• Step2: Create directories and copy files
  • Take a quick tour of the Web Server

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    Take a quick tour of the Web Server

    Look around in the Web Server installation to see what directories and files were installed:

    • Default configuration files are located at /etc/apache2.

    • Default document root for apache2 is at /var/www.

    ** Document what you found (text)

    Step2: Create directories and copy files

    In this procedure you will begin to set up and customize the environment for your Web Server. This will consist of creating your directory structure and copying pre-existing html files into them. Later the Apache server will be customized to display these files.
    The home directory for the server will be apachelab with one subdirectory ITIS2110. Apachelab will have two html files: home.html and wf1.html, and one image file: constitution.jpg. Directory ITIS2110 will have two files: test1.html and test2.html, and two images: Sunset.jpg and Winter.jpg.

    • Open a terminal with root authority:

    Applications -> Accessories -> Root Terminal

    • Create the directories at the root level (/)

    mkdir /apachelab

    mkdir /apachelab/ITIS2110

    The files are available in multiple places on the hades.lab network. It is your responsibility to get the files in the correct directories. The Hades server may or may not be directly accessible from the Debian VM, depending on what IP address your VM is using. You might be able to use the Iceweasel browser on the Debian VM to display the files (browse them) and then use the browser to copy them to the temporary directory. The “gottcha” on this step is the target directory is not accessible (wrong permissions) by the standard user id and the browser most likely will only run from a standard user id. Don’t forget to also copy the picture files.


    • lab302-web.hades.lab (

      • /apachelab

    ** Show your directory structure and content

    Download 36.92 Kb.
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    Download 36.92 Kb.

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    Take a quick tour of the Web Server

    Download 36.92 Kb.