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    Accessibility features in Microsoft® Internet Explorer make it easier to explore the Internet, see items in the browser, and use the keyboard and mouse

    Display and Readability

    Internet Explorer 6 includes numerous options to make things easier to see on the computer screen, or to adjust to your visual preferences including:

    • Increase or decrease the font size of webpages displayed
      on screen

    • Ignore colors, font styles, or font sizes specified on webpages

    • Select a font style for webpages that do not have a
      specified text font

    • Select text and background colors of webpages

    • Select link colors

    • Select hover link colors

    • Format webpages using a custom style sheet

    • Always expand ALT text for images

    • Turn on or turn off smooth scrolling

    • Turn on or turn off play animations in webpages

    • Turn on or turn off play videos in webpages

    • Turn on or turn off show pictures

    • Turn on or turn off print background colors and images

    • Move system caret with focus/selection changes

    Keyboard and Mouse

    In Internet Explorer 6 you can choose a number of options to make your keyboard and mouse faster and easier to use. Options you can adjust include:

    • Change the toolbar button icon size

    • Add or remove buttons on your toolbar

    • Change the order of toolbar buttons

    • Fill in web addresses automatically

    • Fill in routine form entries automatically

    • Fill in user names and passwords automatically


    Sounds and Speech

    In addition to the Windows XP sound and speech options, in Internet Explorer 6 you can also:

    • Turn on or turn off play sounds in webpages

    Note to Assistive Technology Product Users

    If you use assistive technology products, be sure to contact your assistive technology manufacturer (www.microsoft.com/enable/at/) to check compatibility with Windows XP and to learn how to adjust your settings to optimize compatibility.

    Accessibility Resources for Internet Explorer 6

    Internet Explorer 6 Accessibility Resources

    Step by Step Tutorials for Accessibility Features

    Keyboard Assistance

    Assistive Technology Products

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    Accessibility Internet Explorer Fact Sheet

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