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    The library contains many sources of information useful to students taking courses in Media. This subject guide is intended to help you make the best use of those resources. If you need any further assistance using the library, please ask - staff are here to help.

    Books – Subject Locations

    The books relating to Media can be found at the following locations within the library:

    Journalism - 070

    Media – 302.23

    Broadcasting – 384

    TV Engineering – 621.388

    Video Recording – 621.38833

    Cinematography – 778.53

    TV & Video Production – 778.59

    Films – 791.43

    Screenplays – 791.437

    Radio – 791.44

    Television – 791.45

    Scriptwriting - 808



    Current copies of journals are on display within the library. Back copies can be borrowed overnight for a fully-refundable deposit of £2 upon return.

    American Cinematographer


    Media Magazine


    Screen International

    Sight & Sound

    Electronic Resources

    The Library subscribes to a number of online journal databases that provide students with access to thousands of current and historical journal articles. The Library also purchases eBooks, which can be accessed via the online library catalogue.

    Journal Databases

    Academic Search Elite – Full-text general subject database (covering majority of subjects).

    Online Journals


    MyiLibrary – Access key text purchased by the Library.
    Issues Online – Up-to-date eBooks covering topical issues, such as body image and equality.

    Subject-specific Free Resources

    Below are websites that may be a use to students studying a course in Media.

    All Movie


    BBC Writer's Room - Scriptwriting

    BBFC - British Board of Film Classification

    BFI - British Film Institute

    British Media Online

    British Universities Film and Video Council


    Broadcasting Act 1990

    Broadcasting Act 1996

    IMDB - Internet Movie Database
    Useful Websites

    Below are general interest websites that may help students with their studies.

    Directory of Open Access Journals – Free database of Open Access Journals.

    Google Books – Search millions of books and preview or read for free.

    Google Scholar – Search engine of peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed journals and scholarly texts.

    Project Gutenberg – Free eBooks for download or online access.

    Ted Talks – A collection of short, informative talks on a wide range of topics.

    YouTube EDU – YouTube educational videos.

    Free Useful Apps

    Below are some free mobile apps that may help students with their studies.

    RefMe – A free web and mobile app to help with citations, referenced and bibliographies.

    iOS - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/refme-referencing-made-easy/id553222694?mt=8

    Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.refme&hl=en_GB

    Genius Scan – Free app that enables the user to scan and email documents.

    iOS – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/genius-scan-pdf-scanner/id377672876?mt=8

    Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thegrizzlylabs.geniusscan.free&hl=en

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    Books – Subject Locations

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