend/ (or http://frontend if not using https), and the Web CentralControl URL will be something like https://frontend/login/login.aspx (or http://frontend/Login/login.aspx if not using https). For information about how to redirect existing bookmarks, and for installation and upgrade instructions, see the Portal Installation and Configuration Guide.

    Note: To upgrade from Web CentralControl 7.50 on a 32-bit operating system, you must first upgrade Web CentralControl components on the 32-bit platform and back up the Web CentralControl databases. You can then install Web CentralControl on a 64-bit platform, and restore the databases to the 64-bit system. For more information, see the Web CentralControl Migration Guide.


    4.1 Limitations

    4.1.1 Limitations in Portal

    The following features are not supported in Portal, but are available in the legacy Web CentralControl UI:

    · NetWare agents

    · Open File Manager (OFM) in Agent configuration

    · Restore from a safeset range

    · Catalog searching (only catalog browsing is supported)

    Note: Compatibility View in Internet Explorer is not supported.

    4.1.2 Limitations in Web CentralControl

    Agent version 7.5 releases are not supported in the legacy Web CentralControl interface.

    4.2 Fixes

    4.2.1 Fixes in Version 7.8

    A child site now correctly inherits its parent site logo as specified in Visual Customizations. (29356)

    In report emails in a Portal instance, you can now replace “portal.evault.com” with any text value. For more information, see the Portal Installation and Configuration Guide. (29258)

    In the Vault Settings dialog box, a vault FQDN that begins with a number is no longer rejected as an invalid IP address. (29254)

    An Execute-only user can now run a Restore From Another Computer. (29774)

    4.2.2 Fixes in Version 7.7

    The Notification service no longer leaves many unnecessary key files in the C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\MachineKeys directory. (29221)

    A Portal upgrade is no longer blocked if the Hyper-V DR Deleted Job Repair Tool needs to be run on the system. A warning message appears, but the upgrade can continue. (29153)

    Reports now run as scheduled in all time zones. (29029, 29004)

    The Monitor page now shows all backup jobs that are running, even if the page has not been refreshed. (29077)

    The Trial Start Date field has been removed so that upgrade notices no longer appear for end users. (29022)

    The Activity Details and Backup Details Reports now show data for the correct period of time. (28944)

    An error no longer occurs when you reregister an Oracle Agent, or run a Restore From Another Computer for an Oracle Agent. (28691)

    An error no longer occurs when you include or exclude a file or folder in a restore, and the file or folder name contains a hyphen (-) or apostrophe ('). (28621)

    A UNC backup job now runs successfully after you edit the job and add one or more shares from a single system. (27877)

    A problem with visual customizations has been fixed so that child site users do not see EVault copyright information on the Sites page. (28733)

    The maximum length of the SMTP password has been increased from 20 characters to 255 characters. (28254)

    The Process Details dialog box now shows all running processes for a job. (28169)

    The name "EVault" no longer appears in the Report Viewer title on the Reports tab. (28735)

    4.2.3 Fixes in Version 7.62

    In some cases when computers had BMR jobs, the following error appeared when you tried to view jobs on the Computers or Monitor page: “Unexpected JobType enumeration value: SYSTEM_JOB error”. BMR jobs that caused this problem are now filtered out, and the error no longer appears. The jobs will be displayed in Portal after Agents provide required job information. (28431, 28211, 28184)

    When using Portal in Firefox, an error no longer occurs when you test or save email notification settings. (28583)

    References to EVault have been removed from the Quick Links section on the Dashboard. (28503)

    When creating a folder inclusion filter in a policy, the Folders field is no longer limited to 50 characters. (28382)

    When all Portal components are installed on one server, the installer no longer allows a second instance of the Portal UI to be installed on a different server. In this unsupported configuration, the second Portal UI could not communicate with Agents. (28350)

    The installer now checks for ASP.NET 3.5 on a system before installing Portal components. When ASP.NET 3.5 was not installed on a system, super users could not log in to Portal. (28310)

    A user's Portal session now times out after the amount of idle time specified in the site's security preferences. (28155)

    When a parent site Admin user is viewing a child site's computers, the "Unassign Policy from Selected Computer(s)" command is now disabled in the Actions menu. (28533)

    Uploaded logo images are now displayed properly. The image height is resized to 40px, and the width is resized proportionally. (28360)

    When you access the process monitor from the Computers page, the monitor now shows the job's active backup, not its queued job. (28169)

    When Portal text appears in German, you can now use German notation to enter the bandwidth throttling value. (27992)

    The Portal installer no longer allows unsupported characters to be entered in the Portal hostname. (26106)

    4.2.4 Fix in Version 7.50a

    Portal now sets the correct Quick File Scanning (QFS) parameter for the vSphere Agent. (27619)

    4.2.5 Fixes in Version 7.50

    Portal caching does not result in incorrect retention IDs that affect how safesets are retained on the vault. Portal caching has been re-enabled. (26957)

    Note: If you used Portal 7.40, and notice changes in how safesets are retained on your vault, contact EVault Support for assistance.

    On Linux, restoring an Oracle database to an alternate location no longer fails with a message stating that the path is not valid. (26217)

    When you run a restore from another computer from a SQL job to a non-SQL machine, you can now restore to a flat file. (25817)

    A "Refresh" button has been added on the Support User Dashboard. When you refresh data on the Dashboard, new companies are shown on the Dashboard page. (26477)

    4.3 Known Issues

    When Portal is installed on Windows 2012 R2, some Agents cannot register because of issues related to SSL cipher suite reordering. Affected Agents are:

    · Windows Agent versions 7.20 - 7.33

    · Hyper-V Agent version 7.30

    · vSphere Agent versions 7.32 and earlier

    · Linux Agent versions 7.20 and earlier

    We strongly recommend upgrading to the most recent Agent versions to avoid this issue. If you cannot upgrade an Agent, a less desirable server-side workaround will allow affected Agents to register to Portal. For details on the workaround, please contact Support. (28059)

    You cannot restore an Exchange database to flat files on a server where Microsoft Exchange is not installed. An error states that the job type is not supported by the current agent.

    WORKAROUND: Use Windows CentralControl to perform this task. (29491)

    When using the legacy Web CentralControl UI in Internet Explorer 11, problems can occur when you try to create a job or restore from another computer.

    WORKAROUND: Use Portal instead of the legacy Web CentralControl UI. Alternatively, use Firefox or Chrome to access the Web CentralControl UI. (29379)

    If you try to restore a vSphere VM from an alternate location, an error states that the safeset is offline and the restore cannot be completed.

    WORKAROUND: Manually synchronize a vSphere Agent job before trying to restore a VM from an alternate location. (27833)

    The tooltip that shows a VM's task name on the vault only appears if an updated Flash plug-in is installed in the browser. This Plug-in is installed automatically with the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox, but must be installed explicitly in other browsers. (26513)

    Portal sometimes becomes unresponsive when you try to browse for virtual machines in large vSphere environments. For more information, please contact Support. (23550)


    5.1 Technical Support

    Complete contact information for your provider is available through the "Support Website" link. You can access this link through the "Need Help?" menu.

    5.2 Product Updates

    Product updates are available from your provider.

    5.3 Documentation

    The following documentation is available for Portal:

    - Portal online help - onlinehelp.evault.com

    - Portal release notes (this document)

    - Portal Installation and Configuration Guide

    - Portal Administration Guide

    - Portal User Guide

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