• Policy Statement for Internet/Intranet Browser(s)
  • Electronic Mail Tampering

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    Electronic Mail Tampering

    Electronic mail messages received should not be altered without the sender's permission; nor should electronic mail be altered and forwarded to another user and/or unauthorized attachments be placed on another's electronic mail message.


    Policy Statement for Internet/Intranet Browser(s)

    The Internet is to be used to further the Company's mission, to provide effective service of the highest quality to the Company's customers and staff, and to support other direct job-related purposes. Supervisors should work with employees to determine the appropriateness of using the Internet for professional activities and career development. The various modes of Internet/Intranet access are Company resources and are provided as business tools to employees who may use them for research, professional development, and work-related communications. Limited personal use of Internet resources is a special exception to the general prohibition against the personal use of computer equipment and software.


    Employees are individually liable for any and all damages incurred as a result of violating company security policy, copyright, and licensing agreements.


    All Company policies and procedures apply to employees' conduct on the Internet, especially, but not exclusively, relating to: intellectual property, confidentiality, company information dissemination, standards of conduct, misuse of company resources, anti-harassment, and information and data security.


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