Leanna Hoskins

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Professional Experience
Freelance Consultant- Free Spirit Media Vancouver, BC Canada 1994 – Present

Web Development - Graphic Design – Project Manager – Marketing Consultant –

(SEO, Direct & Internet)

Independent contractor specializing in: web development, Internet Marketing and Senior Project Management. Some contracts included supplying backend e-commerce solutions, extensive target market research, and permission-based email marketing and customer relationship management.

  • Design, developed and on-going maintenance of several web development projects.(over 350) Sites included are real estate, mortgage brokerage firms, travel industry, eco-tourism, environmental, health and personal fitness, e-cards, lotteries, photography, wildlife rehabilitation, astrology, print brokerage, helicopter sales, hospitality, pet and customer service related.

  • Coordinated email marketing campaigns and newsletters, administer fund raising campaign and several online message board communities

  • Non- Profit Sector- Volunteer as Webmaster for animal welfare, women’s groups and other non-profit organizations.

  • Also worked as a consultant within the Direct Marketing arena as well as contributed to projects with various start-ups, established IT companies and software developers helping to brand and market their products. (permission-based email marketing, sales channel marketing, in-depth market research, list management, direct & internet mail campaign management, investor relations software, copywriting and web content development.)

WSi Interactive Inc. Vancouver, BC Canada 01/2000 - 12/2000

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