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» william leemans


naamsesteenweg 145, 3001 Heverlee


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» professional experience

Federal Police, Brussels

since june 2010, 5 days/week as an independent consultant

Provide system support as Linux/Unix expert

  • Help in the migration of HP-UX to RHEL 5

  • Design & Implement vSphere 4 test environment

TOTAL Petrochemicals, Feluy

september 2009 – june 2010, 5 days/week as an independent consultant

Provide system support as Windows and VMWare expert for 7000+ users

  • Identification & remediation of MOSS 2007 environment shortcomings;

  • Migration, consolidation and viirtualization of the regional BackOffice to new AD and Windows 2008;

  • Definition of Architecture of new industry-specific client/server applications (IUCLID, Chembook, ExEss, PHD)

  • Migration of out-of-support Windows 2000 Servers to Windows 2003

ITIS BVBA, Kessel-Lo

august 2009 as an independent consultant

Create new website for new venture

  • Create website using Joomla! CMS;

  • Develop additional functionalities for website (php, html, javascript, mysql)

LMS International, Haasrode

may 2007 - June 2009, 5 days/week as an independent consultant

Provide system architecture, engineering and operational support for 1000+ users

  • Migration of existing Exchange 2003 infrastructure to Exchange 2007;

  • Migration of mail relay infrastructure to Symantec MessageLabs;

  • Migration of the AD Hardware to a new and more performant system;

  • Migration of the backup solution to more performant system;

  • Migration of AD users of a bought-up company;

  • Maintain Linux, Unix, VMWare ESX(i) and Windows systems;


  • Update and manage internally developed intranet (php, mssql);

  • Migrate UNIX scripts to Linux (sh, csh, ksh, bash);

  • Revise internally developed user/group creation scripts (ms-dos, VBScript, Powershell)

Cedexsa n.v., Brugge

since december 2008, when needed as an independent consultant

Provide extended Linux knowledge

  • Configuration of VMWare ESX backup;

  • Installation & configuration of Ubuntu Linux as Spam and Virus mailfilter;

Atradius, Namen

may 2005 - may 2007, 5 days/week as an independent consultant

Create WindowsXP Image to replace current workstation OSes and help the customer in a smooth migration of their 5000+ workstations

  • Adapted the customer's existing Imaging process to a flexible database driven model instead of a fixed file per computer driven model;

  • Created the imaging engine to roll out PCs according the database (VBscript);

  • Created a web-based interface to control the complete process of building a base image and the roll-out to the client (html, asp, javascript);

  • Maintained and updated the imaging engine to the customer's needs;

  • Created a mail flow monitor application & GUI (php, perl, html, javascript, mysql)

People Intent, Diest

december 2006 as an independent consultant

Designed & implemented corporate website.

  • Designed look & feel of website;

  • Created a dynamic animation for the start page (adobe flash);

  • Create website using Joomla! CMS

Kantoor Feremans, Leuven

since may 2004, when needed as an independent consultant

Provide system architecture, engineering and operational support for 3 users

  • Migration of existing MS Windows 2003 SBS environment to MS Windows 2008 SBS;

  • Implementation of new network backbone;

  • Installation of Microsoft Windows 2003 SBS;

  • Audit & apply necessary modifications to increase the accountant's network and computer performance


  • provide follow-me functionality on external DHCP lease (php, html, mysql)


March 2006, 2 days as an independent consultant

OpenVMS Server recovery
Customer needed to access old accounting data on an OpenVMS server that crashed.

Oudstudentenbond VUB

October 2005, 3 days) as an independent consultant

Customer's only Windows2000 Server crashed after the disk volumes filled up with data.

  • Installation of new hardware;

  • Recovered AD & Exchange information;

  • Recovered critical data & transferred it to the new server;

  • Implemented Backup and Disaster Recovery procedures

Interbrew/!nBev, Leuven

may 2004 - may 2005, 5 days/week as an independent consultant

Assist the Global Security ans Systems managers in improving and enforcing existing Software Update and OS Patch processes and policies (Patch Management Process) throughout the Interbrew/!nBev Regions.

  • Coordinated and Improved execution of the Patch Management Process;

  • Adapted the MS whitepaper on Patch Management to fit the client's needs and infrastructure


  • create tool for reporting on patch management (asp, html, javascript, mssql)

Critter bvba, Leuven

since may 2004, co-owner as managing partner

Started own IT consultancy company.

  • Migration of XEN Source to VMWare 3.5 ESXi

  • Migration of business critical services to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud;

  • Migration of Zimbra 4.5.2 to Zimbra 5.x;

  • Installation & configuration of Zimbra 4.5.2;

  • Installation & configuration of XEN Source Virtualization platform (7 guests);

  • Installation of a Linux-based firewall (iptables & Snort);

  • Investigation & installation of Linux-based multi-media platform (MythTV);

  • Migration of MS Windows 2003 SBS to Gentoo Linux (with Qmail, Apache 2, Samba, ...);

  • Installation and configuration of Microsoft Windows 2003 SBS


  • working on tool to provide web-based ledger functionality (php, html, javascript, mysql);

  • created tool to fascilitate invoicing (php, html, javascript, mysql)

Colt Telecom NV, Evere

oct 2001 - dec 2003

Senior Corporate IT Engineer (Team leader)

Coordinated and coached the local IT team -5 people-, which was responsible for all IT matters in Colt Telecom Belgium (PCs, servers, email, intranet, web, security, automation, ... ), assisted the IT manager in making decisions, 3rd line support and contributed to the Colt wide projects

  • Improved the local Network by re-locating services;

  • Reduced of the number of support calls by implementing a helpdesk, building a user knowledgebase, standardising Computer hardware and creating a standard build for the PCs;

  • Migrated the Belgian Server farm to Active Directory and a unified Colt Server standard;

  • Responsible for the relocation of all Belgium services to the Colt single datacenter in the UK;

  • Migrated and problem solving of the Scandinavian and Belgian Desktop platform to a Colt-wide unified platform (WindowsXPpro);

  • Supported the Internet Service Team on Active Directory and Exchange 2000

Hermes/GTS/Ebone, Hoeilaart

feb 1996 - oct 2001

From Sys admin to Office Automaton Senior Engineer (Team leader)

Due to shareholders decision, the company name was changed from Hermes to GTS and later to Ebone
Initially responsible for PC support and Server operations. My field of responsability grew every time the company grew and my last responsability was leading the OA Engineering team -2 people- which was responsible for 3rd line support, OA Architecture, design and projects.

  • Built the initial Network;

  • Redesigned the network from scratch when the offices were relocated;

  • Moved everybody's IT workplace (PC, data, email, telephone, ...) when the offices were relocated;

  • Designed and Implemented the company Microsoft Windows Domain;

  • Migrated all Windows 3.11 stations to WindowsNT 4.0;

  • Trained all colleagues on how-to use their PCs and most-used applications;

  • Designed and implemented the Backup and Disaster Recovery;

  • Migrated the email system from cc:Mail to GroupWise 5.2;

  • Designed and implemented the roll-out of WIndows NT Service Pack(s) for both Servers and Workstation;

  • Redesigned the Brussels Data center and moved all existing services to it;

  • Migrated the email system from GroupWise 5.2 to Exchange 5.5;

  • Migrated all Novell Servers and Services to WindowsNT 4;

  • Responsible for the migration of messaging platforms of new acquisitions to the GTS standard: Exchange 5.5;

  • Redesigned and implemented the Server Anti-virus design and policies after "I Love You";

  • Designed and implemented the company IT split into 2 companies (Ebone and Ventelo);

  • Designed a new standard PC build for the Ebone PCs (Windows2000pro);

  • Researched Video conferencing to the desktop

» computer skills

Virtualization (VMWare, Xen)

Database (SQL, MySQL)

Web development

Linux (Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian)


Firewalls & Security

Microsoft OS

Microsoft Back Office

Trouble ticketing systems

see appendix i for detailed list

» languages
















» education


ITIL Foundations v2.0 RHCE RHEL5 (805007084029417) RHCT RHEL5 (605007366014897)

@ training centers/seminars


HP Training, Brussels

vSphere 4 Fasttrack


Global Knowledge, Mechelen

ITIL Foundations v2.0


Global Knowledge, Mechelen

RHCE Rapid Track Course (and RHCE Exam)


Global Knowledge, Mechelen

Red Hat Linux System Administration (and RHCT exam)


Colt Telecom, Frankfurt



Microsoft, Nice

MEC 2000



MS Active Directory



MS Exchange 5.5



Novell GroupWise 5.2

1996 - 1997


Full Novell CNE Track

@ high school

1998 - 1999

Groep T, Leuven

Virtual Reality & Multimedia

1994 - 1995

Rega Instituut, Leuven


1993 - 1994

Groep T, Leuven

Industrial Engineer

1992 - 1993

Paridaens Instituut. Leuven


@ school

1988 - 1992

St Lukas Instituut, Brussels


1985 - 1988

St Pieters College, Jette

Science and Math

» personal

date of birth

22 feb 1973

driving license

A3, B


cooking, computers, home improvement, music, snowboard, star wars, travelling

» appendix i

the below entries are listed alphabetically

virtualization environments

VMWare ESX 2.5+, VMWare Player, VMWare Server 1+, VMWare vSphere 4, VMWare Workstation 4+, Xen 5.x

operating systems

server AIX, Caldera Linux 2, Debian Linux, Gentoo Linux, HP-UX, MS Windows (NT4, 2000, 2003, 2008), Novell Netware 3.12, 4.11, 5), Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SlackWare Linux 7, Sun Solaris, Ubuntu Linux

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