• Part two: Sequence Analysis
  • Film a-level Transition Task Independent Study

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    Film A-level Transition Task - Independent Study
    To get ready for your A-level Film course it is essential for you to familiarise yourself with some of the film terminology you will be using. For this piece of work you can choose any film to study.
    Part one: Contextual Information
    The Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com) is a very useful web-based resource that you will find helpful in every aspect of your Film Studies course, this task is designed to get you using this resource as well as finding out how well you can analyse film sequences.
    On IMDB website search under INSERT FILM to find out the following about your film;

    1. What the synopsis of your film?

    2. Who was the director?

    3. What year was the film released?

    4. What is the overall user rating for this film?

    5. How well did the film do at the box office in its opening weekend in the US?

    6. What genre does the film fall under?

    Part two: Sequence Analysis
    A starting point for studying film is to consider all the essential decisions the director and key creative personnel use when planning the visual and aural elements of a film. These elements, known as film form, are:

    • Cinematography

    • Mise-en-scene

    • Editing

    • Sound

    • Performance

    By examining these in close detail, you will gain further insights into the characters, narrative structure, themes and messages that you may have missed the first time you watched the film.

    1. Conduct your own research to learn more about the key elements of film form.

    2. Use your research to analyse any two minute sequence from your chosen film. Create document (no less than two pages) with screen shots from your chosen sequence; annotate it to explain how the key elements of film form are used to create meaning and response.

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    Film a-level Transition Task Independent Study

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