• -Important : could you validate that all the services/servers are included in this specification for this business
  • 1.) Connectivity to internet
  • 2.) DMZ
  • Architecture web hosting et asp

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    Architecture web hosting and ASP(email, CRM and HR)

    Please I need your validation for this architecture


    I Setup a new company in ASP(application service provider) : email service, CRM, HR and web hosting.

    I have tree subjects:

    1. The servers

    2. Storage

    3. The networking(connectivity to internet, DMZ, security and LAN)

    The servers and SAN will be in a Datacenter. For the connectivity we discuss this later.

    I start with servers:

      • 2 servers for DNS

      • 2 servers for email server

      • 1 server for Linux web hosting

      • 1 server for windows web hosting

      • 1 LDAP server

      • 1mySQL server

      • 1 server for hosting this applications : CRM and HR.

      • 1 server for the networking admin, and Plesk application

    -Important : could you validate that all the services/servers are included in this specification for this business?
    For the SAN solution we use :SAN FC / iSCSI
    The network: I have 5 points to clarifier :

    1. Connectivity to internet

    2. DMZ Architecture

    3. LAN Architecture (routers, firewall, switch, servers, SAN )

    4. A Security

    5. OS: (Linux, windows, ..) for network

    1.) Connectivity to internet

    a) Which solution I need to chose:

    implement a BGP? Or rent bandwidth from an ISP?
    b) Suppose that I would like to implement my own BGP: which architecture is the best? which router/firewall/switch I need to buy ?
    b.)In fact I would to be independent from any ISP(resellers of Bandwidth), so I would like to start with a small network and then develop this network in function of business.

    2.) DMZ :

    Which architecture for DMZ ?

    3.) LAN Architecture

    Architecture for : servers, SAN, DMZ and connectivity to Internet ?

    4.) Security

    which firewall ?

    5. ) which Op for network

    linux distribution: RedHat, SUSE LINUX, FreeBSD, …? Which OS for this network?

    Thanks lot.
    Email: mezn@free.fr

    Download 45.5 Kb.

    Download 45.5 Kb.