• Learning outcomes
  • Equipment of the lesson
  • Part of the lesson Tasks Time
  • Procedure of the lesson: I. Organizing moment
  • Date Form Subject: English Theme: School uniform Aims: Educational

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    7-sinf-5.-School-Uniform- fotima
    40730402-Suv ta’minoti hamda kanalizatsiya tizimlaridan foydalanish va montaj qilish ustasi., Reja Teskari funksiyaning hosilasi. Murakkab funksiyaning hosil, aaaaaa, Qóziboyeva Fazilat 1, Ariza, Dilshod aka amaliyot xujjatlai, 98380, Ot test., 2-laboratoriya ishlanmasi, 2.1-Labaratoriya ishi 2, Кундузги стационар ҳамшира, Mavz O`zbekistonda amalga oshirilayotgan islohatlarning yangi, 7-mustaqil ish, 8-mustaqil ish

    Date_____ Form_____ Subject: English
    Theme: School uniform
    Educational: - to introduce and practise tag questions for confirmation
    Developing: - to listen for specific and detailed information
    Socio-cultural: - to talk about uniforms
    Up bringing: - to teach the pupils to respect for other people

    Learning outcomes: At the end of the lesson pupils will be able to :

    Competence: SC1, FLCC, and PC
    Type of the lesson: Mixed, group work, pair-work, individual work
    Method of the lesson: nontraditional, mixed
    Equipment of the lesson: Textbook “ Fly High 7”, pictures, internet, computers, projector


    Part of the lesson





    -to greet pupils.
    - to check up the register

    5 min


    Repeating last lesson

    - to give pupils some questions about last lesson. – to ask words from previous lesson

    5 min


    Explaining new theme

    - to explain to pupils new vocabulary and theme

    20 min


    Consolidating new theme.

    - to consolidate new theme and new words of the theme.

    10 min



    - To mark pupils

    5 min



    - Giving homework.

    Procedure of the lesson:
    I. Organizing moment: Motivation, Greeting, checking attendance, season, weather, checking the preparation for the lesson.
    II. Asking homework:
    - Check for homework given on past lesson.
    - Ask pupils all new words learnt on previous lesson.

    III. Pre-activity:
    Warming up
    Ask learners if they have a uniform at their school. If yes, what does it look like? If no, would they like to have a uniform? What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a uniform?
    Draw an example uniform on the board, maybe based on a school uniform described by one of the learners, or show a picture. What clothes does a school uniform have? Label the picture, for example skirt, shorts, trousers, shirt, tie, jumper, blazer, hat, socks, shoes, emblem.
    Now learners should invent their own school uniform for their ideal school. Encourage them to be creative and brainstorm some ideas. After they have designed and drawn their uniform, they can write about the picture to describe it. Display the uniforms around the room – which ones would learners like to wear to school?

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    Date Form Subject: English Theme: School uniform Aims: Educational

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