Operating System Introduction to Windows 2000 Group Policy

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Operating System

Introduction to Windows 2000 Group Policy

White Paper


This paper presents an overview of Windows 2000 Group Policy, one of the key technologies behind the Change and Configuration Management features of IntelliMirror™ management technologies and Remote OS Installation. Administrators use Group Policy to define options for managed desktop configurations for groups of users and computers.
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Introduction 1

Change and Configuration Management 1

IntelliMirror 2

Group Policy 2

Group Policy and Total Cost of Ownership 3

Group Policy Capabilities 3

Group Policy Benefits 3

Group Policy and the Active Directory 4

Group Policy and Security Groups 4

Group Policy Overview 4

Group Policy Administrative Requirements 5

Computer Configuration and User Configuration 6

Snap-in Extensions to Group Policy 7

For More Information 7

Management and Overview Papers 7

Technical Papers 9

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Operating System Introduction to Windows 2000 Group Policy

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