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Maxprog® - November 2007 - Copyright © 2000 - 2008 - All rights reserved worldwide.

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Version History
Keys: [New] = New Feature

[Opt] = Optimization

[Fix] = Bug Fix

[Chg] = Changes Previous Functionality

[Upg] = Enhancement

[Loc] = Localization

[5.6.3] [Upg] Interface enhancements for Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) and Windows Vista.

[Fix] Message delivery cancellation not handled properly in given situations.

[Fix] Help file not accessible from inside the application in given occasions.
[5.6.2] [Chg] Public IP used for HELO command rather than

[Chg] One single connection used on small groups or when groups <= connections.

[Fix] Default account setting no longer trigger the save account dialog on Std version.

[Fix] Delivery panel not always displaying connection log on Windows.

[Fix] Problem when creating bullet list on Windows XP and Vista.

[Fix] HTML source containing double line breaks on Windows.

[Fix] Error when selecting File>Save menu and canceling.

[Fix] Encoding problem with Eastern europe languages when using Styled Text format.

[Fix] Group no longer incremented by 1 in given occasions.
[5.6.1] [Upg] Support for Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard)

[Fix] Connection log drop to lists (to temporally remove delivered) works again.

[Fix] Possibility to insert hyperlink tags in the signature from the hyperlink menu.

[Fix] OS version number now properly displayed for Mac OS on delivery report.

[Fix] OS name now properly displayed for Windows systems on delivery report.

[Fix] System speed properly displayed for Mac OS machines on delivery report.

[Fix] System speed properly displayed for Windows machines on delivery report.
[5.6] [New] Support for pasting pictures to both the message field and the attachment pane.

[New] 'Link To URL' menu to insert hyperlinks into Styled Text messages.

[Upg] Support for pasting text with line breaks in recipient list fields using the '\r' code.

[Upg] 1 and 900 added to group pull-down menu.

[Upg] Hyperlink editor window is now a bit bigger in order to display long links.

[Upg] Plain Text Preview line length checkbox status saved and restored from general preferences.

[Upg] Recipient Export now allows exporting recipients depending on their status, Subscribed, Selected...

[Fix] Headers always shown in Preview for all formats including when message has errors.

[Fix] Web Page format URL errors are now visible in the status bar.
[5.5] [New] Preview system totally reviewed to work the same way for all formats.

[Upg] Possibility to go thru panels using a shortcut (Cmd-1 to 5 on the Mac and Ctrl-1 to 5 on Windows).

[Upg] 'Message > Insert Graphic' and Message contextual menu to insert graphics to message.

[Upg] 'Styled Text' and HTML preview now displays all headers.

[Upg] 'Plain Text' preview now displays pictures if any.

[Fix] Interval settings now properly displayed in the delivery report.
[5.4] [Upg] Interval now supports seconds and is fully customizable.

[Chg] Group is now global and not per connection when in single server mode.

[Upg] E-mail extraction and import now supports long TLDs (length>4)

[Upg] '.tab' added as possible import file for lists.

[Fix] Styled Text preview now works for Unicode encodings.

[Fix] More errors caught when importing recipient from a formatted file.

[Fix] Delivery window more reactive when loading a lot of deliveries.

[Fix] Detailed delivery now only show last delivery sent recipients and errors.

[Fix] Connection drop window no longer displayed if the error occurs during report delivery.

[Fix] Error 'no recipients in list' no longer displayed in Test Mode.
[5.3] [New] 'Deliveries' Window showing the list of sent messages.

[Upg] New security measures added to avoid redundant deliveries in given situations.

[Chg] Separate Connection Log files are now created for each deliveries.

[Fix] Bullet list and Definition formattings not converted properly.

[Fix] SMTP over SSL broken in previous release now works properly.

[Fix] Window menu is back to the right place.

[Fix] Sometimes the Cancel process gets stuck and doesn't finish properly.

[Fix] AppleScript and FileMaker support is back.
[5.2.1] [Upg] Documents coordinates are now fully restored.

[Upg] New documents are now created using last document coordinates on Windows.

[Upg] Document maximized status on Windows in now restored on opening.

[Chg] Stronger error-proof file handling.

[Fix] Duplicate checking performed when loading a list from the list manager despite deactivated.

[Fix] Scheduler now works after waking up the computer from sleep mode.

[Fix] Recent item now use a new error handling.
[5.2] [New] 'Send To Selection' menu in order to deliver your message to the selected recipients only.

[Upg] Delivery progress visible on Mac OS X Dock.

[Upg] Simple Chinese GBK and GB2312 encodings added to supported encoding.

[Chg] KOI8-R is now default encoding on Russian version.

[Chg] GBK is now default encoding on Chinese Windows version.

[Chg] GB2312 is now default encoding on Chinese Mac version.

[Fix] Crash when trying to import email addresses from other applications.

[Fix] Half connections used when staggering deliveries.

[Fix] Big5 encoding is now working as expected.

[Fix] Batch processes anomaly slow on given situations.

[Fix] Errors again visible in status bar.
[5.1] [New] Application is now available as Universal Binary.

[Upg] Tab panel index saved and restored when saving and opening documents.

[Upg] Rename Account menu added to Account pull-down menu.

[Upg] Rename List menu added to List pull-down menu.

[Upg] Styles now allowed on signature (thru copy/paste) when using Styled Text format.

[Upg] Better responsiveness when importing or processing recipients.

[Fix] Cmd+D handled as 'Dismiss' in 3-buttons confirmation dialog.

[Fix] Subject no longer used when using 'File | Save As' menu.

[Fix] Recipient sorting now handles ü, ä, ö and ß properly on German version.

[Fix] Recipient list changed status wrongly set when double clicking an entry.

[Fix] Tags not processed properly when part of a URL on Styled Text format.

[Fix] KOI8-R encoding now works as expected.

[Fix] In Web Page format only the HTML code enclosed between tags is sent.

[Fix] No line break added between text and signature when using styled text format.

[Fix] HTML headers no longer duplicated when using a signature on given situations.

[Fix] Soft wrap no longer adding heading line breaks on long lines with no spaces.

[Fix] Live URL selection on plain text preview now properly drawn.

[Fix] STARTTLS causing a connection drop on given situations.

[Fix] Printed messages no longer right cropped.
[5.0.3] [Fix] Long line warning removed when sending using the Web Page format.

[Fix] HTML Preview is now reseted and cleared before previewing.

[Fix] Recipient editor no longer fails to close in given conditions.
[5.0.2] [Upg] The software is now able to look for new versions automatically.

[Fix] Problem found when exporting a list with empty columns.

[Fix] Recipient count not properly updated when pasting.

[Fix] Styled text and HTML preview not showing first lines in given occasions.

[Fix] Loading of files containing Japanese, Chinese or Russian now display the text properly

[Fix] Styled Text to HTML converter is now platform/language independent.

[Fix] Possibility to save lists with Chinese or Japanese names.

[Fix] Delivery Report wrongly displaying error when using Text Mode.
[5.0.1] [New] MaxBulk Mailer now comes as an Universal Binary application (Intel/PPC native).

[Upg] Support for switching connection from non-secure to SSL after a StartTLS command.

[Upg] Korean EUC-KR added to supported encoding.

[Chg] Detailed delivery report now includes email addresses rather than recipient names.

[Chg] 'Cc' and 'From' can be used in the custom header editor as before.

[Fix] MaxBulk is now faster when saving documents containing styled text.

[Fix] Message delivery cancellation not handled properly in given situations.

[Fix] Burst mode now uses default account data as expected.

[Fix] Quick selector not working properly with optional fields.

[Fix] mySQL and postgreSQL import not properly performed on given situations.
[5.0] [New] Possibility to use several SMTP servers at once. (Pro Only)

[New] Built-in HTML and styled text preview.

[New] Subscribe and Unsubscribe support allowing deactivation of addresses without deletion.

[New] New UNSUBSCRIBE batch process keyword for unsubscribing addresses from a file.

[New] Possibility to mix multiple recipient lists allowing duplicates free deliveries or new lists.

[New] Staggered sending function thru the Delivery panel: To All and To Next xxxx recipients.

[New] Multiple recipient edit function similar to Apple iTunes.

[New] Recipient edit window with record navigator and mouse wheel support (and Cmd/Ctrl +10, Shift+Cmd/Ctrl)

[New] Cc and Bcc fields added to recipient panel in order to send Carbon Copies of each delivery. (Pro Only)

[New] New Export selector for creating customized addressee files (tab, csv,...)

[New] Recipient import: Eudora mailbox dredge (Mac only).

[New] Recipient import: PowerMail mailbox dredge (Mac only).

[Upg] New 'Edit | Duplicate' and 'List | Check Duplicates' menu for recipients.

[Upg] Support for copy/paste of recipients including to same list.

[Upg] Possibility to sort e-mail addresses by domain (ALT or Cmd + click on e-mail column header)

[Upg] Possibility to sort recipients by status (ALT or Cmd + click on Delivery column header)

[Upg] Support for Folder drag and drop over recipient list.

[Upg] Quick Selector now also allows to select/unselect entries in addition of activating/deactivating. (Pro Only)

[Upg] 'Firstname', 'Surname' and 'Company' tags can now be renamed (Pro only).

[Upg] New 'Select None' and 'Invert Selection' menus for lists.

[Upg] New 'Recipients | Rename List' menu.

[Upg] Mac OS X Address Book import now includes 26 more fields like Nickname, Title, Birthday, Phone, Address... (Mac only)

[Upg] 'Web Page' format now also accepts an alternative text version. It has to be added after the URL and a double line break.

[Upg] 'Web Page' format now also accepts tags and conditional statements.

[Upg] Support for connection to mySQL v4 and v5 databases.

[Upg] 'View Source' menu added to the HTML Preview pull-down menu in order to display current message HTML code.

[Upg] Reply-To field can now hold more than one e-mail address.

[Upg] Sender fields 'From' and 'Name' now accept tags to set values at delivery time. (Pro Only)

[Upg] New menu for checking whether a new version of the software is available.

[Upg] 'Web Page' format now also supports links to pages that have moved.

[Chg] Recipient list 'Company' column is now located between 'last name' and 'e-mail address' columns.

[Chg] Recipient list first column now displays entry number.

[Chg] 'Message' menu renamed to 'Delivery' and 'Format' menu renamed to 'Message'.

[Chg] 'List' menu renamed to 'Recipients' and 'SpamChecker' menu moved to 'Format' menu (renamed 'Message').

[Chg] Deleted lists are now moved to '~/Documents/Maxprog/MaxBulk Mailer/Trash' so they can be recovered.

[Chg] POP authentication scheme has been rewritten to be independent from SMTP connections.

[Loc] German 'Sendung' panel renamed 'Versand'.
[4.4.4] [Chg] HELO/EHLO command now always uses host name or host IP address (broken in previous version).

[Upg] Better attachment localization when loading documents.

[Fix] cid generation problem on Windows causing duplicate inline images on given situations.
[4.4.3] [Opt] Several enhancements on Windows interface.

[Fix] Message field no longer scroll up/down when editing styles.

[Fix] Now checks whether a doc. is already open and show it rather than creating a new instance. (Mac)
[4.4.2] [Opt] Better localization of missing attachments when opening a document.

[Fix] Daylight-Savings time offset error.

[Fix] Wrong BASE HREF code inserted when sending Web Page.

[Fix] BASE HREF again supported on second line, when previewing web page format.

[Fix] Last 10 customized opt tags not saved to documents.

[Fix] Tabbing thru recipient fields broken in Standard version.
[4.4.1] [Upg] Conditional statements: Support for numbers inside conditions ( <, <=, >, >= )

[Upg] Conditional statements: Support for dates inside conditions ( <, <=, >, >= )

[Upg] Recipient list: Enhanced extractor for text dropped to the recipient list.

[Fix] Multiple attachment removing.

[Fix] First name and last name no longer extracted when the option is deactivated on text drops.
[4.4] [New] HTML and styled messages with custom inline pictures support.

[Chg] User can now choose to import one or all addresses from Mac OS X Address Book contacts.

[Chg] When sending messages with inline images, only used images are embedded.

[Upg] Support for PowerMail Address Book drops and standard Internet format.

[Upg] Japanese EUC-JP encoding added.

[Upg] Mac OS X Address Book: Multiple e-mails on a same card are now imported.

[Upg] Encoding auto-Detection when dragging and dropping an HTML file to body field.

[Upg] Support for advanced HTML start tags variants.

[Fix] Copying and pasting cells from Excel doesn't use correct encoding on Windows.

[Fix] 'Save As' dialog displayed when closing a locked or read only document with changes.

[Fix] Display problem when unselecting emtries thru Quick Selector.

[Fix] Windows: Launch failure on given situations.

[Fix] Mouse right-click works again on Windows for contextual menus.

[Fix] Chr(0) removed when loading on Windows files created on the Mac.

[Fix] Attachment localization again working on Windows.

[Fix] EUC-JP encoding for Web Page sending support.

[Fix] Delete button not enabled when per status selection.

[Fix] Mac OS X Address Book: Wrong import error on given entries when importing.

[Fix] New doc no longer created when deactivated and pressing MBM icon on the Dock.

[Fix] Document creation date no longer set to modification date in given situations.

[Fix] Preset issue when importing from a file with more fields that the one defined.

[Fix] A single error report is now created when creating recipients from FileMaker.
[4.3] [New] Document errors are now reported visually, highlighting the offending field.

[Upg] Paste from clipboard now includes all opt fields as well.

[Upg] Online picture support for Styled Text thru HTML IMG SRC tag.

[Upg] New Mac OS X Address Book import without using AppleEvents.

[Chg] SMTP time-out increased to 120 seconds.

[Chg] SMTP retries decreased to 5 attempts.

[Chg] Error 571 now handled as soft error.

[Chg] Error 550 and 553 now trigger an automatic retry in given conditions.

[Chg] Account ID field removed from settings panel.

[Chg] Precedence setting removed from the settings panel.

[Chg] Group and interval moved to 'Delivery' settings.

[Chg] Selected recipient status always visible (Recipients panel)

[Fix] Windows paths with accentuated characters support.

[Fix] Apple specific attachment encodings no longer available on Windows.

[Fix] 'KEEP' batch process progress bar inverted.

[Fix] Previewing HTML code doesn't display the code anymore.

[Fix] Attachment file names encoding.

[Fix] Error 102 at QUIT stage is again interpreted as the QUIT response.

[Fix] Selected recipients status not always updated properly.
[4.2] [Upg] Links in preview are now live and clickable.

[Upg] New Recipient menu with shortcut.

[Upg] New List menu with shortcut.

[Upg] New Help Menu.

[Upg] Multiple drag'n'drop between lists supported.

[Upg] Delivery report localized to Japanese and Italian.

[Upg] Preview headers localized to Japanese, German, Italian and Spanish.

[Fix] Rewrap alert no longer displayed between batches after a connection drop.

[Fix] German, Japanese and Italian localized versions fixes.

[Fix] Wrong encoding on accentuated characters in recipient list opt fields.

[Fix] Corrupt Styled Text on given situation when using Geneva font.

[Fix] Error 550 (relaying denied) handling no longer stop the whole delivery.

[Fix] Message text is scrolled to the found string when using the Find option.

[Fix] Detailed report doesn't show list result in test mode.
[4.1] [New] Interface important enhancements.

[Upg] Import error report now supports copy/paste, drag'n'drop, printing and saving.

[Upg] New preference entry to create a report after importing recipients.

[Upg] 'Connection dropped' warning window now includes a programable timer to auto-resume delivery.

[Upg] 200 new rules have been added to the Spam Checker.

[Upg] New list 'Select Sent', 'Select Unsent' and 'Select Failed' top and contextual menus.

[Upg] SpamChecker includes recommendations to enhance message contents.

[Chg] Time-out when transmitting an attachment has been incremented.

[Fix] Several localization fixes.

[Fix] Attachments corrupted on given conditions.

[Fix] Styled text background color not applied.

[Fix] Crash in rare conditions.

[Fix] Styled text sometimes wrongly converted.

[Fix] Alignment failure on Styled text.

[Fix] Styled Text preview with inline pictures now works properly.

[Fix] TLSv1 and SSLv3 fix (implicit only)

[Fix] Alignments not properly handled on given situations (Styled Text format)

[Fix] Styled Text Documents changed to 'Web Page' on save/open.

[Fix] A time-out event is no longer fired when sending data on slow servers.

[Fix] Spam checker no longer add warning on numeric from address is given situations.

[Fix] Quick selector triangle not activated when loading big documents.

[Fix] Delivery issues when previous attempts have generated errors.
[4.0] [New] Inline pictures support for HTML and HTML with text alternative formats.

[New] Inline attachments support for Plain Text messages.

[New] Inline pictures support for styled Text.

[New] New 'Web page' format, intended to send a web page using its URL.

[New] Spell Checker (Mac OS X only).

[New] Speech support for body, subject and signature.

[New] ELSEIF and ELSE switch commands support in conditional statements.

[New] AND and OR logical operators support in conditional statements.

[New] Different attachments can be sent using a conditional statement.

[New] Different pictures can be sent in Styled Text messages using a cond. statement.

[New] List menu with 'New List from Selection' menu.

[New] SpamChecker™ filtering to avoid using Spam-like words. (US version only)

[New] New [Delivery Number], [Recipient Number] and [Total Recipients] tags.

[New] Comments can be added to documents using the <-- START --> tag where contents start.

[Upg] Duplicate and bad e-mail addresses are now displayed in a separate list when importing.

[Upg] Alignment support for Styled text (left, right, centered).

[Upg] Recipient list interface enhancements.

[Upg] Possibility to mark entries as sent or unsent individually.

[Upg] File and remote import presets can now be updated once modified.

[Upg] Find and Find Next support on delivery report and message body.
[3.4] [New] Direct Import from Plain Text.

[New] Conditional statements supported in Subject. (Pro only)

[New] postgreSQL database support. (Pro only)

[Upg] Style menu with shortcuts for bold, underline and italic.

[Upg] New 'Make Plain Text' menu to remove any style information from message text.

[Upg] Message body contextual menu with most used functions.

[Upg] NewDocument added to AppleScript commands.

[Upg] CloseDocument added to AppleScript commands.

[Upg] SaveList added to AppleScript commands.

[Upg] SaveListAs added to AppleScript commands.

[Fix] You can now run same Applescripts with customs recipients several times.

[Fix] Unauthorized characters are now filtered on the subject as well.

[Fix] 'Test mode' is now document wide and updated accordingly.

[Fix] POP and SMTP over SSL now use proper default ports.
[3.3.3] [Fix] Preview now works including when recipients are deactivated.

[Fix] Recipient activation is now saved and restored properly on standard.
[3.3.2] [New] New KEEP keyword for addresses batch process for retaining addresses from a file.

[Upg] ISO-8859-15 encoding with € sign support added.

[Upg] DOS/Windows Thai encoding added.

[Upg] New intervals and groups added.

[Opt] SMTP protocol implementation optimizations.

[Fix] Error dialog added to mySQL import.

[Fix] ISO encoding failure on given Japanese headers.

[Fix] Full document resizing reactivated on Mac OS 9.

[Fix] Scheduled delivery is cancelable again.

[Fix] Styled Text Undo UTF-8 support.
[3.3.1] [Fix] Styles not properly restored when loading document in given situations.

[Fix] Preview panel reseted when deactivating/activating document window.

[Fix] Miscellaneous interfaces fixes.
[3.3] [New] Pro version has now 20 custom fields/tags rather than 10.

[New] Tags are now supported in custom headers as well.

[Upg] New pref. entry allowing to set the app. to create a new doc. at startup.

[Upg] New pref. entry allowing to preview messages during delivery.

[Upg] Tags are now processed in the signature as well.

[Upg] Interface enhancements.

[Chg] Message and Preview Philip bar placed depending on font type and size.

[Opt] csv format file import fully rewritten.

[Fix] Encoding problem when saving and reloading lists with ISO-8859-1 characters.

[Fix] File Import presets wrongly saved and restored.

[Fix] Attachment panel vertically oversized when initiated from a document.

[Fix] Recipients drag'n'drop vCards properly parsed back.

[Fix] Preview Philip bar doesn't disapear anymore when previewing.

[Fix] Entry edit fields contents no longer disapear when loosing focus.

[Fix] Text wrapping functions don't change/add/remove trailing and heading line breaks.

[Fix] Text now remains selected after rewrapping or justifying.

[Fix] Style palette controls properly reseted when switching message format.

[Fix] List entries Checked status saved to list file.

[Fix] Possible crash when checking an entry before selection.

[Fix] Preview breaking words rather than lines.

[Fix] Line breaks added on single lines conditionals.
[3.2] [Upg] List import now supports encodings.

[Upg] Delivery is now 10% faster.

[Upg] Multiple reset on selection.

[Chg] Time-Out changed to 60 seconds from 30 seconds on SMTP connections.

[Chg] Lists are again inline editable in Mac OS 9 as with v2.x.

[Fix] Bullet list broken on Mac OS 9.

[Fix] vcard import now parse all e-mail addresses on drops.

[Fix] Message scroll bar disapearing when switching from preview on Mac OS 9.

[Fix] ISO encoder problem on subject when given characters.

[Fix] Panther Full keyboard access compatibility.
[3.1] [New] Mac OS X standard toolbar with most used functions.

[New] 7 new headers added to the preference custom header editor.

[Opt] mySQL import now supports encodings.

[Opt] mySQL import now let you add or not duplicate entries.

[Chg] It is now possible to tab thru recipient fields on list.

[Fix] Recipient list wrongly formatted, no horizontal scrollbar and fields pushed to the right.

[Fix] Import from Address Book script merging e-mails when several.

[Fix] Import from Address Book script creating "missing value" entries when empty field.

[Fix] Mac OS 9.x version not showing check boxes on recipient list.

[Fix] Recent documents menu getting duplicated entries when saving.

[Fix] Entourage groups drops broken.

[Fix] Problem loading styled text from files.

[Fix] Mail parser too strict on given conditions.

[Fix] mySQL import not updating properly the imported recipients count.

[Fix] Single character E-mail addresses now accepted (a@domain.tld).

[Fix] '.@' pair now accepted for e-mail adresses (a.@doamin.tld).

[Fix] AppleScript now activated for import on standard.
[3.0] [New] Full SSL v1, v2, v3 and TLS v1 support for both POP and SMTP connection. (Pro only)

[New] Settings now include an Interval entry that force MaxBulk to wait between sessions.

[New] Mouse wheel support on message, log and lists.

[New] POP server port support in the form []

[New] New APOP authentication support (MD5 authentication with timestamp).

[New] Message encoding is now document wide rather than application wide.

[New] HTML compresor - All HTML code is now sent compressed and optimized for speed.

[New] ESMTP Login, Plain and CRAM-MD5 support.

[New] Full mySQL support for recipients import. (Pro only)

[New] Recipient list, message preview and connection log printing.

[New] Preferences entries to set new documents default account and recipient list.

[New] Direct recipients import from Apple Mail.

[New] Direct recipients import from Microsoft Entourage.

[New] Direct recipients import from Address Book.

[New] Direct recipients import from Now Contact.

[Upg] Delivery report contains more information.

[Upg] Numbered delivery reports.

[Upg] Support for double-byte strings everywhere including list and account names.

[Upg] Unicode UTF-8 support both for interface and files.

[Upg] New UTF-8 and UTF-16 encodings format support.

[Upg] All Windows encodings format support.

[Upg] Safari added to preview browser pull-down menu.

[Upg] Lists - Multiple selection, remove and checking now possible.

[Opt] Delivery performed 5 times faster thanks to SMTP handler enhancements.

[Opt] Faster QuotedPrintable encoding.

[Opt] Faster Base64 encoding.

[Opt] List loading/import twice as fast.

[Chg] All files and preferences are now saved as Unicode UTF-8 allowing 2-bytes strings.

[Chg] Lists and logs are now saved to ~/Documents.

[Chg] Send button accepts command+. and ESC when converted to 'Cancel' button.

[Chg] More information added to connection log.

[Chg] '20', '30' and '60' added to group pull-down menu.

[Chg] SMTP HELO and EHLO commands changes (domain of sender address used).

[Chg] Recent documents menu now use alias rather than paths. (more compatible)

[Chg] Attachments now use alias rather than paths. (more compatible)

[Chg] Document window can be freely resized if pressing Command and Option Keys.

[Chg] New Precedence 'list' entry.

[Chg] Precedence is no longer disable for non bulk mails.

[Fix] Sockets seem to try to reconnect after a cancel because of no disposed timeout.

[Fix] ASCII 202 not properly handled when importing recipients.

[Fix] Messages with lines >1024 characters long not properly handled.

[Fix] Recent items menu can now use 2-bytes file names.

[Fix] List editing error when on second line.

[Fix] Few Panther interface cosmetic fixes.

[Fix] Applescript ADDO and DELE events not activating list Save button.

[Fix] FileMaker 'Add recipients' script not activating list Save button.

[Fix] Applescript handler not performing duplicate checking in some cases.
[2.9] [Upg] New 7-bits US-ASCII encoding format support. Faster for English text.

[Upg] New double byte SHIFT-JIS Japanese encoding.

[Opt] Bulk mode delivery status faster refresh.

[Upg] More information added to delivery report (encoding and attachments size)

[Upg] Attachment total size added to message panel.

[Chg] No extra lines added before of after conditional statements.

[Chg] Alert added when closing a document and recipient list has been modified.

[Chg] Alert added when delivery is done but not all recipients has been sent.

[Chg] Visible delivery reset progress dialog.

[Chg] Recipient's list column width saved and restored with document contents.

[Chg] Localized version fixes.

[Chg] 'X-Confirm-Reading-To' optional header added to header pull-down menu.

[Chg] New ISO encoder for header fields.

[Chg] Sender name field now accepts double-bytes characters.

[Fix] Heading CSS code dots removed by relaying SMTP server broking style sheets specs.

[Fix] 2 bytes char. text was not properly restored from saved files. (e.g. Japanese, Chinese...)

[Fix] 2 bytes char. text was not properly sent - partial messages and/or wrong chars.

[Fix] Test mail sent twice with empty delivery report in bulk mode.

[Fix] Null characters automatically removed before sending. (Body/sig)

[Fix] Heading dots modified before sending. (sig)

[Fix] Problem when using import dialog with duplicate checking deactivated.
[2.8] [New] New POP UserID entry for authentication.

[New] Recipient edition dialog is now displayed when double-clicking entry icon.

[New] Detailed Delivery report including successful and unsucessful e-mail adresses.

[New] Hyperlink manager. Allows you to add preformatted hyperlinks to your documents. (Pro only)

[New] Applescript support with Examples. (Pro only)

[Upg] Recipient list resizable columns.

[Upg] Opera, Mozilla and iCab added to preview browser pull-down menu.

[Chg] Localized pref menu entry.

[Chg] Import dialog supports drag re-order of cells.

[Chg] Preview field number updated during delivery.

[Chg] 'Paste Special' now supports Unix and DOS line breaks.

[Chg] Shift+S shortcut for 'Save As..." menu

[Chg] Window menu now includes shortcuts.

[Chg] ESMTP password is now hidden during connection.

[Chg] Test mail tags replaced with tag names.

[Chg] Custom headers no longer duplicated with standard ones.

[Chg] More data added to Delivery Report. (Bulk mode, rate, groups, retries...)

[Chg] Account pull-down now save all account data, not only user and server data.

[Chg] Delivery status [x/x] displayed inside document title bar.

[Chg] Test mode status displayed inside document title bar.

[Chg] 'Connection log' files accepted as batch removing files. (intended to crash recovery)

[Chg] Recipient list can be ordered by activated entries.

[Chg] Conditional statements allowed in a single line stuff here

[Chg] Copy/Paste/Cut/Clear/Select All allowed in list.

[Opt] Message Preview links and quotes formatting (color and underline)

[Opt] More filters added to mail parser.

[Fix] Main dialog no longer remain deactivated after closing X sheet windows.

[Fix] 'Text/HTML' format preview no longer shows HTML part.

[Fix] Edit fields Unicode BOM fixed.

[Fix] Recipient list selector fails to load lists labeled with foreign characters.

[Fix] Recipient list selector fails to show list names with foreign characters.

[Fix] 'Paste Special' fails to import and parse the clipboard when no tab delimited.

[Fix] German MIME alert localization typo fix.

[Fix] Delivery report sending doesn't loop on error anymore.

[Fix] Multiple Mac OS X Address Book entries drops broken.

[Fix] Dropped Mac OS X Address Book entries was not properly encoded.

[Fix] Conditional statements not handled properly when using Styled text format.

[Fix] Online address list editing was not checking for duplicates properly.

[Fix] AppleDouble attachment encoding fix.
[2.7] [New] SMTP server port support in the form []

[Chg] Whole interface enhancements.

[Chg] Default new document size changed depending on screen size.

[Chg] Delivery report now also shows selected entries number.

[Chg] Recipients list no longer disapears during batch removing.

[Upg] New error 503 'Bad sequence of commands' handler.

[Fix] 'To' header encoding format fix.

[Fix] Delivery report total sent mail sometimes not accurate.

[Fix] 'To' header, Name not correctly quoted when surname exists.

[Fix] 'To' header, extra quotes when no name nor surname.

[Fix] Subject font type and size do not always match preferences.
[2.6.2] [New] Mac OS X doc about using MaxBulk with built-in SMTP server.

[Upg] Threaded messages delivery and attachments sending. (More compatible and faster)

[Upg] Socket buffer control when sending data to prevent overflows.

[Upg] File opening shows a progress dialog.

[Upg] Sockets time-out control with auto re-connection.

[Upg] Delivery report can be sent to a custom address (instead of sender default one)

[Upg] New pref. entry to extract recipient's name from address or not.

[Upg] Some little enhancements to the delivery report.

[Chg] All fields are now protected when pasting multiple text lines.

[Chg] 'Reply-To' and 'X-Priority' headers added to mail preview.

[Chg] Tabs are now replaced by a fixed amount of spaces in preview.

[Chg] Delivery report now always output to the console.

[Fix] Cancelling file saving show a wrong file locked dialog.

[Fix] 'Errors-To' header typo fixed.

[Fix] Conditional statement button always enable.

[Fix] Recipient replace function reviewed.

[Fix] HTML Preview now diplays accentuated characters properly.

[Fix] All localized tags has been rewrote without accentuated characters.

[Fix] Connection loop on sending report with error 10x.

[Fix] Styled text uselessly encoded when sending report delivery.

[Fix] Quoted 'To' header for Claris Emailer compatibility with ISO characters.

[Fix] Company field always uppercased despite titlecase pref. setting unchecked.

[Fix] E-mail address tag not removed when tag processing unchecked.

[Fix] Recipient data properly updated when editing directly on list.
[2.6.1] [Chg] Delivery report included inside connection log.

[Opt] Delivery speed enhanced on MacOS X.

[Fix] Connection log memory leak causing MaxBulk to crash on big mailings under Classic.

[Fix] Duplicate custom headers created when importing lists.

[Fix] Preference menu disabled when preference dialog closed under X.
[v2.6] [New] MacOS X and Entourage recipient drop support.

[New] Custom headers editor. Now you can add custom headers to your mails.

like 'Error-To', 'Organization', 'Comments', 'Cc' or whatever you need.

[Upg] Unix and DOS line breaks enhanced support for recipients imports.

[Opt] Faster mail delivery when using multiple connections.

[Chg] MBM document type changed to "MaxBulk Mailer document" instead of

meaningless "DataFile".

[Fix] Quick selections over 'Company' field did not work properly.

[Fix] Quick selection field popup was not updated with new opt field names.

[Fix] Select all now enables alignment buttons (Plain Text only).
[v2.5] [New] Customizable from 1 to 25 multithreaded SMTP stream connections

Increase delivery performance up to 7 times.

[Upg] Report Delivery sent also for bulk deliveries.

[Upg] Report Delivery can be deactivated from Preferences.

[Upg] Connection Log saving can be deactivated to speed up whole document saving.

[Upg] Address list saving can be deactivated to speed up whole document saving.

[Upg] Notification when sending done and app in background.

[Upg] Balloon and help tips.

[Chg] MaxBulk now add the standard Message-ID header.

[Chg] POP auth password hidden on log panel and file.

[Fix] Surname edit field not accepting spaces.

[Fix] Preview jumping to message footer when displaying large messages.
[v2.3] [New] Test button now allows user to send a test mail to himself.

[New] MBM now send a detailed delivery report to user email once done.

[New] Import presets. Allows user to save import settings.

[New] New binary styled text to HTML parser now 500% faster.

[Opt] Faster interface, tab panel and lists under MacOS X.

[Upg] MacOS X sliding dialogs.

[Upg] MacOS X cosmetic changes to meet standards.

[Fix] Saving text style sometimes freezed on MacOS X.

[Fix] Scheduled mails stopped when re-editing needed.
[v2.2] [New] Partial sending. Allow user to set starting recipient.

[New] Recent documents menu.

[Upg] Read only files better management.

[Upg] Titlecase recipients data when importing setting.

[Upg] Duplicate checking when importing can be activated/deactivated.

[Upg] New chinese CN, BIG5 and Taiwan text encodings.

[Upg] New 'Factory Settings' button in settings panel.

[Upg] New document icon.

[Upg] Sample text in setting panel can be changed.

[Chg] Signature added to styled text messages.

[Fix] Duplicate checking when opening documents. (was deactivated)
[v2.1] [New] Conditional message contents depending on optional tags value.

[New] Pro version optional tags can be renamed for each document/campaign.

[New] Default Maxbulk optional tags can be renamed.

[New] Mail delivery now can be scheduled. (Delayed mail delivery).

[Upg] The send button is back on MacOS X (Log pan).

[Upg] Styled text: FTP, HTTP and mailto URLs HTML encoding support.

[Opt] Opening and importing recipients list is now 75% faster. (3x faster)

[Opt] Duplicate checking when importing is now 70% faster. (3x faster)

[Opt] Styled Text to HTML conversion is now 40% faster.

[Upg] Opening and importing recipients now with an accurate progress bar.

[Chg] 'Send Anyway' button in line length checking dialog.

[Chg] Mail dialog font size increased to meet MacOS X requirements.

[Upg] Text size for message and preview can be set from preferences dialog.

[Chg] Firstname and Surname titleCased when importing.

[Chg] Company uppercased when importing.

[Chg] Internet config checkbox replaced by accounts entry.

[Chg] 72 chars line length checking can be set during preview.

[Upg] New delete account confirmation dialog.

[Upg] Preview now shows standard 'Date', 'From' and 'To' headers.

[Upg] Preview always works however no recipients found.

[Upg] Better list management popup with duplicate checking.

[Upg] Recipients status reset menu always available.

[Upg] Many cosmetic changes made for MacOS X version.

[Chg] Preview and settings tab swapped to follow logical order.

[Fix] Leading and trailing spaces removed from email address.

[Fix] Windows menu didn't change its text when document renamed.

[Fix] Attachment files icons did not show up anymore in MacOS X.

[Fix] Send/Cancel menu wasn't updated properly when multiple documents.

[Fix] Wrong Text size generated from Styled text to HTML.

[v2.0] [New] New "Styled text" document format allows sending of full styled

text, bold, italic, underline, color, font, size, bullet list,

definition and background color all supported. MaxBulk creates

HTML code on the fly when sending, always as multipart MIME with a

plain text version too. (This feature is for Pro users only!)

[New] BinHex, AppleSingle and AppleDouble attachment encoding. Learn more

about encoding and which is the best for you with MaxBulk Quickstart.

[New] More date format tags. (Pro users only!)

- Long date (Wednesday, December 31, 1997)

- Short date (12/31/97)

- Abbreviated date (Wed, Dec. 31, 1997)

- Long time (2:32:40 PM)

- Short time (2:32 PM)

- Day of week (Sunday to Saturday)

- Day

- Month (January to December)

- Year

- Week of year

- Day of year

- Hour

- Minute

- Second

[Upg] Preview window has been removed. Now you can preview your document

directly selecting "Preview tab".

[Upg] Better Undo support.

[New] Dinamic Preview when sending.

[Upg] Low memory logging.

[Fix] X-Mailer header now does'nt contain word 'bulk' which could cause

spam filter to reject mails as spam.

[Upg] Cosmetic changes related to documents when opening from files.
[v1.7.4] [Upg] Better content transfer encoding for HTML documents.

[Fix] Connection Log doesn't show up over whole dialog when resizing.

[Upg] Several improvements to mail parser.

[Fix] Better attachment handling when file is removed or renamed.

[Upg] 500 and 501 SMTP errors improved handlers.

[Upg] New "Email address" tag in order to add custom Unsubscribes.

[Upg] Attachment list now shows each file size.

[New] Ability to send HTML only.

[Upg] Undo capability.

[Fix] ISO quoted printable encoding for subject (more compatible).
[v1.7.3] [New] Full ESMTP Authentication support. (To be used when needed)

[New] ISO-8859-1 Europe/America/Africa text encoding support

ISO-8859-2 Eastern Europe text encoding support

ISO-8859-3 SE Europe/miscellaneous text encoding support

ISO-8859-4 Scandinavia/Baltic text encoding support

ISO-8859-5 Cyrillic text encoding support

ISO-8859-6 Arabic text encoding support

ISO-8859-7 Greek text encoding support

ISO-8859-8 Hebrew text encoding support

ISO-8859-9 Turkish text encoding support

ISO-8859-10 Lappish/Nordic/Eskimo text encoding support

ISO-8859-13 Baltic text encoding support

ISO-8859-14 Celtic text encoding support

ISO-2022-JP Japanese text encoding support

ISO-2022-CN Chinese text encoding support

ISO-2022-KR Korean text encoding support

[Upg] Importation of multiple entries from Netscape address books.

[Upg] Adaptation of MacOX X and Classic interfaces.

[Upg] Send menu now behave according to "Send" Button.

[Fix] Message sometimes shrinked due to text converter buffer when

some special characters used.

[Fix] Error handler can cause exception in special conditions.

[Upg] Error 571 now supported. (Relaying denied)

[Upg] Better error handling for fatal errors.
[v1.7.2] [Upg] Connection Log files are now stored inside "Connection Logs" Folder...

[Upg] New documents now labeled sequentially, untitled, untitled 1, untitled x...

[Upg] New Windows menu.

[Upg] Recipient exportation now includes headers.

[Upg] New Tag menu in order to insert tags also in subject.

[Fix] ASCII 0 no longer allowed in mail address.

[Fix] Fullname tag wrong format.
[v1.7.1] [New] Paste Special menu allows user to import address from clipboard.

[Upg] Importation with tab, comma, colon and semicolon delimiters.

[Fix] Several fixes in SMTP error handler.

[Fix] Find/Find Next commands did not process all columns.
[v1.7] [New] POP Authentication: Sometimes SMTP server require an authenticated

POP connection in order to allow access.

[Upg] Advanced Open Transport error handler.

[Upg] New connection Log handler.

[Upg] Setup tab now labeled "Settings"

[Fix] Crash when deleting expanded entries and selecting remaining line.

[Upg] Maxbulk now doesn't stop on errors but flag failed recipients and

continues delivery.

[Fix] When dropping text to recipient list, disclosure triangle missing.

[New] "Group mail" option now has two functions and can be used with

custom option checked in order to force Maxbulk to close a connection

and open a new one every x recipients. With Custom recipient

unchecked, it uses x recipients in BCC as before but also close

and open a connection for every mail sent. This feature is for

user which ISP has an amount mails limit by session.
[v1.6.1] [Fix] Surname added to 'To' header : Name Surname

[Fix] Preview works even though no recipients available.

[Upg] Duplicate checking when adding recipients from FileMaker.

[Upg] Import/export menus.
[v1.6] [New] Editable subject prefix.

[New] Recipient selector. Quick recipients selection depending on

fields values. (Pro version only - irrelevant in standard)

[Upg] "Undisclosed-Recipients:;" 'TO' header when sending bulk.

[New] Firstname, Surname and company now can be imported in 3 separated


[Upg] "Custom recipient" checked by default in new documents.

[New] Precedence header popup. Can be set to "None, Bulk or Junk".

[New] Editable 'To' header to change default "Undisclosed-Recipients:;"

to a custom name.

[Upg] When saving a new list file is always created in "Lists" folder.

[New] Importation fields selector.

[New] Direct creation of recipients from FileMaker scripts. (Pro only)

[Fix] When removing empty list.
[v1.5.1] [New] Pro version now allows Tags in subject.

[Upg] Document files now include "Send" status for each entry so

if you open a previous saved document, what you get is

exactly what you saved keeping track of which mails has been

sent or not. (With new "Reset Status" menu).

[Upg] Recipient list is now directly editable.

[Fix] Opt10 is now available in tag popup menu.
[v1.5] [New] Mail documents are now fully resizable.

[New] Since v1.5, Maxbulk Mailer can be registered as Standard

version or as Pro Version. The Pro version add 10 optional

Tags for mailmerge using the new 10 columns in address list

allowing to import specific information from your database

and send it to your recipients using this new optional tags

very handy for software developer who need to send serials,

schools who need to send scores to their alumni and so on...

[Fix] When droping folders as attachment.

[New] Maxbulk is available in French and Spanish (German soon).
[v1.4.4] [Upg] New [News] and [PR] prefixes.

[Upg] Text encoding init error dialog.

[Upg] Use of ISOLatin1 instead of WindowsLatin1 for encoding.

[Upg] Better Attachment File not found checking.

[Upg] Changes to SMTP protocol for compatibility.

[Upg] Connection Log includes SMTP commands.

[Fix] ESMTP compatibility troubles solved.

[Fix] Eudora Internet Mail Server compatibility troubles solved.

[Fix] Webstar Internet Mail Server compatibility troubles solved.

[Fix] Unexpected body end bug fixed.

[Upg] Unchecking recips "Send" mark remove "Sent" status.

[Fix] Bulk Group amount was not saved properly.
[v1.4.3] [New] Group mails by 5, 10, 15, 25, 50...etc...feature

[Upg] Mark mails as sent depending on server response.

[Upg] Cosmetic changes.
[v1.4.2] [New] Each recipients in list can be enabled or disabled easily without

the need of deleting.

[New] Recipient address list Find/Find next functions.

[Upg] Del key allows log text deleting.

[Upg] Zapping of gremlins chars in recip list.

[Upg] 72 chars wide signature field.

[Fix] Several bugs related to mail edition (Duplicate and empty entry).

[Upg] Mail address import text file is now format independent.

[Upg] DELETE text file is now format independent.

[Upg] Recipient address list multiple file drop support.
[v1.4.1] [Upg] List selected from popup now load 500% faster.

[Upg] Progressbar now is shown also when dropping text.

[Upg] Deleting mails is faster and shows current recipients in list.

[Upg] When custom send, if some recipient gave an error due to bad

format or syntax error, when editing entry it resets sent status.

[Fix] Deleting and looking for duplicates now works better.

[Upg] Better list display when entering mails manually.

[Upg] Enter and return has the same effect when adding new mails manually.

[Upg] Popup list is now updated after any change in List folder.

[Fix] Created lists from Pupup now appears automatically.

[Upg] Do not accept explicit spam address.

[Fix] No encoding was done for tags.

[Upg] Delete key can be used to remove recipient entries.

[Upg] Pushing Command key and "Send" at the same time avoid line

length checking.
[v1.4] [New] Mail attachments.

[New] Return Recept option.

[Fix] Dropped DELETE address files did not activate update button.
[v0.13d] [New] HTML support.

[New] Aladdin installer.

[Upg] Connection log is now saved with mailing file.

[Upg] Save progress Dialog.

[Fix] CR added to sig and log when saving.

[New] Lists can be selected with a popup control which point to Lists dir.
[v0.12d] [Upg] Preview window now shows converted tags and navigation buttons

in order to check with several addresses.

[Upg] Several cosmetic changes.

[Upg] New [FIRSTNAME],[SURNAME] and [COMPANY] tags.

[NAME] tag is now [FULLNAME]

[Upg] MaxBulk now prevent sending mails with no subject.

[New] Tag menu.

[Upg] Justify buttons. Left, right, center and Justify.

[New] Help system.
[v0.11d] [New] Multiple customizable mail accounts.
[v0.10d] [Upg] Recipient list shows recipient state when sending mail.

[Upg] Preview now includes signature.

[Upg] Signature length checking.
[v0.09d] [Upg] New Preview menu.

[Upg] Body containing lines greater tah 72 chars. long alert.

[New] Internet Config autofill.

[New] Internet Config menu in order to open Internet Control Panel.

[Fix] Empty entries in DELETE file cause delete all.
[v0.08d] [Fix] Option+W now close Preview window.

[Fix] Wrong file menu order, according to Apple Human Interface.

[Upg] Better address entry system.

[Upg] <> confirm dialog.

[Fix] Recipient list count is now accurate.
[v0.07d] [Upg] Mails Drag and drop support to the list.

[New] New Justify Text option.

[New] Custom send mail feature (Send mail one by one)

[New] Custom Tags [Name] and [Date] in mail body.
[v0.06d] [Upg] Drag and drop file with "DELETE" name remove addresses.

[Upg] New Export button for exporting address list.

[New] Preview window in order to see what email looks like.
[v0.05d] [Upg] Add, Edit and remove button in address list.

[Upg] Select All support in all edit fields
[v0.04d] [Upg] From Header now contains sender name.

[Upg] Better subject encoding.

[New] Signature field.

[Fix] Header charset did not include quotes.

[Upg] Now you can add/edit users manually.

[Upg] Drop file and data support for Address list.

[Upg] List only accept entries when "@" char present in second field.

[Upg] List filter duplicates when importing and dropping
[v0.03d] [New] Multi files system.

[Upg] Better SMTP Log.
[v0.02d] [New] Addresses import.
[v0.01d] [New] Beginning program design.

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Download 260.79 Kb.

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