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    Internet Marketing Questionnaire


    This questionnaire is detailed about your business and Internet marketing. The more you fill out the better, but feel free do what you can and skip any question. Please email Coryon at coryon@gmail.com with any questions or call 530-277-2940. Please return this questionnaire to rachel@coryon.com.

    Contact information - Name, physical and mailing address, phone number, email address:

    What is your business?

    Your elevator pitch – what is the core description of your business?

    What do you do well (benefit statements) and what separates you from the competition (competitive advantages)?

    What is your website address?

    What is your level of interest / skill level in Internet marketing?

    Do you use Google Drive (collaborative way to share documents online)? What is the best email(s) to share a document with you?

    Your Website

    Who is your web designer? How is your working relationship?

    Who is your domain registrar and your host (they may be the same)?

    How often is your website updated?

    Do you use a Content Management System (CMS) system with your site – ie. Wordpress, Joomla, etc.? If so, which one? If you use a shopping cart, please include that as well.

    What types of off-line and online marketing do you do for your website?


    Do you use any website metrics to track visitor usage of your website (Google Analytics, Omniture, etc.)? If so, what do you use?

    Conversion points can be an online sale, contact form (lead), signing up for email newsletter, downloading a whitepaper, etc. What are your most important conversion points? How much are they worth?

    If you track your website, what is your conversion rate, average sale, main sources of traffic?

    Do you use Google Webmaster tools to track search queries and incoming links?

    Have you customized your listing in Google Places/Google + Local?

    Internet Marketing & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Please provide a brief synopsis of past search engine optimization tactics implemented for your website

    What are the most important keywords for SEO? Please list at least 10 top keywords.

    What are the most valuable keywords from the list above?

    What pages are most important for SEO? Do you have keywords used on these pages?

    What have you done to build links to your site?

    Please describe any social media marketing for your site – blogging, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Twitter, etc.?

    Online Marketing Objectives

    Where is your market (US, global)?

    What are your main objectives for your Internet Marketing and SEO (how will success be measured)?

    What are the highest priority products/services on your site?

    Who do you sell to? Please describe your main and peripheral target markets and target audiences.

    Who are your main competitors online and why? Please list at least 4 web addresses.

    What staff do you have to put into online marketing efforts (names and hours per week)?

    Please take this space to describe any other marketing needs.

    What is your online marketing budget? Your web design budget (if applicable)?

    How did you hear about Coryon.com?

    Coryon.com ∙ 1020 Whispering Pines Lane, Suite F, Grass Valley, CA 95945

    Coryon Redd ∙ coryonredd@coryon.com ∙ (530) 277-2940

    Rachel McCullough ∙ rachel@coryon.com ∙ (530)-563-6789

    Download 22.73 Kb.

    Download 22.73 Kb.

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    Download 22.73 Kb.