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    Features RVS-COM Plus 3.0

    • Link up your mobile phone (notification, forwarding, call-back etc.) Handy-Anbindung (Benachrichtigung, Weiterleitung, Rückruf etc.)

    • Personalised mail-merge (broadcast) faxing / faxing (including OCR) personalisiertes Serienfax / Fax (inkl. OCR Texterkennung)

    • AddressManager (with link to Outlook)

    • Answerphone (with remote playback)

    • Fax retrieval server (for up to 999 documents)

    • ISDN video telephony

    • Remote control (file transfer/Eurofile transfer)


    Technical Requirements 1

    Telephony 2

    Answerphone with Remote Playback 2

    Mobile Base Station 3

    RVS AddressManager 3

    SMS 3

    Fax Features 4

    ISDN Videophone (H.320) 5

    File Transfer/ Eurofile Transfer 5

    Remote Control 6

    PC Mail 6

    System Services for Windows 7

    Terminal 7

    Videotex (e.g. T-Online, A-Online, Swiss Online) 7

    Automation and Programming 8

    General Information 8

    Technical requirements

    Operating system: Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/2000, Windows NT 4.0 (SP5) or Windows XP

    Internet browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher is required to display the online documentation.

    PC/CPU: IBM AT-type PC with Intel-compatible CPU Pentium 133 or higher. Pentium II CPU or better required to run RVS VideoPhone.

    RAM: 32 MB minimum for Windows 95/98/Me, 64 MB minimum for Windows NT/2000, and 128 MB minimum for Windows XP

    Hard disk storage: 90 MB; up to 115 MB is required for the installation process. Festplatten-Speicher: 90 MB; für den Installations-Vorgang werden bis zu 115 MB benötigt.

    Graphics card: VGA display minimum (640*480 resolution, 16 colour/greyscale) Bildschirmadapter: mindestens VGA (640*480 Punkte, 16 Farben/Graustufen)

    For faxing, SMS, RVS Mail and telephony:

    - SoftwareFax, G4 fax, SMS, Softmodem, answerphone, telephony and Eurofile transfer

    require an ISDN CAPI adapter, an ISDN router with RVS ISDN DCP or a specially

    adapted ISDN terminal adapter.

    - Telephony requires a full-duplex audio device (sound card).

    - Receiving SMS messages on your PC is currently possible only in Germany. - Der SMS-Empfang auf Ihrem PC ist zur Zeit nur in Deutschland möglich.

    RVS VideoPhone:

    Only using an ISDN CAPI adapter or an ISDN router with RVS ISDN DCP. The graphics card and the monitor must be able to display at least 65536 colours (16 bit colour depth). Video telephony requires two B channels to be available. - Nur mit ISDN-CAPI-Adapter oder ISDN-Router mit RVS ISDN-DCP. Die

    Communication devices:

    - ISDN CAPI adapter with CAPI 2.0 as 32-bit Windows DLL

    - ISDN terminal adapter with AT command set.

    - ISDN router with RVS ISDN DCP (DCP: Device Control Protocol) on the local network

    TCP/IP needs to be installed on the PC when using ISDN routers.
    ISDN telephone for PC in combination with a full-duplex sound card ISDN Telefon für PC mit Vollduplex Soundkarte

    Centre of operations for the RVS Answerphone: New messages are played back at the press of a button, and you can phone the caller back immediately. You can change the welcome message and the PIN.

    The AddressManager can be used to select phone numbers. You can also access all available address books from the log. You can access the associated address book entry from a logged call.

    You can listen in to the answerphone and record phone conversations on the answerphone.

    You can also interrupt to pick up a call even if the CommCenter has already answered it. Anrufe können auch noch übernommen werden, wenn das CommCenter den Anruf bereits angenommen hat.

    Log showing

    - Caller number

    - Date and time

    - Duration of call

    You can regulate the volume of the microphone and loudspeakers directly from the user interface.

    You can dial from any Windows program that supports the TAPI interface, e.g. MS Outlook Contacts, an external database, a merchandise information system etc. Anwahl aus jeder Windows-Anwendung mit TAPI-Schnittstelle, z.B. MS Outlook-Kontakte, externe

    Answerphone with Remote Playback

    Messages that the answerphone receives are stored as wav files in the Outlook or Exchange Inbox window, or in the RVS Inbox. Recording and playback using a sound card.

    The RVS Answerphone identifies the caller using either a PIN or the caller’s number when that number has been set up with permission to playback messages - der RVS Anrufbeantworter identifiziert den Anrufer entweder über PIN oder über die als abfrageberechtigt
    Callback and forwarding using the remote playback facility (see Mobile Base Station) - Rückruf und Weiterverbinden über die Fernabfrage (s. Handy-Basisstation)
    You can specify the number of rings before the answerphone takes the call *Einstellen der Anzahl der Klingelzeichen bis zur Annahme durch den Anrufbeantworter

    Choose the length of the messages callers can record

    Import ready-made wav files to use as welcome messages and sign-off messages Import fertiger Wave-Dateien als An- und Absagetexte

    Set a different announcement message for each number called

    Schedule different welcome messages

    Choose between welcome message only, or welcome message plus call recording Auswahl zwischen reiner Ansage oder Ansage mit Anruferaufzeichnung

    Mobile Base Station/enhanced Remote Playback

    When a new message is being read out you can interrupt to phone the caller back immediately, provided the caller’s number was transmitted, or you can get the answerphone to forward your call on to any number you choose. Beim Vorlesen neuer Nachrichten können Sie den Anrufer direkt zurückrufen,

    You can also have the PC call you back to the number you are calling from, to a preset number or to any number you choose to enter (call-back server). Auf Wunsch ruft der PC zur anrufenden Nummer, zu einer vordefinierten oder einer frei eingebbaren

    You can have an SMS notify you at your computer when new messages are received. Sie können sich per SMS über neue Nachrichten am PC informieren lassen.

    There are even more options available when you use the Microsoft Speech API-compatible speech synthesis:

    - For every answerphone message you can get a read-out of the date and time of the

    call, including the phone number of the caller provided this was transmitted. - Zu jeder Anrufbeantworter-Nachricht werden Datum und Uhrzeit des Anrufs vorgelesen, sowie die

    - You can search for phone numbers in the RVS AddressManager while you’re away from

    your phone using the keypad of your phone or mobile phone together with RVS spoken

    word recognition. You can then be connected to the number.

    RVS AddressManager

    Access all leading address books under Windows: You can also use MAPI address books and the RVS address book in addition to Outlook Contacts and the Windows address book (WAB).

    The addresses are displayed in one standard user interface that all RVS applications can use for direct dialling. You can choose which address books should be displayed, and your selected address books are then all displayed together in the same window. So there’s no need to hunt through the “right address” book for the contact details you want.

    When you’re using an application, only the numbers relevant to that particular application are shown. This means that only fax numbers are displayed in the Fax Wizard, only phone numbers in the Phone application, and so on. You can also choose to display all entries).

    There’s a handy search feature you can use to simultaneously search all the address books you select.

    When a call comes in, a search is automatically run in the selected address books to locate the number of the caller. If a matching entry is found, the name of the caller is displayed.


    The RVS SMS Wizard lets you send SMS messages quickly and easily to the leading mobile phone networks.

    You can have an SMS notify you at your computer when new messages are received. Sie können sich per SMS über neue Nachrichten am PC informieren lassen.

    SMS messages can be sent over mobile phone networks using TAP (Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol) and UCP/EMI (Universal Computer Protocol/External Machine Interface)

    Pager messages can be sent to Scall, Skyper and Cityruf

    Fax Features

    Sending and Receiving analogue G3 faxes (14.4 kbit/s)

    - Incl. ECM (Error Correction Mode)

    • Incl. 2D compression

    Digital G4 faxing

    - Sending and receiving digital G4 faxes (64 kbit/s), allowing automatic switching over to G3 faxing

    - Resolutions can be set up to 400 dpi

    Up to 14,400 bps transfer rate when SoftwareFax is used

    Other Windows applications can send faxes using the printer driver: RVS fax printer driver for Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000, Me and XP

    Personalised mail-merge (broadcast) faxing using the word processor’s mail-merge feature

    OCR: Faxes received as graphics are converted into text files (RTF, Word, Excel, HTML) and can be edited etc. directly on the PC

    Design your own cover pages and set any sender details you require Frei gestaltbare Deckblätter und individuelle Absenderinformationen

    Fax retrieval server (for up to 999 fax documents) The RVS Fax Wizard helps you create these documents. You can choose to produce a table of contents providing callers with an overview of the documents they can retrieve.

    Use the RVS Phone to actively retrieve faxes from information systems aktiver Faxabruf von Auskunftssystemen über das RVS Telefon

    Schedule faxes you want to send, or send them according to priority levels you set Fax-Versand zeitversetzt und prioritätsabhängig

    Immediate fax print out

    Sending faxes as e-mail: Simply enter an e-mail address instead of the fax number, and the fax will be sent as an e-mail attachment. The popular TIF format is used for this, so that recipients can also read the fax if they do not have RVS-COM.

    Faxes can be saved to the hard disk as a file in SFF or TIF format. Faxe können als Datei im SFF- oder TIF-Format auf der Festplatte gespeichert werden.

    Use the Quick Fax feature to send files (txt, doc, bmp etc.). The application associated with the file will start in the background and the file will be sent in fax format. Dateien (txt, doc, bmp, ...) können über die  Kurzfax-Funktion versendet werden.

    Fax transport service for MS Outlook (MAPI transport provider)

    Fax reception along with other services when in general autoanswer mode Fax-Empfang zusammen mit anderen Diensten in der universellen Anrufannahme

    Fax autoanswer and answerphone possible on the same phone number Fax-Anrufannahme und Anrufbeantworter an einer Rufnummer möglich

    ISDN Videophone (H.320)

    Point-to-point video telephony over ISDN with any version of RVS VideoPhone or other H.320-compliant videophone system (e.g. ELSAvision, Siemens I-View, AVM Alice, Telekom T-View)

    Audio compression [G728]: Enables the simultaneous transmission of video and voice data using just one channel. (When 2 ISDN channels are used call charges are double)

    Recording and playback

    - Recording of audio and video data during an ongoing connection - Aufzeichnung von Audio- und Videodaten während einer Verbindung

    - Local playback of recorded calls


    Log in the RVS CommCenter shows other party’s phone number, date and time, duration of call

    Video-on-demand and access to web cams that have been set up on a suitable server Video-On-Demand und Zugriff auf WebCams, die durch geeignete Server bereitgestellt werden

    File Transfer/ Eurofile Transfer

    The PC you dial into is displayed as a Windows Explorer-like window Darstellung des angewählten PCs als Fenster ähnlich dem Windows Explorer

    File transfer using drag & drop, cut & paste

    You can automate file transfer using scripts or scheduling in batch mode operation Automatisierbarer Dateitransfer über Skripts und Stundenpläne im Batchbetrieb möglich

    File transfer/Eurofile transfer with online compression

    You can also use ISDN adapters that have no modem functionality to transfer files to a site that is using a modem. The RVS Softmodem emulates an analogue V.34 modem (max. 33,600 bps), and supports the V.42 error correction protocol and V.42bis data compression.

    Third-party programs can use RVS Softmodem to transfer files to sites that use a modem.

    Special ZModem-based protocol for ISDN operation (recovery if file transfer interrupted), and long filenames can be transmitted to the other party.

    OLE automation for TransferMaster

    Mailbox (receiving files)

    - Single-user mailbox (access rights for a closed user group with user ID and password) - Single-User Mailbox (Zugangsberechtigung für einen geschlossenen Benutzerkreis mit Benutzerkennung und Passwort)

    - Guest access (with read permission only)

    - Autoanswer on up to 10 channels at the same time

    - Can be configured as a system service

    - Multi-user mailbox (any number of access rights with user ID and password) - Multi-User Mailbox (beliebig viele Zugangsberechtigungen mit Benutzerkennung und Passwort)

    - Individual user access rights can be granted by using phone number detection, for

    example (only with ISDN)

    - Mailbox server service for exchanging files and information between the administrator

    and users of an RVS Mailbox – integrated into Microsoft Outlook/Exchange - Mailbox Server-Dienst zum Datei- und Informationsaustausch zwischen dem

    Connection details can be stored under separate names along with all the communication parameters; call-back option

    Multimaster capability

    Security functions for checking caller number, callback and encryption Sicherheitsfunktionen für Rufnummernüberprüfung, Rückruf und Verschlüsselung

    Text mode allows RVS mail reception and file transfer using any terminal program durch Textmodus ist RVS Mail-Empfang und Dateitransfer von beliebigen Terminal-Programmen möglich

    Protocols that can be used:

    ISDN Eurofile transfer, ISDN X.75 transparent, ISDN HDLC transparent, ISDN Modem analogue, ISDN V.110, ISDN V.120, ISDN X.75 T.70NL, Z-Modem

    Remote Control

    The other PC can be displayed in a separate window on the PC being used to run remote control

    The remote PC’s keyboard and mouse can be operated up to DOS box level (two RVS-COM Standard or Plus versions are required for this)

    Full-screen mode for Windows applications

    Protocols that can be used:

    ISDN HDLC transparent, ISDN Modem analogue, ISDN V.110, ISDN V.120, ISDN X.75 transparent, ISDN X.75 T.70NL


    PC Mail

    Direct mail service (PC Mail and Mailbox Mail)

    Secure access using password, ID and individual user permissions Zugangssicher durch Passwort, Kennung und individuelle Benutzerrechte

    Closed user groups means PC Mail enjoys the greatest level of security (from tampering, interception etc.) compared to public networks (such as the Internet) Weitestgehend abhörsicher gegenüber öffentlichen Netzen (wie z.B. dem Internet) durch geschlossene Benutzergruppe

    Integral PC network, all network participants known

    ISDN point-to-point connections mean greater speed

    Mail: Store and display call charges, duration of call, fax transmission method, phone number/ID

    Transmission of all contents (TNEF): RTF text, attachments or OLE objects Transport aller Inhalte (TNEF): RTF-Text, Anhänge bzw. OLE-Objekte

    Transmission via ISDN using special ZModem-based protocol

    Reception plus other services when in general autoanswer mode


    Client PC (the PC you are working at) and host PC (PC you want to call) both using RVS-COM and Microsoft Exchange or Outlook (not Outlook Express)

    Protocols that can be used:

    ISDN HDLC transparent, ISDN Modem analogue, ISDN PPP, ISDN V.110, ISDN V.120, ISDN X.75 T.70 NL, ISDN X.75 transparent, Z-Modem, Analogue modem using V.34 with automatic fallback to the protocol level immediately below


    System Services for Windows
    RVS COM ports (VCOMM driver for Windows 95/98/Me or serial driver for Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP) to enable other programs (including 16‑bit programs) to use ISDN

    RVS ISDN modems (UniModem scripts) allow other Windows programs to communicate via ISDN adapters by using TAPI (Windows modem support). Only outgoing calls can be made if ISDN terminal adapters are used. RVS ISDN modems are supplied for various ISDN protocols and services (X.75, Btx, Fax, analogue modem, etc.)

    Fax Class 1 modem emulation by the RVS ISDN modems enables RVS SoftwareFax to be used by third party fax programs

    Login scripts for Dial-up Networking or RAS for a variety of Internet service providers Einwahlskripts für das DFÜ-Netzwerk bzw. RAS für diverse Internet-Anbieter

    RVS fax printer driver for faxing from other Windows programs

    TAPI drivers to enable other Windows programs to use RVS telephony TAPI-Treiber zur Verwendung von RVS Telefonie durch andere Windows-Programme

    RVS MAPI services for fax, SMS, voice, and RVS mail ensure integration into the MAPI-compliant MS Outlook


    Emulations: CEPT Videotex, VT52, VT100, VT220, ANSI PC, TTY, IBM 3101 Emulationen: CEPT Videotex, VT52, VT100, VT220, ANSI PC, TTY, IBM 3101

    VT220 emulation with switchable character sets and keyboard emulation VT220-Emulation mit umschaltbaren Zeichensätzen und Tastatur-Emulation

    ANSI with colour and attributes

    File transfer protocols: Kermit, XModem, XModem CRC, YModem (XModem 1K), YModem (Batch), YModem g, ZModem, Highspeed, Highspeed (Batch) Dateitransferprotokolle: Kermit, XModem, XModem CRC, YModem (XModem 1K), YModem (Batch), YModem g, ZModem, Highspeed, Highspeed (Batch)

    ZModem with 32‑bit CRC, X.25 control character escaping, windowing, CRC check on files and crash recovery for interrupted transfers

    Session recording and playback

    OLE automation


    Videotex (e.g. T-Online, A-Online, Swiss Online)

    Full CEPT display (real colours, multi-phase blinking, 80 chars/line, etc.) volle Darstellung des CEPT-Standards (Echtfarben, mehrphasiges Blinken, 80-Zeichen/Zeile, ...)

    Telesoftware download using 3-in-4, FIF, Transparent

    Session recording and playback

    File transfer for Swiss Online
    Automation and Programming

    Batch interface for RVS TransferMaster

    Command line options for RVS Fax and for RVS SMS Wizard

    COMBAS script language

    OLE automation for Terminal / TransferMaster

    General information

    When the PC is connected to the Internet, the Update Reminder automatically checks whether there is a service pack or upgrade available for the installed version of the software. And of course, no personal data or data about the computer is transmitted when this check is carried out. You can also choose to switch this function off. Update-Erinnerung prüft bei Vorhandensein einer Internet-Verbindung.

    Any faxes, PC mail documents or voice messages (answerphone) that are received are posted to the RVS Inbox or the MS Outlook Inbox
    Runs as a system service under Windows NT/2000/XP
    Different phone numbers can be assigned to the various services - den verschiedenen Diensten können unterschiedliche Rufnummern zugeordnet werden
    Automatic recognition of the ISDN protocols. Calls are automatically routed to the correct ISDN service. Fax, answerphone, file transfer, and Eurofile transfer can be operated on the same phone number.
    Autoanswer can run permanently in the background
    Automatic interruption and resumption of autoanswer mode when other programs use the device

    High-speed Softmodem 33.6 kbit/s

    Supports long file names and UNC names (network servers)

    Supports TAPI, UniModem and VCOMM communications services Unterstützung der Kommunikationsdienste TAPI, UniModem, VCOMM

    Supports the MAPI interface

    Memory-efficient design: Kernel functions are loaded only once for all components. The user interface uses MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) as DLL, which has to be loaded only once for all MFC applications.

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    Download 147.57 Kb.

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    Features rvs-com plus 0

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