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    Name : Frank

    First Name : Abdoelhafiezkhan

    Address : Paulus Potterstraat 46

    Postal code and city : 1318 PP Almere

    Telephone : 0681753914

    Email : info@ictwise.nl

    Date of birth : 28-08-1967

    Place of birth : Paramaribo

    LinkedIn : www.linkedin.com/in/frankabdoelhafiezkhan

    Website : www.ictwise.nl

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    I am a very driven, proactive IT Engineer with excellent communication skills. I always deliver exceptional quality with the aim of enabling customers to improve their business. I started my career 17 years ago at ING Bank and gained a lot of knowledge and experience during these years by participating in different types of projects. My specialties are in the areas of Citrix, Microsoft infrastructure, Windows platforms, Terminal Server, RES Workspace Manager, Group Policies and Hardening Security.

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