• Developer machine requirements
  • Using the Framework
  • Features
  • Changes to 1.1.x.0 (07.02.2013)
  • Changes to 1.0.x.0 (15.09.2011)
  • Software description

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    Company: Garz & Fricke GmbH

    Date: 07.02.2013

    Assembly Version:

    Author: Bernd Mierzowski, Clemens Terasa

    Software description

    The software package contains:

    • Garz and Fricke .NET framework assembly for accessing devices platform API's.

    • Sample project files for IO namespace access.

    • Sample project files for Application namespace access.

    • Framework documentation.

    Please note:

    This is still an early version of the Garz and Fricke framework.

    It is not considered as stable. There are features to come in the future.

    Developer machine requirements

    • Visual Studio 2008 professional or higher.

    Target device requirements

    • Any Garz and Fricke device with Windows CE 6.0 - .NET Compact Framework 3.5 or higher.

    Building the Samples

    The sample projects will be stored to the installation path while running the setup program. Navigate to the “Samples” subfolder, open the desired sample project (.csproj) file and build the sources (usually a solution file will be created by visual studio on the first build process). You may now copy the executable and the GarzAndFricke.dll file to the device (e.g. via ftp) and run it.

    Most of the Garz & Fricke devices support active sync. You may install active sync on your developer machine and connect to the devices USB device port. If an active sync connection to the device is established you may deploy and run the projects output in debug mode.

    Using the Framework

    You can add the GarzAndFricke assembly reference to any .NET Compact Framework Version 3.5 project with Windows CE as target platform. Just right click on the References tab in the solution explorer from visual studio and select “Add Reference” to open the “Add Reference” dialog box. Select the GarzAndFricke component with the desired version number in the .NET tab.

    If you want to run applications which use GarzAndFricke framework classes on the target device don’t forget to copy the GarzAndFricke assembly as well.


    • Supporting the Garz & Fricke version information of the devices hardware and software components.

    • Supporting Controller Area Network (CAN) interface.

    • RS485 interface support.

    • Digital I/O support.

    For detailed information see the FrameworkDocumentation.chm file which is stored in the Documentation subfolder of the framework installation path.

    Changes to 1.1.x.0 (07.02.2013)

    • Added Can RTR functionality

    • Added CanAdvanced class enabling the low-level setting of bit timings. Usually this should not be necessary and therefore be avoided.

    • Added digital I/O support.

    Changes to 1.0.x.0 (15.09.2011)

    Known restrictions or bugs

    • None known

    Download 49.44 Kb.

    Download 49.44 Kb.