Itis 3100 Apache Lab

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ITIS 2110 Lab 8

Installing a Web Server - Apache

Overview of Lab

The Apache Lab will involve the installation and customization of setting up a web server. The Web server will be Apache 2.2. The lab will deliberately deviate from some of the “norms” or standard directories and naming conventions to show that changes from usual practice and defaults are easily done.

Overall the steps will be:

  1. Install Apache and test default installation

  2. Create the directories needed for the Web files

  3. Customize Apache for displaying the Web files. (Allow directory structure to be shown)

    1. Install a simple set of supplied html files to be browsed

    2. Following a specific directory structure

  4. Change the default for case of no file name given (Disallow root directory to be shown but allow a subdirectory structure to be shown)

  5. Ensure the server can be browsed from another machine (e.g. the CentOS VM)

The whole lab will be done on one lab PC using 2 VMs: one Debian and one CentOS. Apache will be installed on Debian VM, the Web Server will be browsed from the CentOS VM.

Side benefits from this lab include:

Download 36.92 Kb.
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Download 36.92 Kb.