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    1. Jason Graves

    Full Stack Developer / R&D Specialist
        1. Summary

    • Over 20 years experience developing, coding, architecting, debugging applications and websites across large enterprise environments.

    • Over 8 years of IT management.

    • Incredibly skilled at web development with a focus on HTML/CSS/JavaScript, problem solving and architecture of large scale enterprise systems.

    • jQuery, AngularJS, Backbone, ReactJS, Node, Nodejs, C/C++, Java, Swing, JMF, Servlets, JSP, JSF, JNI, HTML, HTML5, Visual Basic, ASP, ASP .NET, VB, VB .NET, C#, Assembly, DHTML, CSS, CGI, SQL, Microsoft SQL Server 6.5/7.0/2000, mySQL, Access 3.0/95/2000, Vertica, VBA, Office Macros, Windows Batch File, Oracle 8/9/10g, Shell scripting (BASH, Cshell), XML, XSL, XHTML, MFC, ActiveX, COM+, DCOM, MTS, IIS, ATL, Rabbit-MQ, OCX, Flex, Flash, Lua, Javascript, VBScript, WebLogic, Tomcat, Jrun, Apache, PHP, Zend Framework, Symfony, LDAP, Haxe, Screenweaver, Oracle, Sun's Application Server, Sun One Server, Sun's Creator.

    • Highly skilled in cross browser responsive DHTML/CSS including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Mozilla based browsers.

    • Windows 95/98/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7, Unix, Solaris, RedHat Linux, Gentoo Linux, CentOS Linux, Mac OSX, Gnome, KDE, Afterstep, InstallShield, Nullsoft Install.

    • X Windows, Emacs, VI Editor, Openwin, Nextstep, KDE

    • Author of patent US 8,569,396 B2 Method and System For Transforming An Integrated Webpage (http://www.uspto.gov/web/patents/patog/week40/OG/html/1395-1/US08549395-20131001.html).

    • Author of jquery.template.js plugin (https://github.com/godlikemouse/jquery.template.js)

    • Author of Force Directed Layout command line tool (https://github.com/godlikemouse/ForceDirectedLayout)
        1. Professional Experience

    Packet Design, Santa Clara, CA                  Oct 2013-Current

    Distinguished Engineer

    • C/C++, Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, JavaScript, Bootstrap, AJAX, DHTML, Java, MySQL, PHP, Zend Framework, CSS, JQuery, AngularJS, Backbone, ReactJS, SOAP, XML, Webservices, REST, Bootstrap.

    • Hired to architect next generation web solutions of Packet Design products with a focus on displaying interactive network topologies online and responsive solutions.

    • Responsibilities included architecture and development of new solutions framework, management, mentoring, directing, coding, scheduling and best practices.


    iQ Technologies, Gig Harbor, WA                  Mar 2010-Oct 2013

    Chief Technical Officer

    • C/C++, Linux, Windows, Mac, JavaScript, Node, Nodejs, AJAX, DHTML, Java, MySQL, PHP, Zend Framework, Rabbit-MQ, Python, XHTML, CSS, JQuery, Solr, SOAP, XML, REST, Webservices, Amazon Cloud.

    • IT development team management, coordination and architecture.

    • Hired to architect and construct a high availability infinitely scalable social platform utilizing Amazon's Cloud.

    • Responsibilities included architecture and development of high availablity infrastructure, management, mentoring, directing, coding, scheduling and best practices.


    NetQoS, Austin, TX                           Oct 2005-Mar 2010

    Senior Software Technologist

    • C/C++, Linux, Windows, Mac, JavaScript, AJAX, DHTML, C#, ASP .Net, Java, Struts, J2EE, Custom Taglibs, MySQL, PHP, Screenweaver, Flash, Haxe, FLV, and more.

    • IT development team management and coordination.

    • Research and development of software and hardware technologies for current and future products.

    • Low level C/C++ development for proprietary network technology.

    • ASP .Net application architecture and development for web.  GUI enhancements using AJAX and DHTML.  Web 2.0 GUI architecture and development.  XHTML conformance and transformation for FOP Adobe PostScript printing.  Jakarta Struts, Taglib and SOQL development for a custom portal.

    • GUI redesigns for current and future NetQoS products.

    • Technology research and implementation for rich web and installed applications.

    • Custom DHTML driven .Net component development.

    • Full feature DHTML, AJAX, JavaScript custom web applications.ASP .Net application architecture and development for web.  GUI enhancements using AJAX and DHTML.  XHTML conformance and transformation for FOP Adobe PostScript printing.  Jakarta Struts, Taglib and SOQL development for a custom portal.

    • GUI redesigns for current and future NetQoS products.

    • Technology research and implementation for rich web and installed applications.

    • Custom Dhtml driven .Net component development.

    • Full feature Dhtml, AJAX, JavaScript custom web applications.


    InfoReliance, Fairfax, VA                  Aug 2004-Aug 2005

    Consulant IV (Lead developer/Architect)

    • JavaScript, DHTML, C#, ASP .Net, C/C++, Oracle 10g/9i, J2EE, JSF, LDAP, Oracle Internet Directory and SQL Server development on military contracts.

    • Management of IT development team for individual customer projects.

    • J2EE architecture and development with EJB, JavaServer Faces, Gentoo linux, Redhat linux and Oracle 10g on a financial contract for the White House.  Oracle was setup and administered on Redhat linux.  Utilized the following EJB container/Web servers: WebSphere, Tomcat, OpenEJB, SunOne.

    • ASP. Net, C# global security management system and remoting API for the security management of all InfoReliance applications with optional LDAP/Active Directory management/Oracle Internet Directory.


    Robbins Gioia, Alexandria, VA         Aug 2002-Aug 2004

    Senior Software Architect

    • Hired to develop next generation of project management and collaboration software for the world’s largest project management company.

    • Managed small IT team toward the development of next generation portal.

    • Assisted in the choice of development platform and methodologies implemented.

    • Developed custom portal system in .NET currently on display at http://www.pmboulevard.com.  Custom portal system allows the dragging and dropping of portal controls from one location to another.  Full site administration through a cross platform DHTML interface.

    • Developed web controls, custom controls, flash controls, flash movies and multiple .NET applications.

    • Technologies used include, ASP, JSP, J2EE, EJB, JavaScript, C#, Java, VB, VBScript, .NET platform development, COM and ATL.


    CITI, Arlington, VA   Jan 2002- Aug 2002

    Lead Developer / Architect / Project Manager

    • Hired to perform maintenance development and project management of Department of State Crisis Management System.

    • Performed guidance in system architecture and development of client server and internet/intranet applications.

    • Developed custom server controls in .Net for various functions.

    • Technologies used include, ASP, ASP .Net, VB, VB .Net, C#, C++, MFC, ATL, COM+, XML, XSL, Java and Oracle.


    Property ID, Los Angeles, CA           Mar 2001-Oct 2001

    Lead Developer / Architect / IT Manager


    • Contracted to implement custom java client for system automation, Swing, RMI, JDBC, SQL Server 7.0.

    • Re-architecture and rewrite of java client into a Windows DNA Modeled custom reporting tool, complete company automation, ASP, COM, COM+, DCOM, HTML, MTS, DHTML, XML, Javascript, SQL Server 7.0, with custom XML markup, Xerox VIPP (XGFC), Cshell, BASH, Solaris OpenWin, Unix, Windows, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Access 2000, Excel 2000, IIS.

    • Management of large IT and development team.

    • Responsible for deploying custom software across a large enterprise environment, architecture, code stability, project management, business logic, coding, resource allocation, business objects, integration and testing.


    Connect3 Systems Inc., Long Beach, CA      Nov 2000-Feb 2001

    Lead Developer / Architect / Project Manager


    • Contracted to concept, architect and create an XML communication layer between a Visual C++ ActiveX OCX, to a SQL Server 7.0 database.  The resulting architecture was an XML Recordset / XML Multi Recordset across an N-Tier enterprise environment.  Multiple large environments included such customers as Best Buy, Office Deport, etc.

    • Modified MFC ActiveX OCX control to incorporate XML communication and various extensions.

    • Created a license key system for software distribution to help eliminate piracy.

    • Created specialized ATL COM objects for encryption and decryption.

    • Technologies used were XML, SQL, C++, MFC, ATL, OCX, ActiveX, ASP, COM, COM+, DCOM, MTS, Java, JNI, WebLogic, Wise installs and HTML, Unix, Windows, SQL Server, Oracle.

    • Created specialized Wise Installs for automated registration, file encryption, database management and service automation.

    • Responsible for Project Management, business logic, architecture, encryption, coding, resource allocation, integration and testing.


    Spectria, Long Beach, CA      Jun 1999-Oct 2000

    Lead Developer / Architect

    Soundbreak (client of Spectria)

    • Created a Disc Jockey interface in MFC, to allow a remote connection to a mySQL database and a Python/Linux sound server.  Functionality included the ability to load, create, and edit play lists; search for songs, drag and drop songs, to and from playable controls.

    • Created playable controls MFC which allowed for fast forward, rewind, skip to end, skip

    • to beginning, pause, stop and rewind of songs to a remote sound server.

    • Recreated Disc Jockey interface in Java Swing to interface with an MFC sound server.

    • Created Administration Console in Java Swing which allowed creation of playlists, search for songs, beds, sweepers and guests.

    • Created custom GUI components and renderers.

    • Client sound server (JMF), with the ability to fast forward, rewind, skip to end, skip to beginning, pause, stop and rewind.

    • Real time communication with all other playlists, old scheduled and being created.

    • Real time validation of playlist rules and regulation.

    • Online playable version serving up mpeg files using J2EE servlets and EJB components.


    ARCO AM/PM (client of Spectria)

    Lead Developer / Architect

    • Created an automating tool for ARCO AM/PM brochures.

    • Custom MS Word 2000 VBA Interface, talked to a back end SQL Server 7.0 through ADO, and created final printable brochure in MS Word.


    Hawaii ISPED (client of Spectria)

    Senior Consultant

    • Created a Visual Basic XML HTTP interface dll for reading multiple XML files across WWW and updating databases on various servers.

    • ADO, XML free threaded DOM, SQL 7.0.


    BuyBidWin     (client of Spectria)

    Senior Consultant

    • Automated the fulfillment process between BuyBidWin, and current vendors, utilizing XML, XSL, XHTML and Visual Basic.

    • Various ASP developments, DHTML, ActiveX dll creation in Visual Basic, COM, COM+, Visual Basic interfaces, administration screens, search engine, graphics and layout.


    Toyota, Torrance, CA Apr 1999-Jun 1999


    • Contracted to customize a Y2K intranet.

    • Visual Basic ActiveX, COM, ASP, HTML, SQL Server 6.5.


    Allied Signal Aerospace, Torrance, CA          Aug 1998-April 1999


    • Application programming for information systems.

    • Contracted to perform verification of space station components.

    • Projects:  NASA’s International Space Station (ISS); Crew Return Vehicle (CRV).

    • Custom application development in Visual Basic, C/C++, DXL, XML.

    • Web site development on multiple projects in Visual Basic, ActiveX, ASP, JavaScript and VBScript.

    • Upconverted databases and programs to later versions and Visual Basic ActiveX dll creation.

    • Macros programming to parse word documents and populate Access databases.

    • Converted verification databases to a customized DOORS application, including customized DXL scripting and importing into Word via macro VBA.

    • Installers written using WISE and custom dlls.


    Davidson/CUC Software, Torrance, CA        Mar 1998-Aug 1998


    • Contracted to perform games testing/debugging and web site development.

    • Set up Intranet for customer service department in Intrabuilder / Javascript.

    • QA, debugging, gaming concepts, ghosting, game testing.

    • Environments:  Windows 3.1/3.11/95/95B/95C/NT/98, Mac OS 7.1 and up.


    Creative Computers, Torrance, CA    Dec 1997-Mar 1998


    • On contract to perform web site, application programming and business automation.

    • Languages involved, Java, HTML, Javascript, Visual Basic, VBA, SQL.

    • Custom application programming, image processing (Windows 95/NT and Mac 7.0).


    Initial experience         Dec 1995-Oct 1997


    • Contracted to perform web site programming, web site design for various clients throughout college.

    • Languages involved, C/C++, Java, HTML, Javascript, Visual Basic, CGI.
        1. Education

    Kalamazoo Valley College, Kalamazoo, MI, 1994-1995, Major:  Art

    Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI Major:  Computer Science with minor in mathematics

    Microsoft Certified .Net Developer

    Project Management Institute (PMI) Certified Project Manager

    Photovoltaics 100
        1. Technologies











    Sun One Server





    Zend Framework
















    HTML 5



















    Internet Explorer



    MS SQL Server





    Mac OSX


    X Windows
















    Wise Install


    Nullsoft Install



    3D Studio Max

    3D Studio Viz


    3D Gamestudio




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