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  • Participants Skills Pre / Post – Test Accessing the Internet Objective

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    Participants Skills Pre / Post – Test

    Accessing the Internet

    Objective: The purpose of this test is to gauge the skill level of participants of this class. This test will help determine the effectiveness of the material presented in this course. It will also help determine if the manner in which this class is taught is efficient and effective.

    Multiple Choice Questions

    1) A web browser is:

    A) a search engine

    B) Internet explorer or Netscape Navigator

    C) a program that reads hyper text

    D) B or C
    2) You know that you are connected to the internet when:

    A) the Trinfo Café window opens

    B) the internet explorer icon is highlighted

    C) you double click on the internet explorer icon

    D) you sign into your email account
    3) The home button will:

    A) help to find driving directions

    B) take you to the Trinfo Café homepage

    C) stop loading a page

    D) allow you to move to another site
    4) To access a website address you can

    A) write it in the URL

    B) click on the website in an email

    C) write it into a search engine

    D) all of the above
    5) A link is:

    A) another page to find information

    B) another name for the URL
    C) a navigation point to another web page
    D) an advertisement
    6) The search button is a short way to:

    A) look for a website

    B) have icons on the menu bar

    C) customize the menu bar

    D) locate a search engine
    7) The favorite folder is where:

    A) the bookmarks are stored

    B) the best websites are listed alphabetically

    C) pictures are saved for printing

    D) your deleted bookmarks are kept
    8) How could you refine your search results?

    A) add symbols to the search string

    B) change the words used in the search string

    C) put the question into a natural language query (like askjeeves.com)

    D) Both B and C

    E) all of the above

    9) How do you close a window?

    A) right click on the icon in the taskbar

    B) click on the X in the tool bar

    C) click on the X at the right of the window

    D) Either A or C

    E) All of the above

    10) The internet is a good way to

    A) find driving directions

    B) get onto the World Wide Web

    C) communicate and share information

    D) None of the above

    E) All of the above

    11) A meta search engine is?

    A) good for searching general information

    B) a subject guide

    C) a way to send searches to several search engines

    D) a more up to date portal
    12) When the mouse changes to a hand with an index finger pointing:

    A) there is something for you to look at

    B) there is a link to another page

    C) the program is loading

    D) there is a purple window

    Short Answer Questions:
    13) Walk through the steps for accessing the internet from the Start menu.

    14) Name a site to find a persons telephone number on the internet.

    15) What does the acronym URL stand for? What are the parts?

    16) What is the difference between a search engine and the URL?

    17) Name an online dictionary site.

    18) The history list is made up of?

    19) Why would you bookmark a website?

    20) Using symbols write a search string for:

    Information on Puerto Rico

    The location of local high schools in Hartford

    Local post offices in Hartford

    The branch of the public library on Park Street

    Directions from your home address to Trinfo Café

    Download 27.75 Kb.

    Download 27.75 Kb.

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    Participants Skills Pre / Post – Test Accessing the Internet Objective

    Download 27.75 Kb.