• Committee on Development and Intellectual Property (CDIP) Twelfth Session Geneva, November 18 to 21, 2013
  • Draft report

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    CDIP/12/12 Prov.

    ORIGINAL: English

    DATE: february 4, 2014

    Committee on Development and Intellectual Property (CDIP)

    Twelfth Session

    Geneva, November 18 to 21, 2013

    prepared by the Secretariat

    1 The twelfth session of the CDIP was held from November 18 to 21, 2013.

    2 The following States were represented: Algeria, Andorra, Angola, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belgium, Benin, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Congo, Costa Rica, Côte d’Ivoire, Cuba, Czech Republic, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Denmark, Djibouti, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Haiti, Holy See, India, Indonesia, Iran (Islamic Republic of), Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Madagascar, Malawi, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Morocco, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nepal, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Senegal, South Africa, Spain, Sudan, Switzerland, Thailand, Togo, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United Republic of Tanzania, United States of America, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of), Viet Nam, Yemen and Zimbabwe (98). Palestine was represented as an observer.
    3 The following intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) took part as observers: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), World Health Organization (WHO), Eurasian Patent Organization (EAPO), International Telecommunication Union (ITU), International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV), Patent Office of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC PATENT OFFICE), South Centre, World Trade Organization (WTO), Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization (AIDMO) and Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), (12).
    4 Representatives of the following nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) took part as observers:  Asociación Argentina de Intérpretes (AADI), Cámara Industrial de Laboratorios Farmacéuticos Argentinos (CILFA), Centre for Internet and Society (CIS), Communia, International Association on the Public Domain (COMMUNIA), Conseil national pour la promotion de la musique traditionnelle du Congo (CNPMTC), European Law Students’ Association (ELSA International), Ingénieurs du Monde (IdM), Institute for Intellectual Property and Social Justice (IIPSJ), International Association for the Development of Intellectual Property (ADALPI), International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI), International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD), International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF), International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations (IFPMA), International Literary and Artistic Association (ALAI), International Publisher Association (IPA), International Trademark Association (INTA), International Video Federation (IVF), International Intellectual Property Institute (IIPI), Knowledge Ecology International, Inc. (KEI), Latin American Association of Pharmaceutical Industries (ALIFAR), Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), Medicines Patent Pool Foundation (MPP) and Motion Picture Association (MPA) (21).

    5 Ambassador Mohamed Siad Doualeh, Permanent Representative of Djibouti, chaired the session. Mrs. Ekaterine Egutia, Deputy Chairman, National Intellectual Property Center (SAKPATENTI), Tbilisi, Georgia, acted as the Vice-Chair.

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